Digital badges find their niche

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A community effort is making badges practical in one city this summer. This summer, as schools let out, thousands of Pittsburgh students streamed into digital media programs, drop-in maker spaces, and paid internships across the city. As they shuffle back to school, or even enter into the workforce, many will be adding shiny new digital badges to their online portfolios as a record of their hard work. And digital badges play a big part. “I

The New Librarian: I started a digital badging movement for my students

eSchool News

to find gems; becoming global citizens; making informed actions; and exploring digital tools. Finally, we created paper and digital badges for students to earn to record their achievements. Some of the exciting benefits we have seen come out of this system are: Colchester Digital Learning Day: A community-wide event at which students become the teachers and host an “edCamp”-style evening for families from the entire district.


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Integration of Digital Badges to Acknowledge Professional Learning

A Principal's Reflections

As a 21st Century Library Media Specialist, part of what I strive to do is to serve as an instructional technology resource for both educators and learners. ?In I am proud to announce Worlds of Learning @ New Milford High School , a digital badge professional learning platform. For some time now, we have been hearing about digital badges and how they can be used to guide, motivate, document and validate formal and informal learning. ?In

New Merger Wants to Create ‘WeWork for Education’ Via Digital Badges and Mini-Campuses


We think this will be the first real opportunity to build out fully robust pathways for young people into college and career, where the pathways begin with badges [from LRNG] and end with college credit [from SNHU],” predicts Connie Yowell, CEO of LRNG. LRNG is a nonprofit that lets students earn badges through partnerships with businesses and community organizations. Currently SNHU and LRNG are looking at how these digital badges can be applied toward an SNHU degree.

Digital Badges: credentialing the things that make us fully human

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Two weeks ago, I attended the Digital Badge Summit in Denver, CO. I’ve been somewhat hesitant to jump into digital badges world (despite knowing the digital badge ninja, @senorg) because I feared that digital badges were just one more way to categorize and label kids, another carrot to dangle in the classroom. because it brings us so many books and expands our classroom libraries and feeds our students desire to read.

How Libraries Stretch Their Capabilities to Serve Kids During a Pandemic


Hunter and her colleague Rachel Krumenacker at the Chattanooga Public Library in Chattanooga, Tennessee, had filmed the DIY craft on a Zoom call from their respective living rooms. The craft videos are part of the Chattanooga Public Libraries’ summer program for kids, called Make.

Join Maine’s Learning Through Technology Team!

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We currently have one opening for a Regional Education Representative: Digital Learning Specialist (and anticipate two more in the coming months). The Digital Learning Specialists will work closely as a team with the Coordinator for Education Technology, and the Learning Through Technology Policy Director, to design and implement our efforts to support schools leveraging technology for learning. We are partnering with Digital Promise.

How to Assess Digital Literacy

Ask a Tech Teacher

Of late, the most common question is, “How to I assess student digital literacy?” How do I assess faculty digital literacy so I can teach them what they don’t know?” ” –from the American Library Association. Digital Literacy–What is it?

Philly Teens Prep for College Through Making and Badging

Educator Innovator

For teens participating in a college preparation program at the Free Library of Philadelphia last summer, it was also filled with making, film production, and creating a set of badges for younger kids. With a grant from the Philadelphia Youth Network , the Free Library of Philadelphia hired 70 recent high school graduates as “teen badging specialists.” Photos/ The Free Library of Philadelphia.

DIY Professional Learning


Picademy is the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s free face-to-face professional development program that supports educators throughout their digital making and computing journey. After completing the program, educators join a community of passionate digital making practitioners. After completing a two part application process, educators who are approved, obtain a digital badge and an invitation to become a Common Sense Ambassador.

Awareness, Assessment, and Access: Improving Adult Digital Literacy

Digital Promise

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, the Rhode Island Family Literacy Initiative (RIFLI) , one of Digital Promise’s Beacon Project communities , holds computer classes for adult English as a Second Language (ESL) students. ” The classes are popular and full of students like Argelia, an immigrant in her 40s from Guatemala who knew she needed English, but was surprised to find out her job as a nursing assistant equally required her to be digitally literate.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be The Next World Booktalk Champion???

Adjusting Course

Do your “booktalks” inspire the masses to head straight to the nearest library to check-out the book you just shared? The Lombooki is actually a cool digital badge that you can display on your school website, blog, or Twitter profile. Quick quiz: When you read a great book, do you find yourself unable to contain your excitement? Do your students or colleagues come to you for book recommendations? If you answered yes, to any (or all!)

