How Technology Can Improve Digital Citizenship in K–12

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How Technology Can Improve Digital Citizenship in K–12. As technology is further integrated into the classroom, digital citizenship is an essential skill all students need to possess. . Earlier this year in a webinar from edWeb , Jeff Meyer, director of education at, outlined the importance of ingraining digital citizenship in students at a young age, and listed some of the educational tools available to teachers for starting these lessons early.

ISTE 2018: New Standards for Leaders Focus on Equity, Digital Citizenship

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ISTE 2018: New Standards for Leaders Focus on Equity, Digital Citizenship. The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has released new standards for education leaders , which focus on equity, digital citizenship, team and systems building, continuous improvement and professional growth, the organization announced. That is not digital citizenship,” Culatta said. Jena Passut is the managing editor of EdTech: Focus on K–12


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10 edtech experts you should follow


Luckily there are edtech experts who are sharing strategies and tools through blog posts, social media, books, courses and podcasts. Here are 10 edtech experts every educator should follow. Lindy has several edtech certifications. She is also the author of several edtech books.

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QwertyTown is the Place for Learning Keyboarding, Digital Citizenship


Cons: The color system makes it difficult to tell when students make a typing mistake, and there's little flexibility for individualized instruction. App of the Day picks are selected from the top edtech tools reviewed by Common Sense Education, which helps educators find the best ed-tech tools, learn best practices for teaching with tech, and equip students with the skills they need to use technology safely and responsibly.

The Top 3 Elements of Student Digital Citizenship

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The Top 3 Elements of Student Digital Citizenship. Now that we have technology in our classrooms, communities and homes, parents and educators are likely asking themselves, “How do we help children effectively use digital tools?”. Digital citizenship is the answer. The discussion surrounding digital citizenship has been growing, but not everyone can agree on its definition. Some people even define it as knowledge in a digital age.

Edtech Trends From 2020 And Beyond

Ask a Tech Teacher

6 Edtech Trends to Keep an Eye On. That led to a rise of different e-learning platforms and solutions such as learning management systems (LMSs) , learning experience platforms (LXPs) , learning analytics platforms (LAPs ), and so on. 8 EdTech Trends to Watch Out for This 2020.

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8 EdTech Trends to Watch Out for This 2020

Ask a Tech Teacher

Ask a Tech Teacher contributor, Wally Clipper, has a great run-down on 8 trends you’ll want to watch in 2020: 8 EdTech Trends to Watch Out for This 2020. From digital certificates to learning analytics, here are eight EdTech trends to look forward to in the coming months.

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Parent Questions About Edtech

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In most cases, parents have welcomed this new leaning phenomenon known as EdTech. Of those parents voicing a positive opinion on EdTech, 64% said they were happy with their child’s school and thought it was doing a good of utilizing technology effectively. . Not all parents are convinced about the benefits of EdTech, however. They question the true effectiveness of EdTech and the long-range effect it has on their children. . 3 Digital Tools To Keep Parents Up to Date.

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Cyberbullying Prevention for the Classroom


These laws essentially grant school systems authority to enact mandatory cyberbullying prevention policies and decide upon appropriate consequences. In addition, teach students to be good digital citizens and respectfully utilize online resources. Marketing bullying child safety cyberbullying digital citizenship EdTech Update online student safetyOnline harassment continues to increase each year.

Becoming Digital Citizens in the Classroom

Teaching students how to become digital citizens is essential as technology assumes a greater place in their lives. Learners with opportunities to think critically about what they see online; recognize the benefits and risks of sharing information; and balance screen time with other activities will become digitally aware and responsible. Co-developing an anchor chart with the teacher highlighting digital expectations, e.g., citing online resources, not surfing the internet in class.

Top Edtech Classroom Tools

At Common Sense Education, the edtech reviewers have seen it all. And to help teachers navigate the plethora of materials for the digital classroom, Tanner Higgin, Director of Education Editorial Strategy at Common Sense Education, presented “ 50 Top Edtech Tools for the Classroom.” Zearn : This math tool effectively balances digital learning with classroom learning with peers, station work, and teacher-led lessons.

5 Reasons Teachers Using Tech are Super Heroes with Kecia Ray

The CoolCatTeacher

They’re either going to use a Learning Management System that’s provided through their district, or they’re going to find something online. And they were just able to go into my Learning Management System and just do it. Look at a Learning Management System and blended learning, because every classroom is made of bricks and clicks, and we’ve got to put those two together.

Helping students develop job skills through the use of edtech


With all the changes that the digital era has brought about, it is imperious to adapt the teaching approach to suit new needs. Here are seven job skills that students must master: Digital literacy. I would also add that having digital citizenship skills is needed as well.

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Educational Leadership for Social Good


Our teammate and Events Director, Al Thomas , a former principal himself, ran the Education Leaders Network Playground, which featured 28 sessions for leaders by leaders, and one session in particular stood out when we talked about it… a session called Leading EdTech Initiatives for Social Good by Jennifer Williams , author of Teach Boldly. You might also pre-order a copy of Jennifer’s upcoming book, Teach Boldly, Using EdTech for Social Good.

