COVID 19 Slows the Tide of K-12 RFPs, But Rebound Expected in 2021 and 2022

Marketplace K-12

The number of published solicitations in K-12 in 2020 dropped the lowest in almost a decade, but the education sector is poised to return to pre-pandemic levels, according to GovWin from Deltek.

Analysis: Is Higher Ed Ready for the Tech Expectations of the Teens of 2022?


One overused catchphrase in education is that learning should be “student-centered.” But what if we took that to its logical conclusion and also made it the goal of our education technology predictions? Especially if those students are teens, within sight of leaving K-12 and moving into higher education. Messy, motivated, tech-drenched 15 year-olds, the high school sophomores of today who will be entering college or the workforce in 2022, a mere three years from now.


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Ciena Solutions Challenge: Register and Encourage the Next Generation of Problem-Solvers

Digital Promise

Starting this September, students and educators can submit projects to feature in the Ciena Solutions Challenge Gallery, a showcase of media products created by students around the world. The award funds will be granted to educatorseducational organizations.

Oregon Department of Education Names i-Ready® Assessment an Approved Universal Screening Tool for Risk Factors of Dyslexia

eSchool News

September 23, 2021— The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) recently named Curriculum Associates’ i-Ready Assessment to its Approved Universal Screening Tools for Risk Factors of Dyslexia list for the 2021–2022 school year. NORTH BILLERICA, Mass.,

Swing Education Launches Bonus Plan to Support and Incentivize Substitute Teachers

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August 24, 2021 – To further support substitute teachers and recognize their dedication to the students and schools they serve, Swing Education has launched its Annual Bonus Plan for the 2021-2022 school year. About Swing Education. SAN MATEO, Calif.,

Getting educated while on active duty is getting harder as military rolls back benefits

The Hechinger Report

Marines under his command to take advantage of an online college education program made available to active-duty service members. One education provider the military used didn’t serve the Okinawa base where Brenner and his Marines were stationed.

California’s COVID-19 recovery plan seeks to improve higher education equity

The Hechinger Report

Gavin Newsom who leads the state’s Council for Postsecondary Education, to develop a vision for the future of higher education that could be a model for the rest of the country — if it can get past the obstacles in its path to implementation. Sign up for our higher education newsletter.

15 Questions to Ask when Creating a STEM Culture in Education

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

As you might know, I am very excited about STEM education! I have presented across the country for BIE (BUCK Institute), PBLWorks, Discovery Education, Alan November BLC… and so many more. 15 Questions to Ask when Creating a STEM Culture in Education – Michael Gorman.

STEM 115

Oklahoma State Department of Education Names i-Ready® a Reading Sufficiency Act K–3 State Approved Screening Instrument

eSchool News

July 14, 2021— The Oklahoma State Department of Education (OKSDE) recently named Curriculum Associates’ i-Ready as a Reading Sufficiency Act (RSA) K–3 State Approved Screening Instrument. NORTH BILLERICA, Mass.,

Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund Partners with Discovery Education

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DUBAI, UAE–29 September, 2020 : The Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund (REF) has announced a new first of its kind partnership with Discovery Education to deliver award winning online learning, increasing access to education for thousands of refugees and vulnerable youth in Lebanon.

Fast-Tracked for Success while Learning from Home

Digital Promise

In our new video below, which was filmed in the final weeks of last school year, educators at Argyle share how being part of the program fast-tracked their students for success during the challenging adjustment period. “In Applications are now open for the 2021–2022 school year.

Deepening Engagement with Students and Teachers of Color During COVID-19

Digital Promise

GBUL has remained dedicated to scholars, families, and educators throughout the pandemic. GBUL continues to remain active on four advisory work groups to advocate for many educational requirements of the 2021 legislative session (i.e.,

Emeritus Expands into K12 through Acquisition of iD Tech Bringing Equitable STEM Education to Adults and Youth Globally

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The acquisition, which is being made through Emeritus’ parent company Eruditus, marks Emeritus’ expansion into K12 STEM education, as the company grows to prepare individuals of all ages to succeed in the workforce, and positions Emeritus as one of the largest and fastest growing skilling platforms.


Apple Launches Media Literacy Initiative, Pledges Support to Education Nonprofits


In a statement on NLP’s website, Miller said Apple’s contributions will help his nonprofit work toward a major milestone slated for 2022—to have more than 20,000 practitioners teaching news literacy skills to more than 3 million middle and high school students each year. Education Technology Nonprofits Digital and Media Literacy

South Carolina Department of Education Selects DreamBox Learning® to Support COVID-19 Academic Recovery

eSchool News

The SCDE will offer DreamBox Learning Math through June 2022 to 21 districts reaching more than 32,000 students in the most underserved communities in the state. “We

Enhancing STEM Learning Using Virtual Reality

My Paperless Classroom

By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Bureau of Labor, jobs in STEM will increase by up to 30 percent by 2022, a dramatic increase over the average industry projection […]. The post Enhancing STEM Learning Using Virtual Reality appeared first on TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network. Editorial STEM Education


What Gartner’s Top Tech Trends for 2019 Mean for Education

EdTech Magazine

What Gartner’s Top Tech Trends for 2019 Mean for Education. School districts have already seen some of these tools enter the educational space, with innovations such as AI-enabled teaching assistant programs and advanced data collection and analysis to improve student assessments. MORE FROM EDTECH: Check out what administrators should consider when integrating new education technology! eli.zimmerman_9856. Mon, 11/12/2018 - 13:21.

