Update: AASL’s Infographic on Standards and Guidelines Research


Earlier this week, Marcia Mardis, Chair of AASL’s Standards & Guidelines Editorial Board shared an update on their work on our Standards project.

8 Key Focus Areas for Developing a Re-Entry Plan

A Principal's Reflections

Flexible and Innovative Schedules for Social Distancing There is no guarantee that when schools re-open that social distancing guidelines will be relaxed. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) just recently released guidelines for schools that can be found in this decision tree.

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How Differentiated Instruction Can Help You Reach Every Student in Class


Guidelines to assist the implementation of differentiated learning activities in South African secondary schools. International Journal of Diversity in Organizations: Annual Review, November 2007, 7(3), pp.

Tears, confusion and financial woes as colleges abruptly end semesters and send students home

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In addition to offering guidelines to help students, Goldrick-Rab said she spent the day fielding frantic phone calls from colleagues all over the country who have very little idea of how to teach online and have to figure it out immediately. “It’s

Underappreciated No More: A Free Edtech Platform Shines as Schools Go Remote


Khosla is the founder and CEO of CK-12 , the 30-person nonprofit that she started in 2007 to deliver free digital books, particularly on math and science topics.

EdTech 159

Gaming Builds Valuable Life Skills

EdNews Daily

Like you, I have guidelines for my classes and my home about screen use. The constructivist environment is a balanced combination of scripting and awareness (Hesse, 2007). By Tamara Fyke.

Weekend Reading: Thanksgiving Edition


But advocates must also acknowledge that the internet is hardly a healthy environment for competition, consumer protection, and equity of use even with net-neutrality guidelines in place. "

Study: Texas Fitness Now Improved Fitness, But Not Obesity

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The program, Texas Fitness Now, offered funding to schools in the state to boost their physical education programs through the purchase of new sports and gym equipment between 2007 and 2011. Program guidelines state “through increased fitness, students’ cognitive ability will improve.”

Study 59

9/11 is now a history lesson for most school kids

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While New Jersey does not have state testing in social studies (required state tests focus on reading and math), schools are required to follow a set of social studies education guidelines that include some lessons on contemporary issues, including terrorism.

Free Lesson Plans and Other Resources to Prevent Cyberbullying and Promote Online Safety


One in three young people have experienced online threats, a rate that has nearly doubled from 2007 to 2016. Here are some easy-to-remember guidelines to share with students. “We live in a world today where everything we do can be tracked,” says Shannon Bischoff, Technology Facilitator at Toledo Public Schools in Ohio. She believes we need to teach students about digital safety “and how to make appropriate choices online.”

How a growing number of states are hoping to improve kids’ brains: exercise

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One 2007 survey by George Washington University found that 20 percent of a representative sample of districts had decreased recess time by an average of 50 minutes a week and 9 percent had reduced physical education time by an average of 40 minutes. APPLETON, Wisc.

A hidden, public internet asset that could get more kids online for learning

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Bush called for universal broadband access in America by 2007. Zach Leverenz speaking to students at New York City middle school MS 258 during the New York launch of EveryoneOn, in June 2014. Photo: Clay Williams. Shortly before 1 a.m.

After a tough but promising freshman year, Dartmouth student tackles change at elite campuses

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President Donald Trump issued new guidelines this month that, if followed, would only make the situation more acute: he is aiming to reverse Obama administration policies that called on universities to consider race in admissions.

Why the presidential election matters for immigrant students

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The laws that are on the books, the statutes and court cases do set up some basic guidelines and create a policy framework, but as we’ve seen over the last couple decades, there is a lot of flexibility with respect to how the executive branch prioritizes its operations,” Tsao said.

Education Technology and 'Fake News'

Hack Education

Various education organizations have released frameworks and guidelines and curricula (and, of course, press releases announcing that they were “on it”): Teaching Tolerance , UNESCO , and the New Media Consortium , for example.

Hack Education Weekly News

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Here’s a science textbook I was assigned at his school in 2007. Data and “Research” SHAPE (Society of Health and Physical Educators) America and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have issued new guidelines for recess , because we seem to have forgotten what that looks like. Education Politics. “Will the Senate Block Betsy DeVos ?” ” asks The Atlantic.

Education Technology and the 'New Economy'

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To that end, the Computer Science Teachers Association proposed CS standards for K–12 this year – curricular guidelines written by a “coalition of industry and education organizations,” as Edsurge , always happy to plug those “ public-private partnerships ,” put it : “Code.org, Cyber Innovation Center, National Math and Science Initiative, the Association for Computing Machinery and Computer Science Teachers Association.