Make the Most of Accelerator Demo Days and Improve Your Chance of Success

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An ed-tech company CEO shares the pros and cons of demo day, and how to use these presentation as a springboard for investment and impact. The post Make the Most of Accelerator Demo Days and Improve Your Chance of Success appeared first on Market Brief. The Startup Blog Accelerator demo day ed-tech accelerators Educational Technology/Ed-Tech Incubators / Accelerators pitching Startup Startups

Powerful Edtech for Adult Learners: Three Product Demos

Digital Promise

Technology can be a powerful tool for improving access to learning for adult learners. A recent report from SRI found that not only do educators see great potential for edtech, but learners also really like using edtech tools. The post Powerful Edtech for Adult Learners: Three Product Demos appeared first on Digital Promise. Adult Learning Blog Developers Educators Entrepreneurs

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Online YC Demo Day Includes A Byju’s Rival, Quiz Bowl App, Parenting Advice Platform


COVID-19 led to a more demure, online-only version of startup accelerator Y Combinator’s demo day event this week for its winter cohort. Here’s a look at some of the education-related companies “presenting” among the 197 companies in YC’s winter 2020 batch.

Personalized Learning “Twister”: A Future of Learning Live Demo in Dallas

EdNews Daily

If you ask a dozen educators to define personalized learning, you’ll no doubt get some enthusiastic answers, and all twelve will probably be different. Like everything else in education, the devil is in the details. The good news is that technology can now do all the heavy lifting.

Science Fix - resources, lessons, demos for science

Educational Technology Guy

This post originally appeared on Educational Technology Guy. ScienceFix is a great resource for science teachers, or anyone interested in science. It is targeted towards middle school, but can be used at different levels. It is run by a science teacher. It has science lessons, links, video demonstrations and web projects on science. There are a lot of great resources here. The video demonstrations alone are great to use as an engagement tool, or as part of a lesson.

Video Demo: Using Google Sites as Student and Teacher Portfolios | #TechEducator Podcast


For more information, please visit | @TechEdShow The TechEducator Podcast is a weekly round table discussion about current topics in educational technology. Jeff Bradbury - ([link] ([link] * Jeff Herb - ([link] ([link] * Sam Patterson - ([link] ([link] * Chris Nesi - Education the Nesi Way ([link] ([link] * David Saunders @DesignSaunders ([link] * Josh Gauthier @mrgfactoftheday ([link].

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Label 59 - free web based presentations and demos

Educational Technology Guy

This post originally appeared on Educational Technology Guy. Label 59 is a free, web app that lets you annotate photos with interactive labels. It''s easy to use and actually pretty fun. It''s easy to use. Add your photo, add the markers for your labels, add some features, add actions for each marker and then publish it. When you are done and publish your work, you get a direct link to share with people.

How Education Technology Will Revolutionize Learning

Kitaboo on EdTech

The advent of the internet and the popularization of digital devices brought a new context for teachers and school administrators, since students started to bring technology to the school routine. For this, educators need to seek information and knowledge. REQUEST DEMO READ MORE.

3 Emerging Technologies that will Reshape Education in 2019


Education and cutting-edge technologies are core to the many programs at NYC Media Lab , where we lead university-corporate partnerships, communications and events. The goal is to merge engineering and design research happening at the city’s universities with resources and opportunities from the media and technology industry—to develop new prototypes, explore applied R&D projects, launch new companies and encourage the latest thinking.

Kitaboo College – Enabling Higher Education with Technology

Kitaboo on EdTech

The requirements of a higher education institution such as a college or a university are quite different from that of a K-12 institution. Therefore, the education provided in colleges and universities must be at par with the requirements of the job market. REQUEST DEMO READ MORE.

Video Demo of Apple TV in Clinical Setting


At last weekend''s ASHA Healthcare and Business Institute in Las Vegas, I presented a session entitled "Tech Up," detailing a variety of simple technologies that can be infused for productivity and engagement in the private practice setting (though the ideas, including this one involving Apple TV, are applicable to other settings).

Vernier Software & Technology Offers Free Remote Learning Resources for STEM

Educational Technology Guy

To keep students engaged in STEM learning during school closures, Vernier Software & Technology is offering a robust collection of free remote learning solutions for teachers and students. This post originally appeared on Educational Technology Guy.

Pre-K Learning: Enhancing Education with Digital Technology

Kitaboo on EdTech

Research confirms that the quality of education and learning received by children in their early years of childhood is essential for their overall development. When that window is closed, the opportunities decrease, and educational success becomes harder. Hence, this article will discuss how technology can become a companion for pre-k children. Benefits of Digital Technology in Pre-K Learning. This is true, but only when you let technology-use get out of hand.