The World Championship of Booktalks (Video)

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The title includes bragging rights, the Vince Lombooki digital badge, and $500 in books for the winner’s classroom or school library. The wait is over! With over 30,000 votes cast in round one, excitement has been building for this year’s final four #30SecondBooktalk video entries. No surprise.our four finalists did not disappoint.

Learning and Playing and Why Both Matter for Teachers

Ask a Tech Teacher

The transition from print to digitization and the World Wide Web has unlocked another unique opportunity: The ability to provide and quantify online learning whether it is formal or informal. Everyone with an internet connection has access now to the world’s biggest library — the web — and the ability to capture more learning than ever possible. Play as the vehicle of education is not a revolutionary idea.

Spark Creativity! Remix! 15+ Resources

Teacher Reboot Camp

Additionally, many libraries and organizations have released historical images and content into the public domain. Get students to engage with this content and learn hands-on by remixing the content into videos, presentations, podcasts, poster projects, or digital stories! This may be useful for designing presentation title slides, digital badges, logos, or book covers. “Every new idea is just a mashup or a remix of one or more previous ideas.”

StudyBlue announces annual teacher appreciation program “Thank a Teacher a Latte.”

Educational Technology Guy

As the largest digital library of peer-sourced study materials, StudyBlue is inviting students, parents and industry leaders nationwide to join in building a virtual Wall of Thanks to give back to the educators who have made a difference in their lives. With one click, a digital thank-you card is created and displayed as a keepsake. Mobile and social study platform, StudyBlue today announced the launch of its annual teacher appreciation program “Thank a Teacher a Latte.”

COVID-19 Is Accelerating the Digital Blending of Working and Learning


Even before this crisis, concerns were rising about a potential loss of jobs and the rising demand for digital skills due to technologies such as automation and AI. Education Technology Digital Credentials Higher Education Coronavirus

3D Virtual Learning a New Reality

A Principal's Reflections

This year alone Laura Fleming , our stellar media specialist, has successfully created a Makerspace for our students as well as a digital badge platform to acknowledge the informal learning of teachers. For example, Laura as the library media specialist, limited by a dated library, turned to online resources and a digital space as 21st century libraries should comprise fluid, flexible learning spaces.

Spark Creativity! Remix! 15+ Resources

Teacher Reboot Camp

Additionally, many libraries and organizations have released historical images and content into the public domain. Get students to engage with this content and learn hands-on by remixing the content into videos, presentations, podcasts, poster projects, or digital stories! This may be useful for designing presentation title slides, digital badges, logos, or book covers. “Every new idea is just a mashup or a remix of one or more previous ideas.”

It’s Time to Remake the Makerspace, But Schools Shouldn’t Go It Alone


They can prompt us to assess and measure student progress in new ways; both through digital badges that demonstrate mastery of specific skills and summative portfolios of work that indicate readiness for cutting-edge careers in manufacturing, STEM careers and the creative arts. Engineers at nearby technology companies and factories can provide students with hands-on lessons and lead design challenges, and libraries can provide free technology kits and resources.

Announcing Collective Shift and Launch of the New LRNG

Educator Innovator

Through bringing together schools, cities, business leaders, and community resources like libraries and museums, LRNG will work to surround young people with experiences that connect their interests to real-world opportunities. Along with an expanded Cities of LRNG program, LRNG Youth will incorporate digital badges to make learning of all types more visible and valued in education and the workplace.

World Of Difference

A Principal's Reflections

I write this post extremely proud that Laura has run with the autonomy she has been granted and has joined a cadre of NMHS educators and students who are constantly redefining what education should look like in the digital age. Here are a few highlights from her short tenure thus far: Created a digital badge platform to recognize informal learning being undertaken by NMHS staff. Check out this great article from the School Library Journal on this project.

BYOD 160

The Key Role of Tech in Accessibility for All

Coxsackie-Athens Central Schools is currently ranked first in the nation by the National School Boards Association for its digital conversion that includes providing a mobile device for every student in K-12 as well as shifting most back-office storage functions to the cloud.

The Beginning of a New Era in the Online Degree Market


This direction is also highly appealing to employers, who are increasingly subscribing to MOOC course libraries for corporate learning and development–and who also favor sharing the investment in full degrees with employees. The online degree market has been one of the fastest-growing and most resilient segments of American higher education over the last two decades. Today, more than three million students pursue higher education fully online, representing a $20-billion market.


