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Best Open Access Journals and Scholarly Articles for Research Students

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Scientific knowledge is proliferating in an unprecedented rate with an increasing number of journal articles and research papers published every year across various disciplines from humanities to medicine and technology. Elsevier offers overs 600 fully open access journals where researchers can publish or access peer-review articles.

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What is Accessible Education? Equality vs Equity in Inclusive Learning

ViewSonic Education

Equality vs equity: which one is more important in achieving accessible education? Educators and academic institutions already know this and aspire to provide s tudents with access to the best possible high-quality education regardless of their background and characteristics. What is Accessible Education? . The answer is both.


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What is Digital Accessibility? (And Why It’s Crucial at Schools)

ViewSonic Education

What is digital accessibility – this simple question is, actually, fundamental in the technologically advanced era we’re in. Allowing everyone access to the same online content, virtual experiences, and digital devices is the only way we can move forward in this ever-connected global village. What is Digital Accessibility? .

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Will AI Chatbots Boost Efforts to Make Scholarly Articles Free?


When it comes to getting access to the latest scholarly articles, there’s a stark digital divide. Students and professors affiliated with most colleges have unlimited access to large collections of scholarship such as JSTOR and HeinOnline, because their institutions subscribe to site licenses.

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Beyond connectivity: using technology to support learner equity and access


Internet connectivity is a big deal for learner equity and access. To help the country close this digital divide, a goal of meeting or exceeding internet access at speeds of at least one megabit per second (Mbps) per student was set by the FCC. Without ensuring access as a foundational baseline, we can’t address other equity factors.”.

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Keep Accessibility in Mind for Modern Learning Environments

EdTech Magazine

Keep Accessibility in Mind for Modern Learning Environments. One way to increase the accessibility of classrooms is to remove any unnecessary distractions. If a presentation, assignment or class website is overloaded with clip art, unreadable fonts and other bells and whistles, students may find the information less accessible. .

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Improving Access to Learning Through UDL

American Consortium for Equity in Education

As educators we can agree that providing equal and equitable access to learning is a priority.  Students come into our classrooms with different backgrounds, Keep Reading Improving Access to Learning Through UDL The post Improving Access to Learning Through UDL appeared first on American Consortium for Equity in Education.

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