Analysis: Is Higher Ed Ready for the Tech Expectations of the Teens of 2022?


One overused catchphrase in education is that learning should be “student-centered.” But what if we took that to its logical conclusion and also made it the goal of our education technology predictions? Especially if those students are teens, within sight of leaving K-12 and moving into higher education. Messy, motivated, tech-drenched 15 year-olds, the high school sophomores of today who will be entering college or the workforce in 2022, a mere three years from now.

Apple Launches Media Literacy Initiative, Pledges Support to Education Nonprofits


In a statement on NLP’s website, Miller said Apple’s contributions will help his nonprofit work toward a major milestone slated for 2022—to have more than 20,000 practitioners teaching news literacy skills to more than 3 million middle and high school students each year. Education Technology Nonprofits Digital and Media Literacy

What Gartner’s Top Tech Trends for 2019 Mean for Education

EdTech Magazine

What Gartner’s Top Tech Trends for 2019 Mean for Education. School districts have already seen some of these tools enter the educational space, with innovations such as AI-enabled teaching assistant programs and advanced data collection and analysis to improve student assessments.

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Enhancing STEM Learning Using Virtual Reality

My Paperless Classroom

By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Bureau of Labor, jobs in STEM will increase by up to 30 percent by 2022, a dramatic increase over the average industry projection […]. Editorial STEM Education

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What does cybersecurity education look like for today’s young students? And why is it critical?

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While educators are challenged to keep up with the speed of this change, the rise of digitization has also created immense opportunities for educators and students alike. million open and unfilled positions globally by 2022.

How to Build a Modern School – 6 Key Elements to Embed in Your Groundwork

ViewSonic Education

Quick Take: Covering the 6 key elements in creating the right foundation for modern education with the arrival of the 4 th industrial revolution and the changing educational environment. Designing a modern school will be an ongoing process for those in educational leadership.

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ICE 2019: Elevating Student Learning with SAMR

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CDW•G Education Strategist Jennifer Brown, at the 2019 Illinois Computing Educators conference in Schaumburg, Ill., ICE 2019: Elevating Student Learning with SAMR. eli.zimmerman_9856. Thu, 02/28/2019 - 14:53.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

(National) Education Politics. Republicans in Congress are also working on a re-authorization of the Higher Education Act. From The Wall Street Journal , “Five Things on the House’s Higher Education Bill.” ” From the Department of Education press release : “ Secretary DeVos Praises Senate Action on FAFSA Simplification.” ” Also from the Department of Education’s press office : “U.S. Education in the Courts.

When bootcamps go big: from coworking space to lifelong learning behemoth

The Christensen Institute

On February 1, 2011, General Assembly (GA) kicked off its education business, unaware that this effort would go on to eclipse its coworking offering, become a global behemoth spanning four continents, and begin reshaping the future of learning. Education Blog

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

(National) Education Politics. ” “Not An Advocate for Students or the Public Interest” – historian Sherman Dorn on “ Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.” ” Via Politico : “Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has increased her financial stake in a ‘neurofeedback’ company that says its technology treats attention deficit disorder and the symptoms of autism. billion from the Department of Education.


As more Americans retire, we must educate a new generation of leaders by making higher ed affordable

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. During the recent presidential campaign, one of the few things the two major candidates for president agreed on was the need for increased technical education. Related: Will education unite or divide us? Sign up for our Higher Education newsletter.

5 active learning process fails – and how to avoid them


By 2022, 75 million jobs will be gone, taken over by technology and AI. Not only has it been shown to have a positive impact on student learning , the WEF flagged it as a top trending skill for 2022. Active Learning Higher Education

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Automation is remaking Mississippi jobs: Are workers ready?

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Editor’s note: This story led off this week’s Mississippi Learning newsletter, which is delivered free to subscribers’ inboxes with trends and top stories about education in Mississippi. Higher Education. Invest in high school career and technical education programs.

Chegg Ditches Ingram for FedEx and Eyes International Growth


It should stabilize in 2022 and subsequently operate at break even. An analyst asked Rosensweig if he felt concerned about a cheaper alternative from a competitor—a $10-a-month package of Barnes & Noble Education’s direct-to-student digital study offering, Bartleby.

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A Resource-Packed Guide on How Digital Learning Can Connect Youth to Opportunity


The collaboration produced the Reclaiming Digital Futures toolkit , a free web-based guide designed to help educators at out-of-school youth organizations integrate technology and digital learning into their programming and practices. Other Resources for Educators.

Mississippi lags in computer science grads, teachers— but it has a plan to fix that

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Editor’s note: This story led off this week’s Mississippi Learning newsletter, which is delivered free to subscribers’ inboxes with trends and top stories about education in Mississippi.

High-paying jobs go begging while high school grads line up for bachelor’s degrees

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Construction, along with health care and personal care, will account for one-third of all new jobs through 2022, the agency says. It also predicts that, between now and 2022, there will be a need for 138,200 new plumbers. Department of Education reports. Higher Education.

