The Edtech Revolution: 2010 – 2017


In December 2010, The Journal –“t he leading Technology based education publication for K-12 and higher education”– published an article with a 5-prong prediction for the following year. Now, we know that edtech has been proven to improve test scores and overall classroom engagement.

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EdTech Matters to Students

A Principal's Reflections

With the leadership of our principal, the past three years have seen great improvements in learning environments, especially in the area of technology. and other new technologies by teachers has really changed the dynamic of the classroom for the better.

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Tools to Help Become a Tech Savvy Educator

A Principal's Reflections

As I mentioned in a previous post I have been working on a educational technology presentation for principals in a NJ school district. 21st Century Leadership Shift Happens (must see video for any educator unfamiliar with the tends and impacts associated with technology and social media.

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Some Quick Edtech Tips for School Leaders

A Principal's Reflections

Innovation Ken Royal Opinion Philosophy Technology The Educators Royal Treatment

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Building Momentum

A Principal's Reflections

After becoming educated and seeing the error in my ways, I have now become an advocate of empowering educators to effectively integrate technology combined with best instructional practices. I’ll save my thoughts on organizing a major EdTech event at my school for another day.

Tech Access in Schools: Making Edtech Accessible to All

Digital Promise

Access to technology for all students is a major goal for many schools, companies, and organizations—yet access is only part of the equation. Foundry10’s 2018 study focused on technology usage in U.S. Evaluating Edtech Quality and Use Matters.

A New Endeavor (#TSETC)

A Principal's Reflections

So many exciting things have happened recently as a result of my own learning and growth in educational technology and leadership. A few weeks ago Schoology , an educational technology company based in New York City, approached me and wanted to hear my views on technology. The end result has translated into an educational technology conference being held at New Milford High School , which is set for 10/2/10.

Teachers' Hierarchy of Needs


I’m going to point the finger a bit at my own educational technology community and say that we can be very guilty of this whether we mean to or not in our excitement over the latest new technology tool or research. I am, of course, an educational technology advocate.

6 Nifty Ideas For Using Google Apps In The Classroom

The Web20Classroom

10 Google Forms For The Classroom [link] One of my favorite Edtech bloggers, Tom Barrett , post this a few months back but I keep visiting it because there are such great ideas.

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Some Thoughts On The Current State Of Edtech.

The Web20Classroom

Recently I have done a lot of speaking to different groups on the current state of technology in education. What I do have is direct contact with students and teacher and know how technology works and doesn''t work in my building and my district. I have a lot of opinions about technology and technology in education that I mostly keep to myself because who am I? I am low on the totem pole of edtech. Technology as the answer to all our educational problems.

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The Old and The New.

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Before I left there was a small gathering of the media and technology folks in the district. I am a collector of technology. it was a piece of technology that was once in a school I probably have it. edtech thoughts I recently changed jobs.

5 Ways EdTech Helps Students with Special Needs in the Classroom

ViewSonic Education

EdTech helps make a massive difference in their success. EdTech and the Challenges of Special Needs Learning. Referred to as assistive technology (AT), these devices are often decidedly low tech. Increasingly, edtech means technology that finds its way into the classroom.

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5 Tasks to Teach Yourself to Teach with Technology

Nik Peachey

Some months ago I had a plan to write a book of tasks to get teachers using technology. Related links: Technogogy for edtech news 100 + Online activities for EFL ESL learners Social Networks and the Web 2.0 ict tasks teacher development technogogy technology

Beginning At The End.

The Web20Classroom

We have a problem in realm of edtech. Specifically, h ow do we ensure specific technology tools match student learning goals? Most teachers have experienced a Professional Development session centered around a piece of technology.

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Back to School Food for Thought (AKA Anytime Resources for Tech Integration and Your Digital Footprint)


Technology Integration The links below are excellent resources for anyone aspiring to integrate more Web 2.0 technologies into their instruction. technologies with her middle school students.

How can SEL & EdTech Work Together?

EdNews Daily

In our world today, we understand the needs of the whole child include social-emotional learning, and we also know that technology is a ubiquitous, essential, and powerful part of education. They need to be taught the consequences, positive and negative, of their interactions with technology.

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New Posted Resources 01/20/2010

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Google Wave Versus the Rest, Feature by Feature - Google Wave - Lifehacker tags : googlewave , favorite Blogs - 94 Resources | EDUCAUSE tags : Blogs , favorite Encyclopedia of Educational Technology tags : edtech , encyclopedia , favorite Teachers and Community Members Practice TLC with PLCs | Edutopia tags : PLN , PLC , favorite Technology Tips for Classroom Teachers tags : technology , tips , favorite Posted from Diigo.

Meeting and Encouraging Teacher Learners Where They Are (Or, Hands off the Mouse!)


Having been comfortable with technology from the start of my career, I admit to having been frustrated at times when I observe teachers who have been around for a while but who have embraced technology on only the most basic, required level.

Campus Edtech Has Shifted Focus From Tech to Ed


This op-ed is part of a series of reflections on the past decade in education technology. But by 2010, LMS selections were increasingly influenced by faculty input. Educators can now customize their learning environments in ways that we could only dream of (and beg for) in 2010.

