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5 Flipped Classroom Activities for High School Students

ViewSonic Education

The flipped classroom approach is emerging as a popular option within academic institutions, but many high school teachers remain unaware of the best flipped classroom activities to turn to for the in-person lesson component. 5 Suitable Flipped Classroom Activities for High Schools. Case Studies.

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5 Ways to Address Student Resistance in the Flipped Classroom

Fractus Learning

The flipped classroom is one type of active learning environment. It requires us to change the way we think about teaching and learning. It’s hard because flipped classrooms require a new set of skills for both the instructor and the students. Introduce active learning on the first day of class.


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8 Digital tools for engaging classroom presentations


Read more: Meeting the needs of Gen Z students with visual learning. Sutori allows teachers to offer lessons that focus on collaborative learning as well as promote research, inquiry, critical thinking, and collaboration in any school subject.

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Active Learning Strategies for Students

eSchool News

Problem-Based Learning (PBL): PBL tasks students with solving real-world problems or case studies, requiring them to apply knowledge and critical thinking skills to develop solutions. It encourages inquiry, creativity, and independent learning.

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Here’s the Syllabus for Your Summer Crash Course in Online Education


Care, Communication, Support: Core for Designing Meaningful Online Collaborative Learning ,” by Heather Robinson, Whitney Kilgore, Scott Warren (article), offers insight about communication and collaboration online. Palloff and Keith Pratt (book), provides case studies about building community in online environments.

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Learning Math Should be Fun and Engaging

A Principal's Reflections

To engage students in her classroom, Mrs. Chellani has utilized a variety of tools to help her develop an interactive, student-centered learning environment. The teacher utilizes the aforementioned prompts to facilitate class discussion and assigns polls via Edmodo to ensure that the learning has taken place.

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Why constructivist learning can’t always work in traditional classrooms


The progressive education movement has a number of hallmarks, these include: Learning by doing. Collaborative learning. Personalized learning. De-emphasis on textbooks, rote learning and teacher-led instruction. Critics of constructivist teaching methods claim that many active learning techniques lack focus.

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