The 2018 Honor Roll: EdTech’s Must-Read K-12 IT Blogs

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The 2018 Honor Roll: EdTech’s Must-Read K-12 IT Blogs. In the digital age, using your voice has taken on a whole new meaning. He's a writer, technology enthusiast, social media lover and all-around digital guy. Meghan is an associate editor with EdTech. The target audience is obviously their own educators, but IT teams at other school districts can take notes from FCPS’s IT team on how to digitally engage their own educators. Keller ISD Digital Learning Blog.

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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

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I'm a firm believer that modeling appropriate digital citizenship using social media as a parent is one of the best ways to teach your child how to do likewise. Fortnite is one of the most popular digital games out there right now. This is a blueprint to share with children to help them think about what they are doing digitally through a discerning lens. This blog post comes from our school moving forward in using the learning management system, Canvas, robustly.

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 34 Edition)

Doug Levin

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 34 Edition). The debate is on | → As schools struggle to raise high school graduation rates and close the persistent achievement gap for minority and low-income students, many educators tout digital technology in the classroom as a way forward. Tagged on: August 22, 2017 A Textbook Dilemma: Digital or Paper? | The Hechinger Report → Do we learn better from printed books than digital versions?

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A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 34 Edition)

Doug Levin

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 34 Edition). The debate is on | → As schools struggle to raise high school graduation rates and close the persistent achievement gap for minority and low-income students, many educators tout digital technology in the classroom as a way forward. Tagged on: August 22, 2017 A Textbook Dilemma: Digital or Paper? | The Hechinger Report → Do we learn better from printed books than digital versions?

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Beyond Digital Literacy: How EdTech Fosters Children’s Social-Emotional Development

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Here’s his article on how edtech fosters a child’s social-emotional development: As technology has become mainstreamed in modern education, learners are able to enjoy many key advantages. EdTech can also be used through its various eLearning, social media and learning management systems to teach and boost empathy. Embedding Social and Emotional Learning into EdTech. Educators can personalize these experiences with responsive and predictive systems.

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EdmodoCon 2013 Guest Post #7: L. Neumann from SWEDEN!

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The school has been 1:1 since 2010, and Lotta is fortunate enough to be able to work with the finding and implementation of digital resources and best practices. I have started to get my head around the British school system and think I might understand what the Common Core is, and Stibaly Johnson’s talk about how to use Edmodo definitely inspired me anyway. But then I was just slightly curious about the Digital Citizenship talk, and got stuck in the interesting discussion.


The Mask of Ed Tech


We have built our own Learning Management System to help guide all stakeholders through this process. Also, it doesn’t help that ease is usually the sales tactic made to us when we are considering the new classroom management behavior system or formative assessment software. He enjoys talking edtech and is often looking for specific reasons to bring it up in conversation. image from [link] Dark Horse Comics and New Line Cinema.

Edtech’s Blurred Lines Between Security, Surveillance and Privacy


With safeguarding students’ online and physical safety as a top priority, schools are leaning on a variety of digital services. Such a system raises concerns and questions for Doug Levin, founder of EdTech Strategies. To improve these systems, it comes as no surprise to Bill Fitzgerald, a researcher at New Knowledge, that some companies are offering such technology gratis. Think digital demerits and gold stars.)

Digital Literacy Programs Prepare Students for a Tech-Enabled Future

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Digital Literacy Programs Prepare Students for a Tech-Enabled Future. Because students are inevitably exposed to the online world, it is important that adults teach them how to be responsible digital citizens — to protect both themselves and their peers. MORE FROM EDTECH: Check out these top three elements of digital citizenship. MORE FROM EDTECH: Read more about how K–12 schools can design a digital citizenship curriculum.

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Tell Me All About it with Tellagami

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Students could also embed the Gami in a digital portfolio such as a Google Site or a blog. The student could then share the link to the Gami via email, Twitter, Facebook, or copy/pasting the link to a learning management system such as Edmodo. BYOD BYOT digital citizenship edmodo edtech flipclass Tellagami is a mobile app that lets users create a short animated video using any mobile device.

10 ways to foster deeper learning in the classroom with technology


It also sparks their creativity and helps build character and good citizenship. Have learners create digital products to demonstrate learning. Teachers can promote deeper learning by allowing students to demonstrate their understanding by creating a digital project.

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What are the key components of a digital classroom?

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Most teachers today view edtech as an essential part of an increasingly digital classroom, and a new report from Common Sense sheds light on the role these edtech tools play in teaching and learning. Twelve observations about today’s digital classroom.

Byte-sized Potential: Can Compassion & Citizenship Go Viral?

