Contextual Collaboration white paper

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In this crowdsourced white paper, we explore “contextual collaboration” – what it is, why it’s important and how to get started

Key Considerations for Buying a K-12 Classroom Projector in 2015


This new white paper will help K-12 schools and districts understand how their classroom projector choice can accommodate the explosion of mobile devices in the classroom, the new multimedia curriculums, and the cost-effective availability of new, safer, and longer-lasting projection technology. Techlearning Resources White Papers

An Introduction to 3D Printing and Design


Techlearning Resources White PapersMakerBot in the Classroom An Introduction to 3D Printing and Design A Free Educational Resource from MakerBot Learn how to empower and inspire your students to design, collaborate, and create innovat.

Lexia Learning Releases New White Paper for Educators


In the white paper, Carreker discusses the different ways in which students exhibit non-proficiency, such as students who demonstrate deep knowledge and vocabulary in class discussions but read slowly and inaccurately; or students who read flawlessly but without comprehension.

Best Practices in K-12 Cabling Strategies


Techlearning Resources White PapersBest Practices in K-12 Cabling Strategies Whether you realize it or not, classroom gear such as Gigabit Wi-Fi, VoIP phones, IP-enabled systems or new Power-over Ethernet technologies are all substant.

Breaking the Mold: Understanding and Developing New School Models - White Paper

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As we continue to progress through the 21st century we are compelled to ask whether current models of schooling are well designed for the world beyond classroom walls. In particular, it’s worth reflecting on 3 essential questions in school model design, a term we use to refer to how schools are organized to deliver instruction to students. Leaders Classrooms

New Research on Projectors in Higher Education: Trends in Technology, Usage


Techlearning Resources White PapersThe ability to share large, higher-quality images, videos and websites has transformed higher education into a multimedia experience, and projectors have become the centerpiece. This new research rev.

How To Build A Meaningful Vision of Education For Your School


Techlearning Resources White Papers The Science Leadership Academy (SLA) in Phila­delphia has gained a national reputation for being a model of inquiry-driven, project-based learning. This whitepaper series presents the nuts and bolts.

Student-Centered Learning with a Learning Platform


Techlearning Resources White Papers Student-Centered Learning with a Learning Platform In a student-centered learning environment student voice and choice should be a central focus. Teachers must find ways to apply learning to the thin.

Powered for Learning


Techlearning Resources White PapersPowered for Learning How to Solve K-12’s New Mobility Power Requirements There’s no doubt that technology offers today’s students opportunities to learn new things in new ways and that learning is op.

Productive Struggle for Deeper Learning


Productive Struggle for Deeper Learning This white paper will explain the concept of productive struggle, identify learning strategies that promote productive struggle, and discuss ways in which Wagg. Techlearning Resources White Papers

A New Formula for Assessment, Accountability, and Learning


Curriculum Embedded Performance Assessment Should Lie at the Center of Teaching, Learning, and Accountability Yesterday we began exploring the white paper, “Re-Balancing Assessment: Placing Formative.

Unified Technology to Revolutionize Classrooms


Techlearning Resources White PapersUnified Technology to Revolutionize Classrooms Today’s K-12 educators are leveraging technology to inspire and engage students every day. As technology rapidly evolves, it continues to change the way.

Beyond the Device in K-12


Techlearning Resources White PapersBeyond the Device in K-12 Key Success Factors for 1:1 Device Initiatives That Nobody Talks About Districts face numerous challenges when implementing 1:1 mobile device initiatives. They often choose.

Strengthen Your Digital District Infrastructure


Techlearning Resources White PapersStrengthen Your Digital District Infrastructure Sponsored by Lenovo and Intel Lenovo builds technology products for the specific needs of education. Rugged devices that reliably perform, whenever a.

5 Best Practices for Choosing the Right Operating System for Your District


Techlearning Resources White PapersWhat are the best ways for districts to balance their investments in legacy systems with new demands for expanded access and improved user experiences?

5 Best Practices for Choosing the Right Operating System for Your District


Techlearning Resources White PapersBest Practices for Choosing the Right District OS What are the best ways for district technology leaders to balance their investments in legacy systems with new demands for expanded access and improv.

How to Extract More Value from Your PC Investments


Techlearning Resources White Papers Brought to you by: Educators need state-of-the-art PC technology to keep up with demanding computer-based assessments and advanced educational programs, but if you simply discard those older machines.

How Wayne Township Future-Proofed PC Investment


Techlearning Resources White Papers Brought to you by: Investing in PC infrastructure without a long-term technology plan is the kind of costly gamble that can come back to haunt IT decision makers for years to come. MSD of Wayne Towns.

Six Examples of What Personalized Learning Looks Like

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Check out our Core Four white paper for a more detailed description of these elements, as well as classroom examples. Each year we receive hundreds of questions along the lines of, “Okay…so what does personalized learning actually look like?”. We have a few answers to this question. One is that personalized learning always involves these core four elements - targeted instruction, data-driven decisions, flexible content, and student reflection and ownership.

Four critical lessons in choosing the right CTE solution for your district


Techlearning Resources White PapersThis FREE buyer's guide, " Building an Optimal CTE Program for K-12 Districts ," can help. Inside this guide, you'll learnŠ: Why an online or blended learning CTE solution makes financial sense for s.