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What does cybersecurity education look like for today’s young students? And why is it critical?

eSchool News

While educators are challenged to keep up with the speed of this change, the rise of digitization has also created immense opportunities for educators and students alike. As a result, educators must teach young students to not only stay safe online, but to also understand the roles needed to help strengthen the fight against cybercrime. million open and unfilled positions globally by 2022.

Google Workspace for Education (and other updates you need to know!) – SULS099

Shake Up Learning

The post Google Workspace for Education (and other updates you need to know!) – SULS099 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. During “ Learning with Google ,” a free online learning event for educators, Google shared a lot of updates to our favorite Google products.

WeVideo Partners with KQED Youth Media Challenges for 2021-2022 School Year

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The partnership provides 2021-2022 school year Challenge participants with a complimentary six-month WeVideo for Schools license for use on their submissions through June 2022. Newsline challenges cloud collaboration educators help initiative million school student Technology

Higher education in India is moving ahead on the global stage.

Linways Technologies

Nation is in the initial stages of “higher education-massification” according to recent reports. India is closer than ever in reaching a Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) of 30% in higher education. The Ministry of Human Resource Development has set a target of achieving 32% GER by 2022.

Edtech that connects can boost whole child supports

The Christensen Institute

Keep an eye out for its launch in early 2022. Enabled You is a startup that focuses primarily on personal development and doesn’t position itself as exclusively education-oriented. Education Blog

EdTech 249

Please Listen to Teachers: It’s Not Safe to Go Back to School Yet


Lawrence Gostin, the director of the WHO Center on Public Health and Human Rights, believes we will not have a semblance of normalcy until summer 2022. What do we do about educating children? Secretary of Education. Education Technology Remote Instruction

Alabama aims for huge pre-K enrollment boost by 2025, despite pandemic setback

The Hechinger Report

Alabama First Class Pre-K stands out in the South, where investment in preschool education has traditionally lagged. The program received recognition from the National Institute for Early Education Research in 2006 when it met all 10 of the organization’s standards for preschool programs.

OPINION: The power of unfair standardized tests is finally, thankfully diminishing

The Hechinger Report

Many are now announcing extensions of those policies for the high school class of 2022. It is important that we continue to identify and address such barriers because studies have proven that increasing the diversity of a student body improves educational outcomes for all students.

OPINION: Post-pandemic schooling will be even more challenging than most of us expect

The Hechinger Report

Imagine that it’s summer, 2022. Despite the best efforts of thousands of us in education, I am deeply afraid of the answer — and specifically what it will reveal along lines of race and class. I am one of those educators.

Data 111

#AskExcelinEd: What do families want for their children’s education?


To policymakers and education professionals, the choice can appear binary. They claim that the Oklahoma Constitution guarantees a public education to every child regardless of which private education programs they solicit. All children may be educated.

Flagship universities fail to enroll Black and Latino high school graduates from their state

The Hechinger Report

Alarms sounded at the University of Maryland when the Class of 2022 arrived at College Park. Graduation data show that College Park has a strong record in educating African Americans, said Freeman A. Sign up for our higher education newsletter.

You’ve Got It, Now Work It


Every educator knows that you can’t skip over the fundamentals. In this webinar you’ll learn how to: Master the basics in each solution to help set you up for a successful 2021–2022 school year. Presenters. Selena Rodriguez, Customer Success Advocate.

Strapped for students, colleges finally begin to clear transfer logjam

The Hechinger Report

Lebanon Valley College recruited transfer students this year by promising that their general education courses would count toward a degree — something that doesn’t usually happen. William Crowe, interim director for higher education strategy, policy and services, Charles A.

Is California saving higher education?

The Hechinger Report

It’s one example of the many ways that California is taking on seemingly intractable problems that are plaguing higher education nationwide. But California, with a higher education budget for 2019-2020 of $18.5 Department of Education says.). Department of Education reports.

OPINION: I’m one of the professors spending thousands of dollars to teach from home

The Hechinger Report

Now, based on the latest science and human behavior, I predict that on-campus classes will not be safe until late 2022. Related: How higher education’s own choices left it vulnerable to the pandemic crisis. I was naïve.

OPINION: Resuming universal standardized testing in America’s public schools would be ‘foolhardy’

The Hechinger Report

s middling performance on international assessments to claim a “ rising tide of mediocrity ” in American education. They have concentrated educators’ attention on the tested subjects and standards, though at the cost of reduced time devoted to other school subjects and goals.

What to Know About Miguel Cardona, Biden’s Pick for Education Secretary


That’s the record that Miguel Cardona, Connecticut’s first Latino commissioner of education, would bring to the highest education office in the country, as multiple news reports say the Biden-Harris administration plans to name him as its nominee for Secretary of Education.

The Child Care Staffing Crisis Is Getting Worse


High turnover and staffing shortages have long been a scourge of early childhood education, but for many child care providers, the struggle has ratcheted up considerably during the pandemic. Our educators could waitress for the summer and make their yearly salary.

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