7 Ways to Get Teens Reading in a Smartphone Culture


In it, Adams decries his students’ lack of interest in reading and places the blame squarely on smartphones. my smartphone. These findings are worrisome; but what I find equally troubling is many adults’ blanket derision of phones and teens’ engagement with digital media.

How Gamification Through Mobile Apps Can Improve Student Engagement


Educational Games & Gamification iPads and Other Tablet Devices iPhones and Smartphones Mobile Learning ResourcesElementary education in the 19th century was just about teaching children some basic learning, usually the ability to read.

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Classroom Tech Can Drive Student Engagement—But Schools Need to Choose Wisely


The district loaded up on engaging tools to help teachers and students connect and collaborate—TVs in classrooms, whiteboarding devices, and wireless HDMI to name a few. Serendipity struck when Vivi , an Australia-based classroom engagement solution, reached out to Rugg offering a demo.

Smartphones in the classroom: friend or foe?


The combination of students and mobile devices in the classroom has long been a debate topic among education professionals. The use of mobile devices during classes is often regarded as an element of distraction for students. But with today’s smartphones, can this still be the case?

Managing Smartphone Distractions in the Classroom


Technology has become an integral element in our students’ educational journey. With the influx of diverse and multimedia instruction technology software and 1:1 programs, students have access to technology both in and out of school settings.

How Smart UX Design Turbocharges Student Engagement


Many of them have been immersed in apps and digital games featuring engaging user experience, or UX, since before they could read. To captivate these students, educational technology has to be more than just a container for instructional content—it has to offer the same level of engagement as the consumer apps they’re used to—in other words, a seamless and enticing UX. As every teacher knows, students are most comfortable when education doesn’t feel like an onerous task.

5 Tips for Integrating Ed-Tech Into Students’ Daily Lives

Ed Tech from the Ground Up

Although I personally believe the most effective solutions can draw on both approaches, it’s clear to me that software intended for students must be evolutionary as we consider the logistics of integrating technology in students’ daily lives. What hardware do students use?

Why Podcasting Is #Trending Since 'Serial' and Why Your Class Should Be Doing It


As the CEO of Listenwise , a listening skill-building company, and the host of the Student Podcast PODCAST , I am seeing the podcasting landscape in education explode. Over six thousand classes submitted podcast entries to the 2018 NPR Student Podcast Challenge. Engage with listening.

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How to Enhance Any Curriculum With Short, Engaging, Accurate Videos


Today’s students generally want deeper or more nuanced information from their professors,” he says. Today’s students generally want deeper or more nuanced information from their professors. All students can benefit from being able to pause, slow, or re-watch videos, says Miller.

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Will giving greater student access to smartphones improve learning?

The Hechinger Report

Students Adonis Scott (left), and Donavin Haugen (right) use their smartphones to sign up for an online review quiz. Walking the hallways between classes at Fern Creek High School in Louisville, Kentucky, I dodge students whose heads are turned down to glowing screens.

How Digital Textbooks, Tech-Friendly Furniture, and Better Data Are Boosting Engagement at Community Colleges


When Jenny Billings piloted a digital textbook class and saw an immediate increase in engagement and retention after just one semester, she thought it must be a fluke. In many cases, the use of digital tools, platforms, and applications has helped to boost student engagement, grow pass rates, and increase retention. RCCC’s e-Text initiative has saved students up to 50 percent on the cost of their course materials, and has increased classroom engagement and retention.

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Mobile Apps Are a Must to Attract and Engage Students—Here's How Colleges Can Build Them


Students cite the college visit as a top deciding factor in choosing a school. Yet schools of all sizes are struggling to meet demand for campus tours—and missing out on making that valuable first connection with a prospective student. By supplementing in-person tours with a mobile tours app, colleges are able to reach more students without adding staff. The student activities department, for example, wanted to be sure clubs were included. Student Orientation.

Interactive Classroom Displays - How do I decide which to buy?

ViewSonic Education

Considering the rise of smartphones, tablets, and cloud-integrated technology, the chalkboard, overhead projector, and other analog tools of yore are no longer yielding the same educational results. When students work together, they learn together. Greater engagement.

The current ways m-learning is making online education better


The internet is full of educational videos, websites, software, apps and various other tools, ready to be discovered and used to support students’ learning. Students of all ages love them almost by default. Sadly not all students have access to a computer at all times.

Study Shows Despite Access, Students Not Using Tech Much in Classroom


A good number of teachers are using technology in their classroom to gather and evaluate information about their students, but are these teachers using tech in the classroom to collaborate and communicate effectively?

The Benefits of Video in the Digital Classroom

ViewSonic Education

Digital-based learning benefits students. 1:1 student-to-device ratios. Student response clickers. Students must be prepared to compete and contribute in a global economy. It's a survey of K-12 students, parents, and educators. Students agree.

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Study Shows Despite Access, Students Not Using Tech Much in Classroom


A good number of teachers are using technology in their classroom to gather and evaluate information about their students, but are these teachers using tech in the classroom to collaborate and communicate effectively?

5 Things to teach to develop cyber-savvy students


Educators have always tried to ensure a safe learning environment for students, as a way to reduce negative outcomes and increase retention rates. But the physical space is just one aspect of ensuring student safety while they engage in learning activities. Students

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Teaching AP Students Remotely: What Does It Look Like?


