Accessing free eBooks with Open eBooks

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Last month EdSurge and several other news outlets released an article about Obama and the White House releasing millions of dollars worth of eBooks to kids in Title One and Special Ed programs. The program runs through First Book and an app called Open eBooks.

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Accessing free eBooks with Open eBooks

Class Tech Integrate

Last month EdSurge and several other news outlets released an article about Obama and the White House releasing millions of dollars worth of eBooks to kids in Title One and Special Ed programs. The program runs through First Book and an app called Open eBooks.

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Top Trends Higher Education Textbook Publishers Must Follow

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A few innovative digital publishers are offering eBooks at a fraction of the cost charged by print publishers. But they soon found out that competing with already existing eBook publishers is quite a challenge. As the user base is mainly dominated by digital natives, providing them courses on a digital platform will help you adapt to the changing environment and get higher education students to leverage your eBooks. Today, a lot of companies offer subscription-based services.

Lifeliqe Creator empowers teachers to create, publish interactive 3D content at ISTE

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Lifeliqe , a learning and productivity platform for interactive 3D, VR, and AR, launched Lifeliqe Creator, a feature giving educators the power to create and publish interactive presentations and ebooks that integrate 3D models instead of 2D images.

Amazon wins $30M contract to sell e-books to NYC schools

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The e-books will be readable on e-readers, tablets, smartphones, laptops and other devices. The company also owns a web-based math program, TenMarks, and WhisperCast, a database that lets schools search for e-books and digital textbooks.

20 Ways to Have a Summer That Matters

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Tweak Your Tablet for Learning My favorite way to read blogs, magazines and such is Flipboard. In addition, reading library books on paper is great especially if you usually read ebooks on a device that keeps pinging with notifications.

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Ways to Get Technology into Your Classrooms

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If you have a passion for teaching with tablets, Chromebooks, or setting up a digital station then you have many ways to afford that dream. The proceeds can go towards getting computers, laptops, tablets, better wifi, a technology cart, or other digital tools. Pilot programs - Often big companies like MicroSoft or Verizon will want to run pilot programs worldwide and provide your school with tons of their devices.

TONS of #RightDevice Tech Resources from @IntelEDU 's New Learning Community to Support Teachers!


I was recently contacted by Intel, a technology company that hopes to assist educators all over the world with their newest technological advancements and devices. As an added bonus, they will be donating a tablet to one of our lucky readers.

Higher ed conference survival guide – 13 tips to make your time count


It might be seeing the tech advancements on display every year, from companies large and small. Unless you like to keep it old school with a paper and pen, almost everything you’ll need can fit on your tablet, phone or Chromebook™ computer.

Planning for the Total Cost of Edtech Initiatives

It’s also looking at the potential changes, said Dr. Gabe Soumakian, CEO and Founder, Sup Du Jour Consulting Group, like what happens when a software or hardware company goes out of business. In addition, they’ve transitioned to ebooks to save more dollars.

What’s New: New Tools for Schools


CAROLINA BIOLOGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY BUILDING BLOCKS OF SCIENCE 3D ( ) Carolina Biological Supply Company launched the new Building Blocks of Science 3D hands-on unit kits for students in grades K to 5.

Alabama Department of Education Gives Students Free Summer Access to Fuel Education Solutions


From May through July, students across the state have free access to two FuelEd online learning tools, Stride™, an award-winning digital learning solution that rewards student progress with games, and Big Universe®, an online reading literacy platform featuring thousands of eBooks.

11 Essential EdTech Action Steps for Back to School

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Understand Where Textbooks Are Going: Test eBook “Mashup” Software to See How It Works. Chromebooks, Laptops and Tablets: Lids up or lids down. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe will be good for my readers and are from companies I can recommend.

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‘Mobilegeddon’ and Your Website…Are You Responsive?


As of Tuesday, April 21, the company has “ expand[ed] its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.” ” In other words, websites that are optimized to show up well on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices will get a significant boost in the search rankings.

Trends to watch in 2016: technologies

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Humans find their own uses for technology, too, which can send trends sideways. There’s also the problem of long-term trends, with our tendency to underestimate long-term effects, and the way some developments can take a long, long time to arrive (cf ebooks).

Google Certification FAQ – All Your Questions Answered!

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You can learn all the details of each program in my free ebook: The Complete Guide to Google Certifications. To learn more about the exam and get insider tips, download my free ebook: How to Pass the Google Certified Educator Exams.

How to Become the Netflix of Textbooks—and Make a Digital-First Transformation


This new approach is fueled by trends that have impacted academic publishing over the past decade, including: The Rental Market: Companies like Wiley report textbook rental as the major cause for their recent 27% revenue decline in their Q3 (compared to 2016). Digital: In the past two years, sales of ebooks, learning solutions, and other digital products have begun to surpass print for the first time at companies such as McGraw-Hill.

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Make the Most of Your Budget with These Great Products: Makerspace Product Roundup 2018


New products are coming from companies that have long been in the game, and others are being launched thanks to successful crowdfunding initiatives. Compatibility: SAM Labs products work in conjunction with the SAM Space app, available for iOS 9+ tablets, Windows 10, and Android 4.4+.

Learning Revolution - Week's Free Events - Reinventing the Classroom - Library 2.014 - The Real 1:1 - Reclaim Learning

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

With the tablet classroom in mind, Common Sense Media, well-renowned for their digital citizenship curriculum and resources, now offers resources for teaching digital citizenship in an iPad classroom. Participants will learn about two resources that teach students to be safe, responsible, and respectful in a digital world: 1) Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum in interactive eBooks, and 2) Digital Passport.