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The Biggest Give-Away Yet - Thank You Readers and my Personal Learning Network!


Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting many of my virtual friends face to face in San Diego at the International Society for Technology in Education Conference. I would like to reinforce the positive influence of social networking. Because of social networking and the opportunities to connect at conferences and workshops, I''ve made some incredible friends. Thank you to everyone who supports the work we all share through our blogs and social networks.

The People and Moments That Define Us

A Principal's Reflections

I knew early on in my education career that I wanted to be an administrator. My father was an elementary principal for 30 years and I always admired how he was able to inspire his staff to focus on student learning. Due to the influence of my father and a passion to help as many students as possible succeed, I ventured into the world of educational administration in 2004. Once in the space that social media provided, I began to lurk and learn.


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The Secret to Being a Better Teacher? Find Your Tribe


Shortly after I received the award, it seemed like everyone wanted to visit my classroom and sit in a room with me to understand how I was getting my kids to learn. I quickly figured out that my administration and the other teachers didn’t care if my students were learning—they wanted my students to stay out of the hallways, off administration’s radar and to appear somewhat engaged when it was time to be evaluated through standardized testing.

It's Elementary When it Comes to #EdTech

A Principal's Reflections

As a practitioner I am always looking to learn how to better assist educators at all grade levels. Superintendent Scott Rocco provided me with a great opportunity to not only work with teachers in his district, but to also push me outside my comfort zone, which has always been secondary education. Our goal is the purposeful integration of technology to support or enhance learning. educational technology Learning Professional Development professional learning Spotswoo

A Personal Question for All Teachers


What does it mean to make learning personal? It’s no secret that teachers take their jobs personally. For the past three years, we’ve asked educators from every state to share, in their own words, how they make learning personal. So far, we’ve traveled to 28 cities across 23 states, in regions both urban and rural, to learn how educators are helping every student grow, and to amplify their voices by sharing their experiences.

The Scarlet Rating: How One ‘Improvement Required’ School Seeks a Turnaround


Brook Avenue Elementary School in Waco, Texas has been in the papers before, but not for shiny new laptops or flexible classrooms. However, school leaders Sarah Pedrotti and Jessica Torres are on a mission to flip the failure narrative and rebrand their school by motivating their teachers through personalized professional development. Kindergarteners in Mrs. Shuler's classroom learning how to implement their learning stations!

Universal Skills for Learners: Increasing School Relevancy

User Generated Education

Kids are learning – but for way too many it occurs outside of the school environment rather than during school. Engagement is strong at the end of elementary school, with nearly three-quarters of fifth-graders (74%) reporting high levels of engagement.

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Professional Opportunities for Educators in 2014


Join me and 1,000’s of educators at SDE’s National PD Conferences. Come see me present and be sure use my personal VIP code of EK10 to receive my partner discount of 10% your registration at any of these 7 events. Learn more and register at I was able to travel to Mississippi, North Carolina, and several locations around Michigan for wonderful learning opportunities to connect and share. You can click here to see more about this day of learning.

Tools to Help Become a Tech Savvy Educator

A Principal's Reflections

Cross-posted at The Educator''s Royal Treatment. As I mentioned in a previous post I have been working on a educational technology presentation for principals in a NJ school district. The title I chose was "Harnessing the Power of Educational Technology" as I firmly believe that the many free tools available at our fingertips possess the ability to enhance our effectiveness and efficiency as administrators. Learn more about Google Docs here. Learn more here.

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It's Open House at the Discovery Educator Network This Week!

Educational Technology Guy

The Discovery Educator Network is an awesome, free, resource for educators, filled with other educators. The DEN is a great place to connect with other educators and share resources, ideas, lesson plans, and much more. It''s not just about Discovery Education resources either. I''ve met some great people in the DEN and learned so much. It''s a great Personal Learning Network for any and all educators.

#Supermuch teaching in the classroom and online

The CoolCatTeacher

We discuss what going to the next level in the classroom and in online learning means both at the secondary and college level. With this coupon, a 3 grad credit course for continuing education, salary advancement, or recertification is only $359. So, go to to learn more and use the coupon code COOL20. I am a teacher on special assignment (TOSA) as an Academic Coach focusing in Educational Technology in sunny La Habra, California.

Epic Effective Classroom Decoration and Design Resources

The CoolCatTeacher

30+ ideas to improve learning with awesome classroom design From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. A well-designed classroom boosts student learning by as much as 16% (Barrett, Zhang, Davies, & Barrett 2015), but overdecorating is a distraction. Busy teachers can use good classroom decoration and design principles to boost learning. Tips for Creating Wow-Worthy Learning Spaces by Todd Finley [Edutopia].

School of Dreams

A Principal's Reflections

As I transitioned from principal to Senior Fellow with the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE) my work began to take me all over the country and the world. CFISD is an amazing school district that is not only one of the highest achieving large districts in the state of Texas, but also firmly committed to scaling innovative practices to improve learning for all 120,000 students. Wells Elementary to me is a school of dreams because my daughter loves learning.