Hotspots, YouTube, WiFi, Oh My! How Renton Prioritizes Infrastructure Over Devices


It’s an alluring path, in part because it placates parents and school boards demanding a “21st century” education. The event is free for all educators—sign up here! In their district-wide tech plan for 2016 to 2022 , Renton set a goal of reaching a 1:1 device-to-student ratio for all middle and high schoolers in the 2019-2020 school year. In 2016, Mary Jo was named to the Forbes "30 Under 30" list in education. Education Technology School Models Learning Strategies

OPINION: Cities find new ways to fill pre-K funding holes left by the federal government

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Under pressure to invest in education, Mayor Jim Strickland announced the city would commit $6 million toward pre-K funding, though that amount would not completely offset the lost federal funds. In total, the revenues will bring the city an estimated $6 million annually by 2022.

5 things you don’t know about K-12 virtual learning

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To help dispel these myths and provide some insider knowledge on how online education really works, here’s a five-point list of things that you may not have known about virtual learning. billion by 2022, growing at a 7.4

Gates Foundation Gives Millions to Improve Teacher Training

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Given that improvement in teacher performance is steepest at the beginning of an educator’s career, advancing individual teacher readiness holds great promise for making a long-term impact on students,” said Elementary and Secondary Education Commissioner Mitchell D.

All ninth graders study at the local 4-H center in this Maine district

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Editor’s note: This story led off this week’s Future of Learning newsletter, which is delivered free to subscribers’ inboxes every Wednesday with trends and top stories about education innovation. Higher Education.

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Jobs in cybersecurity are exploding: Why are women locked out?

The Hechinger Report

million cybersecurity professionals by 2022. “At The push to get girls into computer science is newly backed by a statewide mandate that requires all New Jersey high schools to offer computer science by next school year, and that makes the course mandatory for graduation beginning in 2022.

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P-Tech Schools: The Remaking of Career, Technical Education

Educator Innovator

The program is designed specifically to provide STEM education, based on a partnership with a school district, a community college, and a business. The New York Times has pointed to P-TECH as “the future of the country’s vocational education.” education. Is the P-Tech model the future of career and technical education? The two years immediately following the 12th grade are especially critical for youth who do not have access to some form of postsecondary education.

Celebrate National STEM Day with #MySTEMHero

MIND Research Institute

Jobs in STEM fields will expand faster than non-STEM jobs, growing to more than 9 million by 2022. Her use of the “doll test” would show the negative effects of segregation in schools and help win Brown vs Board of Education — Abigail Ernst (@AbbieEErnst).


Missing the Boat on Our Country's Greatest Export


Education is not often considered an export in the U.S. But, when it comes to the education of international students, education is also an export. Because quality education is a multiplier; the effect of which is both educated, empowered students as well as the change that those students activate in the world around them. Students educated here in the U.S. But, that growth depends on international students continuing to choose an education in the U.S.,

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When an Online Teaching Job Becomes a Window into Child Abuse


Of the two dozen online educators I spoke to for this story, about a third said they had never seen a single instance of abuse, even after teaching as many as 1,500 classes. billion industry by 2022. Education Technology Tutoring Startups English Language Learning Video Instruction

The number of public school students could fall by more than 8% in a decade

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“If it does come true, we’re going to see massive changes,” said Mike Griffith, a school finance specialist at the Education Commission of the States, a think tank that aims to inform education policy. million students in 2022 to 14.3

LeBron James’ College Promise Starts Long Before Tuition Fees Are Waived


James started the I Promise education program in 2011, providing resources and academic support to help students stay in school. Simply throwing a scholarship at an adolescent is not necessarily something they have experience with within their families,” says Susan Kushner Benson, associate professor at the LeBron James Family Foundation College of Education at the University of Akron. “We Education Technology Personalized Learning Learning Strategies

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CA's Maker Initiative Spurs Innovation and Workforce Development Across 35 Community Colleges


California’s community colleges sit at the intersection of higher education, regional economies, and workforce development. With the CCC Maker Initiative’s focus on preparing students for science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) careers through hands-on, content-rich design projects and relevant curriculum, the statewide network will be positioned as a strategic educational pipeline for high-value jobs.

More Big Bucks for Tutoring Companies: Varsity Tutors Raises $50M in Series C Funding


One market analyst projects the global market for private tutoring will hit $227 billion by 2022. This week, Varsity Tutors raised $50 million in a Series C round led by Learn Capital, an education-focused venture firm. Education Technology Financing Edtech BusinessTutoring is big business. Wealthy families fork out more than $1,000 an hour for top teachers. The industry has spawned celebrity millionaires in South Korea.

7 Ways We're Confronting Internet Access Challenges—and Our Own Blind Spots


As a white middle class educator, I really hadn’t considered the ramifications of connectivity—I assumed that since everyone had a computer that they would figure it out A few months into the semester, Alex and his classmates embarked on a collaborative project that required students to research and create online using a variety of interactive tools. As educators, we needed to do better, and dozens of stories like Alex's led our district on an ongoing quest for digital equity.

Project Based Learning for Holistic Development Of Child


The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2022, 75 million current job roles may be displaced by the shift in the division of labor between humans, machines and algorithms while 133 million new job roles may emerge at the same time.

ABCmouse Creator, Age of Learning Taps Tencent to Lead Its Expansion in China


The mouse that guides children through ABCmouse , an educational app, is getting help from China’s most recognizable penguin to break into one of the world’s biggest market for English language learning. education technology industry conference. billion by 2022, with China accounting for more than half of the dollars. Education Technology Enterprises Edtech Business

What Difference Does It Make?

iterating toward openness

BTW, did you know that it’s entirely possible to implement some of the most basic insights from educational psychology – the very principles enacted in many of these online practice systems – in print?

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