Y Combinator’s Newest Batch of Education Technology Startups


There were all the usual trappings of a startup demo day. Outside the Computer History Museum, where its 26th demo day was held, an autonomous tractor drove in circles next to a massive 3D printer assembling an office pod. Back to life and reality, the latest graduating class of 141 will be putting their best foot forward in an effort to woo investors at Demo Day. Brady has now overseen 11 cohorts of education technology startups over the past seven years.

SCALE-UP Classroom Technology: Supporting The Learning Environment

ViewSonic Education

Despite the dramatic impact technology has had on education, many classroom structures and teaching methods haven’t changed much over the years. The education industry has often evolved slowly when it comes to major change and innovation. SCALE-UP is turning many aspects of the traditional classroom upside-down, including how technology is used. Innovation in Education. Technology in the SCALE-UP Classroom.

Education Technology Vendors in Higher Ed: Friends or Foes?


During recent interviews with education technology decision-makers at institutions of higher education, I was struck by the sometimes extreme views formed about vendors during the process of procuring tools to support teaching and learning. Yet all higher-ed institutions need and use technology, and most rely on external developers rather than develop their own tools. Education Technology Higher Education Postsecondary Learning

Education Technology’s Machine Learning Problem—and Responsibility


But how is machine learning playing out in education—and how does it impact not just students, educators and parents, but also the businesses building technology tools to support teaching and learning? When you’re doing it in diagnostics or in education or in hiring, you potentially just ruined someone’s life. Great Data, Great Responsibility (and Costs) So what can education companies do to reduce biases in their tools? Education Technology Events Community

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EdTech Expo 16 - free educational technology conference - 2-12-16 Westchester NY

Educational Technology Guy

Ed Tech Expo 16 is a free educational technology conference being held on Friday, February 12, 2016 at the Westchester Marriot in Westchester, NY. There will be some great sessions around edtech, along with vendors with demos and products. 2016 looks to be a milestone year in educational technology. Every aspect of a school's framework for technology will need to be evaluated and strengthened. This post originally appeared on Educational Technology Guy.

The 6 Fundamentals of Technology Coaching

EdTech Magazine

The 6 Fundamentals of Technology Coaching. Schools often launch new technology without a plan for supporting and coaching teachers through the process of using the devices and software in their classrooms. Supporting teachers is key to launching and continuing the marriage of educational technology and curriculum. We must support educators on this critical journey. This will also help you understand what technology will enhance his or her teaching methods. .

How Can K-12 Schools Improve Learning Outcomes with Technology?

Kitaboo on EdTech

Technology is making inroads in every aspect of our lives and education is no exception. The tech-savvy millennial generation has literally grown up with technology and traditional classroom settings can no longer satisfy their curiosity for knowledge and information. Neither can they be satisfied with the filtering down of knowledge from the teacher and the taught – they want answers and they want the education process to be more engaging, real-time, and immersive.

Meet the 5 Education Technology Startups From Y Combinator’s Summer 2017 Class


Now in its 25th Demo Day, the Silicon Valley accelerator has created a machine for turning fledgling ideas into businesses that get investors salivating—and writing checks. Of this group, five teams are building education technology tools with support from mentors from Imagine K12, the local edtech accelerator that Y Combinator absorbed last February. YC Demo Day 1 has begun @ycombinator #ycdemoday

Can Technology in the Classroom Replace Expensive Textbooks

Kitaboo on EdTech

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops had become a permanent requirement along with using technology in the classrooms by this time. Decrease in State Funding: The government has been scaling back on the funding on college education since the great recession of 2008. Post the recession, states cut inflation-adjusted spending on K–12 education by approximately 4% between 2008 and 2013. Related: Can the US Higher Education Publishing Industry Leverage A Subscription Model.

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5 Educational Technology Trends for Digital Classrooms in 2017

Kitaboo on EdTech

r than ever globally in school and higher education. However, like most aspects of educational technology, m-Learning is a rapidly changing field. w features, technologies, and apps have become regular in edtech that l?t’s n educator trying to k??? Here are some Mobile Learning trends that are changing the face of 21st-century learning: Educational Gaming. be educational. And that’s just what the educators ?r? n educational g?m??