What My Parents Taught Me About Leadership

A Principal's Reflections

During my early years of blogging I always posted each post to my personal Facebook page and emailed my parents a live link. Here is some context before I detail what I learned about leadership from my parents. My father was an elementary school principal at Alpha Public School and Hatchery Hill School for a total of 30 years. My mom was an elementary teacher for 27 years, the last 18 spent teaching at Francis A. Everything we do in education is for our students.

Happy Connected Educator Month


What does it mean to be a Connected Educator? When I began my teaching career a few short years ago, I never would have imagined having such an expansive network of people that I consider colleagues and friends. This is why I''m so happy to have the liberty to connect with the people I decide to include in my network, create projects that are of interest to me, and write posts that I determine are worthy of writing. There truly are people behind the networks.

If I Could Get 1 Piece of Technology for My Classroom, It Would Be.


Of course, John is a wealth of knowledge and an amazing presenter, but I was honestly more captivated by the possibilities the Chromebook could have to help transform the educational landscape. An Elementary Teacher''s Opinion Staples recently contacted me to see if I''d be interested in reviewing a few pieces of technology. They even have an educational category to make searching and shopping easier. A Chromebook of Course! -

How To "Amp Up" Your Traditional Lesson Planning in Today's Classrooms


Likewise, we see the rich discussion educators are having about their pedagogical practices on weekly Twitter chats, Facebook groups, blog post comments, and more. Granted, we (as educators) are pushing each other's thinking and offering ideas, but how are we taking our practice a step further and truly connecting with those who we collaborate with online? It can support teaching and learning in a variety of ways (many of which you will see in action below).

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What it Takes to Integrate Robotics and Coding into the Classroom

EdTech Magazine

It helps explain the step-by-step nature of coding,” says Todd Burleson, resource center director for this Winnetka Public Schools District 36 elementary school. The game serves as an on-ramp for students, introducing technology into their educational journeys. Each elementary school in the district has a makerspace within its resource center (and the fifth-to-eighth grade students have access through a related studies course), where all the robotics activities are happening.

2 Hawaii Administrators, on GAFE in their schools. and a sneak peek at next week's Google Rocks! Hawaii HOA

mauilibrarian2 in Olinda

Two different approaches to administering Google Apps for Education in a school -- both effective! Jan Iwase, principal of Hale Kula Elementary School located at Schofield Barracks, O''ahu, has dived right in with student projects. Mahalo to Chad Nacapuy for suggesting that we bring these two progressive, connected educators on Google Rocks! They are superb examples of what''s right in education. Google Apps for Education Google Rocks!

What does it mean to be “connected”?

Reading By Example

I think it is a working definition for many educators, myself included. Lisa Dabbs from Edutopia attempts to define this concept: Connected learners develop networks and co-construct knowledge from wherever they live. They collaborate online, use social media to interact with colleagues around the globe, engage in conversations in safe online spaces, and bring what they learn online back to their classrooms, schools, and districts.

Practicing the Principles of Connected Learning

Educator Innovator

New media educator Howard Rheingold interviews educator Kevin Hodgson about connected learning and how educators enact its principles with technology. ” We had a plan, but part of that plan was what I call “co-learning” — we knew that the learners in this course were also educators, and we knew that they would come up with ideas that the course planners had not thought of. DML #clmooc #edtech connected courses connected learning


Freedom, Autonomy, and Digital Media at an Indiana High School

Educator Innovator

While the availability of open education resources is indeed a bonanza for those who know how to use them, and iPads can lighten backpacks by holding hundreds of books, these new ways of delivering traditional texts and lectures multiply the power of old media, but don’t otherwise change the role of learners as absorbers of content created by others. Woodard’s project is to create a DVD for educators, parents, and students about how and why to use social media in schools.

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Networked Scholars – From K through 12 and to Higher Ed

Improving Education Environments

To paraphrase, the student was interested in the theory and the content, but as a student teacher looking to launch into a hired position this student felt the course would be more beneficial if its objective was geared around learning how to utilize tools such as Moodle, Interactive White Boards, iPads, Virtual Field Trips or Google Docs into curriculum, and not finding educators to chat with on Twitter. Networked identity learning Networked Scholars pedagogy Toolkit

GlobalEdCon 2013 Day Four + Helping the New Grassroots Projects

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Today is day four of the 2013 Global Education Conference. During the conference opening sessions we brainstormed as set of grassroots global education projects that we could bring to our personal learning networks to try to get started. Given that our combined network reach is probably in the millions, the idea is to turn our personal learning networks into a large personal action network to make a difference for students right now.

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Connecting Teaching, Learning, & Leadership


Notes from an Webinar 4/28/14 Dr. Joe Mazza Director of Connected Teaching, Learning & Leadership North Penn School District Dr. Mazza just took on his position in December. He is a project manager, promoting connected teaching, learning, & leadership. He is trying to bring Admin, Educators, Parents, Students, Community, & School Board together in a transparent way. Dr. Mazza was the Lead Learner at Knapp Elementary School. (He

Looking Back At 2010 And Looking Forward To 2011.

The Web20Classroom

Think about it in a lower elementary classroom. Here is an example I use a lot where I asked people to give me their thoughts on what a PLN (Personal Learning Network) means to them. Check out the Voicethread In Education wiki for some. So many educators ditched the service all together since the free options for educators doesn''t really have all that they need. So if Ning is gone where can you turn to introduce social networking to your students?

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