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School Cellphone Use Contracts Can Reduce Bullying

EdNews Daily

Smartphones trail at 45% (up from 39% in 2012). In 2014, Schargel was nominated for the Brock International Prize in Education for “demonstrating clear evidence of success in dropout prevention and for retaining students in alternative education environments. He was one of nine people, globally, to be nominated.

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HE Challenges: Fast changing digital teaching methods


Putting a finer point on the problem is Nathan Harden , American education commentator, who in 2012 claimed, “In fifty years, if not much sooner, half of the roughly 4,500 colleges and universities now operating in the United States will have ceased to exist. The technology driving this change is already at work, and nothing can stop it. .”

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The hottest posts that everybody's reading

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More students are dropping out of college during Covid — and it could get worse

The Hechinger Report

That was an increase of 2 percentage points over the previous year, and the highest share of students not returning for their sophomore year since 2012. The dropout spike was even more startling for community college students like Izzy, an increase of about 3.5 million students who started college in fall 2019, 26.1 percentage points.

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The Des Moines Register’s editorial on student retention is lazy and irresponsible

Dangerously Irrelevant

Significantly higher dropout rates. Retention has found to be a stronger predictor of student dropout than socioeconomic status or parental education. Similarly, I said back in April 2012: Please realize that it doesn’t matter how many safeguards are put into place before retention occurs.

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College students predicted to fall by more than 15% after the year 2025

The Hechinger Report

Only a handful of states, colored in blue, are predicted to see an increase in the number of students attending regional four-year colleges and universities between 2012 and 2029. But student demand is expected to grow for the nation’s most elite colleges and universities between 2012 and 2029. million in 2012 to 1.27

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New research offers hope to first-generation college grads

The Hechinger Report

Five years later, in 2012, the majority of these young college graduates had full-time jobs. It’s unclear from the current data if the dropout rates for first-generation students are improving or worsening. That figure reflects dropout rates, too.

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