As school systems around the world move toward a remote learning model, consideration of the needs of both teachers and students is imperative. Academic resources and strategies for different content areas and specialized student populations will need to be developed and implemented.

Why Convenience Boosts Student Campus Life


Raised on quick responses from smartphones, social media, instant messaging and immediate-access entertainment sites, today’s students live in an on-demand world. I logged on and was dazzled by how simple and easy it was to locate nearly everything students might need.

Closing the Digital Learning Gap

Digital Promise

Students are designing, making, coding, composing, animating, and publishing. In the old model of education, the job of schools was to teach students everything they needed to know for life and work. Engage Families. Most Americans agree that education is a national priority.

Classroom Design Trends: Update Classroom Layout to Boost Engagement

ViewSonic Education

Student eyes trained on the teacher. Old-school classroom design supported the idea that teachers impart knowledge to students. Pencil and paper for the student to take notes. Constructivism is all about students and instructors developing knowledge together.

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Learn Letters with 3D Augmented Zoo Videos

eSchool News

As educators are seeking engaging ways to help parents and kids with learning from home, this magically entertaining show for learning letters and letter sounds starts on YouTube. The free Journals alive mobile app is compliments of Alive Studios and works on most tablets and smartphones.

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How Much Time Should a Student Spend At School?

The CoolCatTeacher

How much time should a student spend at school? This month’s question from Cathy Rubin’s Global Search for Education is “How much time should a student spend at school? How much time should a student engage with learning daily?

The Path to Full Tech Integration: From the First Conversation to Powerful Learner Use

Digital Promise

Technology has changed the classroom, but it doesn’t always change the student experience. More schools are using digital resources than ever, but too often these advances are simply used to make procedures more efficient for the instructor — while students are stuck in the same routine they’ve known for decades. A routine that, for many, is not tremendously engaging. Student engagement is key at any level, but it is all the more critical with adult learners.

Faculty Leading the Way in Innovation: The Dawning of a New Era

Leadership Lounge

On April 09, 2018, Oral Roberts University was privileged to receive the 2018 Ellucian Technology Award for the impact that technology has had on students around the world. I greeted Biden with a pair of small virtual reality glasses to clip on her smartphone the next time she teaches.

21st Century School — How Technology Is Changing Education

Ask a Tech Teacher

Today’s students have access to far more knowledge than their parents once found in encyclopedias and on maps. But that’s not the only way technology is making it easier for students to learn. Increase student engagement and collaboration through social media, simulations, and games.

Why Are We Biased Against Games for Learning?

Doug Levin

I finished it as an agnostic—I’m willing to be convinced that well-designed games have much to teach those Toppo calls “the real rule-makers” about differentiation, assessment, and curriculum—not just student engagement.

Empowering and Educating Students About Cell Phones: Ending the Bans

The 21st Century Principal

School’s continuing to ban cell phones and smartphones are fighting a losing battle. In spite of administrative efforts to keep cell phones out of our schools, our students are becoming “cell-only” internet users according to a recent report, entitled “ Teens and Technology 2013,” released by the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project. Because our students now have this “pervasive mobile access” the time has come to pull the plug on cell phone bans entirely.

5 practical tips for BYOD equity


Learning there was truly magical, even if the only wizardry we could find within its walls was 21st century technology and the only magicians were the teachers and professors who bewitched students with their knowledge and scientific demonstrations that kept learning interesting and engaging.

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Disruptive Devices: Managing and Maintaining Diverse Technology

District Administration

Using a central management platform is crucial to ensuring that devices enhance learning District Administration Custom Publishing Group Computers and mobile devices aren’t just changing the way that content is delivered, they have changed the way that students engage with their learning and the role of the teacher. Administrators are faced with managing a proliferation of laptops, smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks and other devices with small staffs and limited budgets


Jumpstart Engagement with Interactive Whiteboard Classroom Technology

ViewSonic Education

Nearly a hundred years ago, celebrated educational reformer John Dewey admonished: If we teach today's students as we taught yesterday's, we rob them of tomorrow. In the early 1990s, concerns about chalk dust and students with allergies prompted the transition to whiteboards.

Turn Students from Passive Listeners into Engaged Learners with imakiku

A Principal's Reflections

Student engagement that leads to actual learning is the goal of any pedagogically sound lesson. What do the students think while in class? What are students interested in now? How do I know if they are actually learning? Students go to sugukiku.com ; login and participate.

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Should I Download That App? A Ten-Question Checklist for Choosing Tools Worth Your—and Your Students’—Time

FETC Converge

Many educators are playing the student engagement game. They wonder, “How can I get my students excited to learn? Since tablets, Chromebooks, and smartphones have become commonplace in classrooms, the easy answer is to find a new shiny tech tool. Let’s be honest—flashy, colorful, unique apps will hook your students, but not usually for long. Is this emphasis (or overemphasis) on apps the right way for students to experience learning?

East Campus: Uncovering the brilliance in every student

Dangerously Irrelevant

High school student Jeff Bliss famously said in 2013 , “If you would just get up and teach them instead of handing them a freakin’ packet, yo. And so on… The work that East Campus students do isn’t sitting at a desk regurgitating facts from a textbook.