Change is a Mindset

A Principal's Reflections

Makerspace added to the library in 2013. Creation of a digital badge platform to acknowledge the informal learning of teachers implemented in 2013 by Laura Fleming. Change Digital Leadership educational leadership Innovation New Milford High School Opinion

School’s Out, Cities Are in with Expanded Cities of Learning Initiative

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Young people can take self-directed journeys through any number of participating organizations, completing activities and receiving digital badges to recognize their achievements. In Dallas, for example, kids can intern at the mayor’s office , dissect owl pellets at the library, or program a virtual robot at RoboMind Academy. It is also the first time that badges will be thoroughly tested in a formal school environment, through the partnership with the public schools.

Running to the Classroom-Summit Soundboard Colorado


After pulling the trigger on a BreakoutEDU kit with my team, a stroll through the book section at Target led me to Chris Grabenstein’s Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library. Armed with a plethora of resources ranging from digital portfolios , that can follow students until they graduate from our K-12 campus, to digital badging , I left my second summit just as exhausted mentally as I had left my first.

Can Online Courses Help Fix Teacher Professional Development?


They can even support these efforts by allowing for time to complete coursework during the school day, and even providing support within the district for those enrolled in the courses, supporting teachers who are new to the digital professional learning space. The system can be evidence-based (similar to my digital badging initiative mentioned earlier), or alternately, teachers can even devise plans for how what they learned in the course will be implemented into their practice.

Open Learning Opportunities for All Young People

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I’ve seen this dynamic again and again in my research on ed tech, where well-meaning tech folks are creating goodies theoretically accessible to everyone, but they end up giving more advantages to kids who are already well on their way to being digital elites. And, you probably don’t have coder friends or much as far as school offerings in the digital arts or programming in these days of dwindling school budgets. This article was originally featured on BoingBoing.

2016 Global Education Conference - Monday Is Day Two!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

If you reach a total of 300 points, you will be eligible for a special digital badge and a personalized certificate of participation from the GEC! Dr. Rachel Clarke, Principal 9:00am (iEARN) International Book Club: Getting Readers Connected - Fay Stump, Library Media Specialist Global Invaders and How We Can Stop Them - Lauren Miles Human Rights Colonialism and Globalization. Monday, November 14th, is day two of the seventh annual Global Education Conference.

Planning for the Total Cost of Edtech Initiatives

For example, while Linson’s district avoided grants for most of their initiative, they knew that many teachers would need assistance using the new digital tools. During Ann’s leadership at East Noble School Corporation, the district received the Indiana Chapter of CoSN’s Excellence in Vision Team Award, was selected as a Project Red Signature District and selected to the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools.

Educators Make, Play, and Connect This Summer

Educator Innovator

In Los Angeles , that might mean kids joining at libraries and the Getty Center to hone their art and computer coding skills. In Dallas, it might mean exploring community action with digital storytelling. Connecting all these activities are digital badges. Designed by the Mozilla Foundation, open digital badges are a new form of credentialing for the digital age. We know. You want to relax this summer.

Lights on Afterschool: Bringing Together Educators, Schools and Communities

Educator Innovator

This year, the Afterschool Alliance is once again partnering with Educator Innovator to highlight the meaningful, engaging and fun learning that’s happening in schools, libraries, museums and community-based organizations after the school day ends. As part of our partnership, we’re excited to offer any event host the opportunity to earn a digital badge as a “facilitator” via the Educator Innovator badge portal.

2014 Global Education Conference - Day Three!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Mancenido (Undergraduate, Bachelor of Elementary Education - Special Education) 2:00am Connecting Education to the Cloud for Digital Citizenship - Chryssanthe Sotiriou, High School EFL Coordinator 3:00am Democratization: Stuctural Change of Regimen and of the Living Experience at Schools - Olek Netzer, Ph.D. Wednesday, November 19th, is day three of the fifth annual Global Education Conference.

2016 Global Education Conference - 53 Live Sessions on Tuesday, Day Three!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

If you reach a total of 300 points, you will be eligible for a special digital badge and a personalized certificate of participation from the GEC! Tuesday, November 15th, is day three of the seventh annual Global Education Conference. We are ready for another great day of sessions and keynotes! IMPORTANT NOTES: Simple instructions on joining the conference for newcomers: [link].