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This Thing Called Internet - Reflections on Early Technology Use in My Classroom


It brought back some memories and has caused me some reflection on my early use of technology in teaching. It would be nice (and easy) to look back and say "I knew what an amazing phenomenon the Internet was going to become and so I was on the cutting edge of integrating technology into education." Over time, I tried to find ways to integrate technology in my teaching here and there. edtech history internet

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Educators & Technical Folks Should Play Nice


edtech educational technology IT professionalism teamwork This blog post started out as a comment on Ten Commandments of School Tech Support , but it got way long before I knew it! Probably because this is one of my pet issues.

Edtech Incubators are Fading. Here’s What Will Replace Them.


Edtech startup incubators? That’s so 2010. That’s the conclusion reached by Barbara (“Bobbi”) Kurshan, a long-time veteran of the education technology world. Kurshan, a Senior Fellow and Innovation Advisor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, has spent decades building edtech enterprises—both for-profit and nonprofit ones. I think this reflects an evolution of the edtech entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

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What Problems Has Edtech Solved, and What New Ones Did It Create?


Technology can collect and harness more data than ever before. Those building, funding and using edtech tools must similarly wrestle with these concerns. In education, does technology create just as many problems as it solves? What’s the dark horse of edtech? (An

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What’s Your Edtech Business Plan Worth?


For the past decade, the most esteemed business plan competition for edtech entrepreneurs has been held by the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education and sponsored by Milken Family Foundation. Since its debut in 2010, the Milken-Penn GSE Education Business Plan Competition (EBPC) has awarded about $1 million to edtech entrepreneurs. Here’s why he believes edtech entrepreneurs will win from taking part in the EBPC competition.

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Common Sense Tech


The Royal Treatment: Common Sense Tech Remember to be selective, safe and smart in the technology you incorporate in K-12. tags : edtech , edtech_leadership , EdTech-Professional , socialmedia Use of Twitter or Facebook by educators is one thing, but when I see articles and posts about using social media in classrooms, other than higher ed—it makes me cringe. edtech edtech leadership edtech policy K-12 edtech K-12 education social media

This Edtech Business Competition Is a Win for the Education Ecosystem


On October 7, seven talented edtech entrepreneurs will take center stage at the final event of the 2019 Milken-Penn GSE Education Business Plan Competition (EBPC). Today’s marketplace for education and edtech companies is quite different than it was in 2010.

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Reflections on NCTIES

The Web20Classroom

Last week I attended the North Carolina Technology In Education Society''s Annual Conference. For 3 days almost 2000 educators from across the southeast gathered in Raleigh, NC to share, produce and learn about technology in education and have a little bit of fun.

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Ed Tech and Info Tech Doesn't Have to Be "Us vs. Them"


Yesterday, @socratech , one of the people in my Twitter network, posted to his blog some interesting thoughts on the experience/skill set the leader of a school technology department should have. Coincidentally, today another member of my Twitter network, @hdiblasi , posted a link to ideas for aligning instructional technology and information technology. 21st century learning edtech educational technology leadership

Harnessing Twitter as an Interactive Newspaper -- for Teachers

mauilibrarian2 in Olinda

2014 update to 2010 post on Educators are using tag/edtech The #edtech Daily to share their Twitter content in a daily (twice-daily, or weekly) interactive newspaper. SmallRivers is the Swiss-based company that created

What U.S. Companies Should Know About Asia's Edtech Market


Last summer, when I was working for ThinkCERCA, which helps students develop critical thinking skills through reading and writing, the edtech startup was facing a big decision: should it try and break into the lucrative Chinese market? Here’s a handy guide for anyone in edtech looking to cross the Pacific. In my experience, this phenomenon is partly caused by the limited business models that an edtech company can efficiently pursue in the two countries. edtech companies.

The Primary Problem with Educational Technology

Iterating Toward Openness

There is much that’s wrong with the educational technology (“edtech”) market. However, I’m positive that in the updated version of the EdTech Bible, Corinthians 13:13 ends “the greatest of these is charity scale.”

The Winners and Filmstrips of An (Almost) Decade in Education Technology


This op-ed is part of a series of reflections on the past decade in education technology. I define education technology as any tool that supports learning, digital or not. An abacus is an educational technology, as is the slide rule. The Filmstrips of Edtech Like a filmstrip.

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The True Power of Technology


She opens up her educational practices and beliefs to the world on her blog and is also the creator of the Global Read Aloud Project , a global literacy initiative that since 2010 has connected more than 1,00,000 students. edtech blog Internet News TL Advisor Blog

Nontraditional but More Collaborative: Edtech Trends for 2019


This article is part of a collection of op-eds from thought leaders, educators and entrepreneurs who reflect on the state of education technology in 2018, and share where it’s headed next year. As we look ahead to the future in edtech, we see an industry marked by significant change and stubborn challenges. 2018: A Lesson Review One frustration frequently expressed by Top Hat customers has to do with a lack of coordination among edtech solutions.

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Funding Edtech with the E-Rate Program and Grants

As schools and districts strive to meet their existing technology needs and prepare for the future, access to federal and state funding, along with other grants, is making a major difference in whether students engage in 21 st century learning or are left behind.