How to Win K-12 Technology Grants – Strategies for Success


Techlearning Resources White PapersAs traditional sources of funding decrease, securing grants is a reasonable supplement to established funding although competition can be stiff. You can improve the odds of winning grants with these successful strategies and best practices.

Ten Tips for Creating a Culture of Innovation

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Over the past six months I’ve explored hundreds of news stories, white papers, and blog posts focused on why and how leaders might foster a culture of innovation. Recently it seems that innovation is a buzzword on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Need happier employees? Innovate! Need bigger profits? Innovate! Need better leadership? Innovate!

9 Steps to Buying the Right Digital Content for your District

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Thankfully, Education Elements created a 9 step process, and compiled tips and tricks from district leaders across the country in our new curriculum white paper: “Phase Three: Review, Demo, and Select Digital Content and Tools.” Just like online dating or buying a new car , choosing a new digital content provider can often feel overwhelming , complicated, and like a shot in the dark.

The 4 conditions that support deeper learning

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Teachers must exchange their traditional instructor role for that of a “learning strategist” in order to achieve deeper learning outcomes, according to a new white paper from the nonprofit National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future (NCTAF) and ConsultEd Strategists.

Proposed W3C priorities for education

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A white paper proposing key ed-tech priorities for the world wide web Continue reading → Standards processes edtech edupub IMS IMS GLC IMS QTI SCORM Simple Sequencing TinCan W3C xAPI

The Lenovo K-12 Education Portfolio


Techlearning Resources White PapersThe Lenovo K-12 Education Portfolio Sponsored by Lenovo and Microsoft Solutions BUILT to serve education. The Lenovo purpose-built portfolio of education products meets the needs of every digital lea.

Case Study: St. Thomas More Catholic High School


Techlearning Resources White PapersCase Study: St. Thomas More Catholic High School St. Thomas More Catholic High School’s objective was to refresh its existing estate of tablets with a more modern hybrid device that would allow for m.

5 steps to universally-designed instruction

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White paper addresses instructional design process to make learning rigorous, accessible for all learners. Goalbook has published a white paper, Different Paths Up the Same Mountain, which outlines a 5-step instructional design process for educators to apply in the classroom.

Is Your School Modern? Check Out These 10 Principles to Find Out

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This is the question educators and authors Will Richardson and Bruce Dixon answer in their white paper 10 Principles For Schools of Modern Learning: The Urgent Case for Reimagining Today’s Schools.

Report explores 3 college, career readiness strategies

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A white paper from Pearson is designed to help educators navigate different approaches to students’ college and career readiness. A new white paper introduces three “readiness models” designed to gauge students’ preparedness for college and workforce success.

Introducing The Idealis, An Open-Access Journal for Library and Information Science Research


The website wants to look at research and research output beyond the essay, looking to “liberate toll access or otherwise difficult to access research in all forms–articles, books, code, data sets, presentations, white papers, and more–with all the tools at our disposal.”

Epic Effective Classroom Decoration and Design Resources

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Classroom Design Research and White Papers. link] [PDF] High Performance Learning Spaces – a paper shared by Stanford University in 2004 about their research into creating spaces where high performance learning happens.

Moving from Challenges to Solutions: The Future of Educator Micro-credentials

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Ultimately, participants proposed publishing a graphical white paper outlining the value propositions behind micro-credential implementation and conducting a communications audit across organizations implementing micro-credentials, with the goal of creating a consistent definition.

7 Lessons Learned From Implementing Micro-credentials

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Three months and more than 400 submissions later, we have learned a lot about the potential for micro-credentials and areas of further need and we’ve documented them in a white paper. The paper highlights some of our favorite submissions.


Empathy, Technology, and How to Reduce School Suspensions by 50%


He currently researches this interest in the context of education and criminal justice, and recently completed a white paper hypothesizing that an empathetic mindset will eliminate school suspensions. Technology can do a lot of things in the classroom, but can it help educators be more empathetic towards their students? This week on the EdSurge podcast, we talked to Dr. Jason Okonofua, a postdoc at Stanford University , about just that.

Can blending tech into data collection deepen interest in STEM?

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PASCO white paper examines a tech-enabled, inquiry-based approach to teaching science. We hope this white paper will edify readers as to the need for changes in our approach to science education, while shedding light on current best practices for hands-on, inquiry-based science.

Making an environment where teachers can create bespoke lessons

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Across the country, individual schools and districts have been piloting personalized learning for several years with some impressive results,” according to a white paper published by Rhode Island about its efforts to personalize learning.

What’s the difference between blended and personalized learning?

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For those interested in definitions circulating in the field, the best synthesis I’ve recently seen is the appendix of the Rhode Island’s statewide personalized learning initiative white paper). Earlier this month, after two exhilarating and exhausting days at the Blended and Personalized Learning Conference in Providence, R.I., which we cohosted with our partners at Highlander Institute and The Learning Accelerator), I boarded an evening flight back to D.C.

Seven Little-Known Ways a Workforce Management System Can Benefit Schools

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Download this white paper now to find out how. Saving time, improving efficiency, and ensuring compliance with labor laws are all common benefits of an automated workforce management solution.