Teacher Reboot Camp

If our messages and digital behavior have an audience, then we need to make them matter. They need to realize the responsibilities that come with their digital actions and also realize they are privileged to live in a world of access where they can truly pursue their passions and make a meaningful impact. The education system has failed them. Teachers have the ability to change these behaviors by teaching citizenship daily. Part of the category, Byte-sized Potential.

Your Essential Back to School EdTech Checklist

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Google Apps for Education, Learning Management System (LMS), Student Information System (SIS), online education sites… For online education sites, do you have all usernames and passwords ? Find your digital cameras. Include something about digital citizenship and home screen behavior. Subscribe to Common Sense Media , which has a WEALTH of tools to help your students grow as digital citizens. by Karen Larson and Gene Tognetti.

Educators as Empowered Citizens (Unpacking the ISTE Standards for Educators)

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Citizen- Educators inspire students to positively contribute to and responsibly participate in the digital world. Establish a learning culture that promotes curiosity and critical examination of online resources and fosters digital literacy and media fluency. Mentor students in safe, legal, and ethical practices with digital tools ad the protection of intellectual rights and property. I am an avid edtech blogger. Digital literacy. Management of digital identity.

Digital versus physical textbooks


Has your K-12 school district taken advantage of digital textbooks yet? While college and university students were the first to swap physical textbooks for digital versions, K-12 schools are now joining the movement. Are digital textbooks better, though?

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International Education During the Pandemic

Ask a Tech Teacher

Continuing my travels in Italy, I wondered how the pandemic affected the Italian nation’s educational systems? The second theme was the need for the educational system to catch up to the 21st Century. I can only hope the pandemic will open the door to systemic changes in education. .

How K–12 Schools Can Balance Privacy and Security Protocols

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MORE FROM EDTECH: Check out how data privacy concerns are expanding with education technology use. As education transitions into the digital space, private student data is now being collected in student information systems, learning management systems and other educational applications. . Common Sense Education , for example, offers tips and tools to engage students in smart digital citizenship practices.

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Getting up to Speed: Teacher Prep and Technology Integration

Ask a Tech Teacher

Exposed now are deficiencies of utilizing online learning management systems that school districts face. 4 Action Steps to Prepare New Teachers to Use Edtech. He can be found on Twitter @T4edtech and on his YouTube Channel Transformative Edtech. T4Edtech #edtech.


Adam Watson Edtech Elixirs

I've gotten to know Roslyn a bit through our Kentucky Digital Learning Coach state network, and I share her passion for student discourse. So I was thankful she accepted my invitation to be interviewed for Edtech Elixirs! Roslyn, welcome to Edtech Elixirs!

How Pampa ISD Got Student Email, an LMS and an EdTech Partner

Gaggle Speaks

The school district discovered that the Gaggle Safe Classroom Learning Management System (LMS) hit all the criteria educators were looking for, including simple access, great customer service and a way to keep students safe without requiring additional time and resources from teachers or the technology department. Pampa students are learning digital citizenship with the help of Gaggle’s Student Safety Representatives.

Shaping Well-Rounded Youth in a Digital World


And then I was impressed with WHY I believe she is learning that balance - because she has parents who are involved with her and a school and a teacher who see the importance of exposing students to the latest technology tools and teaching them the ethics and safety they need to be responsible digital citizens. As I write this, the system I work in is not there - YET. digial learners digital citizenship edtech education educational technology edutopia

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K–12 Leaders Weigh Threats and Benefits of Increased Web Monitoring

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Content filtering and web monitoring software aim to prevent students from accessing inappropriate materials online, and many options also include features to alert school leaders to cyberbullying and other instances in which students’ digital communications or web activity might indicate troubling behavior. MORE FROM EDTECH: Learn what K–12 schools can do to balance student privacy and security. Marquita Brown is the managing editor of EdTech: Focus on K-12.

6 Student Suggestions to Improve Web Filtering


I would like to see a more specific filtering system that doesn’t filter a whole site because of one word.”. Digital Citizenship Education. “I Many of the students we interviewed felt that their school did not clearly outline an Internet Safety policy or teach digital citizenship practices. Marketing 1:1 devices EdTech Update online student safety web filtering web filtering for schools

CoSN 2019: How Teachers Can Revolutionize the Future of Education

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When designing education for the future, student agency, collaboration and problem-solving are the three essential components that must be included, said Karen Cator, president and CEO of Digital Promise , a nonprofit research organization that promotes innovation in education. Without a platform to be heard in the classroom, students can be resistant to learning regardless of what digital tools are at their disposal.

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What Gartner’s Top Tech Trends for 2019 Mean for Education

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Augmented data analysis, blended digital tools and connected networks will reign among technology innovations in the coming year, according to IT analyst group Gartner’s top 10 tech trends of 2019. . The top ten digital technology trends are all about building the intelligent digital mesh,” says David W. MORE FROM EDTECH: Check out what administrators should consider when integrating new education technology! New Tools Blend the Digital and Physical Worlds.

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