To Prepare Kids for Their Futures, Incorporate Technology Into Core Curriculum


In a study of 140,000 classrooms in K-12 schools across 39 states, more than half showed no evidence of students using technology to gather, evaluate, or use information for learning. And in nearly two-thirds of the classrooms, students didn’t appear to use technology to solve problems or work collaboratively. The problem is that many schools haven’t figured out how to leverage technology to accelerate and enrich learning. For many schools, this isn’t for lack of technology.

Is Online Education Better than Traditional Education?

Kitaboo on EdTech

Educational institutes have been practicing the traditional teaching method since ages. Students have access to new technology which helps them learn and retain information in a far better manner. Which means, it is time for educational institutes to bring some changes to its teaching methods. A popular alternative to traditional education is online education or eLearning. Thus, online education is environment and student friendly. REQUEST DEMO READ MORE.

Guest Post: Is Virtual Reality For Education All Hype?


The technology has already been adopted by school teachers in various locations across the US. To name a few, San Francisco Unified School District and Polk County Public Schools in Florida are reported to have adopted VR technology, Fortune says. VR is not just a cool new technology; it actually makes matters possible for kids that weren’t possible before. zSpace has been doing demos for teachers throughout the US where you can opt in at the nearest location.

Roybi Raises $4.2 Million Seed Round to Produce Educational Robots


In a rare demo of its abilities, Robyi’s founder and CEO, Elnaz Sarraf, listens to the robot name colors, animals and their accompanying noises while displaying pictures on its torso. The robot has technology to detect children’s faces and recognize individual users to turn on and start its lessons. The company has also participated in several education technology accelerator programs, including xEdu in Finland and Edstart by Amazon Web Services.

Income Share Agreements Dominate Y Combinator’s Latest Education Graduates


The education industry’s current fascination with income share agreements—in which students typically pay a percent of their future income in lieu of upfront tuition—is no better exemplified than in the current crop of graduates from Y Combinator. More than half of the accelerator’s current education companies offer ISAs to attract students to their services. What a great model—it’s an amazing education for people for free,” says Geoff Ralston, president of Y Combinator. “We

7 Ways Data-Fueled PLCs Are Transforming Education


Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) have long supported teachers in their career development, but with the help of technology, they’re now transforming education itself. We spoke with educators around the country and discovered seven ways that PLCs are transforming teaching and learning in schools. By setting measurable objectives, educators can use meetings to work together, track progress, and achieve shared teaching goals.

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First EduJedi Training Orientation Video is Now Available to Every Educator

EdNews Daily

educators who follow Special Reports for professional growth from the Learning Counsel. The video is focused on what is happening in the Education sector. It’s also about the future survival of public education as we know it.

3 Reasons Educators Should Become a Level 1 Google Certified Educator – From Ben


As schools adopt Google Apps for Education, there is a desire by teachers to learn how to effectively use the GAFE tools in their classrooms. Google understands this need and provides the Google for Education Online Training Center for educators to explore, polish their skills and expand their knowledge of GAFE. Educators have full access to many different units of study and self-check quizzes for no additional cost.

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Top 7 Innovations in K-12 Education

Kitaboo on EdTech

The education sector has undergone significant changes in the last decade. By incorporating technology into K-12 education model, institutes are aiming to improve the teaching and learning processes in schools and universities. That is how technological innovations made their way into classrooms; to help students develop a deeper understanding of subjects and improve the learning experience. Let us have a look at top 7 innovations in K-12 education: 1.

Which Virtual Reality Headset Is Perfect For Education?


Education has moved on from pencils, pens and paper – and onto the virtual age with interactive white boards and tablets. Furthering the frontier of technology in education is Virtual Reality, a computer-generated simulation of a 3D environment that can be interacted with in a physical way by a person using special electronic equipment , ordinarily goggles. There’s also a brief and easy-to-understand tutorial demo that shows you briefly how to use it.

4 Augmented and Virtual Reality Projects That Point to the Future of Education


Education has been a recurring theme throughout the many programs of the NYC Media Lab, a public-private partnership where I serve as an Executive Director. How can teachers use immersive media to educate citizens and keep our communities vibrant? I hope that virtual and augmented reality technologies will show an effect on learning in the upcoming year, including increasing engagement and retention and providing teachers and content creators with exciting new tools.

10 Must-Have Features of an Online Education Platform

Kitaboo on EdTech

An online education platform is meant for delivery of educational content to students. This high demand has resulted in the production and availability of many such online education platforms in the market, putting educational institutions in a dilemma. So, here are the must-have features of an online education platform. Though it’s an online education platform, it must also be accessible offline. The online education platform must be device agnostic.

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