22 Top Tips for Better Classroom Management

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Classroom management can be a challenge. In this post, I’ll share twenty-two of my top tips and ideas that have helped me have an awesome classroom. Classroom Management Tip #1: Build a Partnership With Your Students It’s true that you must relate before you can educate.

DEN Trend Report: 8/16/17

Discovery Education

Leaving the classroom with homework you don’t understand sometimes needs additional assistance, and that’s where virtual tutoring and resources come into play. Administration District Administrators DEN Trend ReportLooking to learn more about what’s trending in education?!?

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Exploring Coaching Trends in Classrooms

Digital Promise

In 2017, we partnered with Google and EdTechTeam to launch the Dynamic Learning Project (DLP), a classroom-based coaching program with the goal of increasing educational equity and the impactful use of technology. What are our recommendations for classroom-based technology coaching?

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Kiddom now offers personalized curricula, visual reports and more

Ask a Tech Teacher

Reports — visualize progress with beautiful analytics that track student performance. Customization — customize content, grading, and analytics specific to unique classroom needs.

Report 254

Keeping Pace Report 2015


Keeping Pace 2015 report is now available online The Keeping Pace report was developed as an important guiding document for schools around the world. The post Keeping Pace Report 2015 appeared first on OnCUE.

EdTechTeam Impact Report- Press


Our district just started a book challenge with The Google Infused Classroom! The post EdTechTeam Impact Report- Press appeared first on EdTechTeam. EdTechTeam Press Impact ReportEdTechTeam Press featured a catalog of 18 titles and sold 49,000 volumes in 2017.

Report: Experienced Teachers Soar in Tech-Enabled Classrooms

EdTech Magazine

Business Intelligence Classroom Data Analytics Digital Content Leadership ManagementFrank Smith One finding from the SIIA Vision K-12 Survey could turn the tables on the perception of digital natives’ technological expertise.

Report 171

Report: Is it Game Over for Gamification?

EdTech Magazine

Frank Smith A preview of the upcoming K–12 NMC Horizon report gives classroom gamification the axe. Classroom Game-based Learning

EdTechTeam Impact Report: Programs


The Dynamic Learning Project (DLP) seeks to improve educational equity and student learning by supporting teachers with classroom coaching to better leverage technology in powerful and meaningful ways. The post EdTechTeam Impact Report: Programs appeared first on EdTechTeam. Impact ReportA new division, EdTechTeam Programs , was launched in 2017 to manage EdTechTeam’s role in the Dynamic Learning Project in partnership with Digital Promise and Google.

EdTechTeam Impact Report-Mexico


Most services were in Spanish, and the EdTechTeam Press book Classroom Management for the Digital Age was translated into Spanish for use in Mexico (and elsewhere). The post EdTechTeam Impact Report-Mexico appeared first on EdTechTeam. Chromebooks EdTechTeam Mexico Impact ReportWith the return of the Mexico City Summit, EdTechTeam Mexico served 1,395 educators face-to-face in 2017.

EdTechTeam 2017 Impact Report


EdTechTeam is so incredibly special because their events give teachers a chance to see they really can reinvent themselves and create dynamic work and have fun in the classroom again! The post EdTechTeam 2017 Impact Report appeared first on EdTechTeam. Community Featured Impact Report Professional Development

EdTechTeam 2017 Impact Report: Products


With an initial focus on developing FREE apps and extensions designed for the modern classroom, the new product development group officially launched four extensions on October 15, 2017. The post EdTechTeam 2017 Impact Report: Products appeared first on EdTechTeam. Impact ReportThis past year also saw the launch of EdTechTeam Products (in the tradition of launching Breakout EDU , which spun off as an independent company in 2016).

EdTechTeam 2017 Impact Report: Community


The greatest lesson I’ve learned is that although I’m solo in the classroom, I’m never alone because I am connected to a global network of educators who are just a ‘click’ away. The post EdTechTeam 2017 Impact Report: Community appeared first on EdTechTeam. Impact Report

"Teachers Talk Technology" Report Creates Snapshot of Classroom Technology Use


Today, MDR, a division of Dun & Bradstreet, released the second in its State of the K-12 Market Report 2018 series, Teachers Talk Technology , creating a snapshot of how teachers across the country are using classroom technology.

EdTechTeam Impact Report- South Africa


Feel quite overwhelmed by everything but excited to get started with Google classroom and then go from there. The post EdTechTeam Impact Report- South Africa appeared first on EdTechTeam. Google for Education Impact Report South Africa2017 was the first year EdTechTeam South Africa offered summits in three locations around the country, Cape Town, Johannesburg, and KwaZulu-Natal. Local Bootcamps are also available for Google Certification and Apple Teacher Certification.

New report underscores education problems in institutions for foster youth

The Hechinger Report

A new report says the state of Pennsylvania ought to be doing more to oversee such facilities serving foster and delinquent children. Photo: Caroline Preston for The Hechinger Report/HuffPost.

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How Behaviorism Can Turn Your Classroom Around

Ask a Tech Teacher

Behaviorism in the classroom revolves around observable behaviors that can be measured. Since its introduction to education in the 1950’s, it has become a teacher’s best friend in helping her/him to define classroom behaviors that shape order and enhance learning.

5 Reasons You Should Read the Free Cyberlearning Community Report


As a computer science teacher who likes staying current with the best ways to integrate useful technology in my classroom, I found the recently published Cyberlearning Community Report: The State of Cyberlearning and the Future of Learning With Technology full of great ideas!

Report 133

New OECD Report Slams Computers — and Actually Says Why They Can Hurt Learning

The Journal

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development just released a detailed study of the use of computers in the classrooms in 70 countries.

Report 302

ASCD's #Empower18 Conference Report


One attendee commented that “technology tools can support ALL learners in the classroom by assisting students with everything from reading, writing, and math, to time management, organization, focus, and more.”

Personalized Learning Needed in Increasingly Diverse Classrooms, Report Says

Marketplace K-12

But a lack of high-quality curricula designed to support that personalized learning is stalling the effort, according to a new report. New technology is key to allowing educators to provide this personalized support, the report says. K-12 student population and highlights the underlying need to rethink the way classroom learning is approached, the report says.

Game-Based Learning Thrives, Despite Report of its Decline

EdTech Magazine

By Tommy Peterson Many K–12 educators remain enthusiastic about game-based learning despite a report that adoption has stalled. Classroom Game-based Learning STEM

Amazon Alexa in the Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

Bill Selak @ billselak shares how he’s using Amazon’s Alexa via the Echo and Dot in the classroom. The Amazon Echo in the classroom. How Bill Selak is Using the Amazon Echo in the Classroom. But Bill Selak @ billselak is using it in his classroom.

Too few parents talk to their kids about race and identity, report finds

The Hechinger Report

That’s one of the main findings of a new report by Sesame Workshop , which surveyed 6,070 parents of children ages 3 to 12 and 1,046 teachers from preschool to fifth grade. The authors of the Sesame Workshop “Identity Matters” report surveyed 6,070 parents of children.

Report 114

More Than 50 Percent of Teachers Report 1:1 Computing

EdTech Magazine

By EdTech Staff A survey finds that more educators have devices in their classrooms than ever before. Blended Learning Classroom Hardware Notebooks

Report 162

Report from ASCD, Part 1: Sessions Covered, Classroom Coding, Leadership Strategies and More


More than 7,000 educators from around the globe gathered in Chicago March 15-18 for deep dish pizza, green drinks for St. Patrick’s day, and to participate in ASCD's #Empower19 conference.

Use the SAMR Model to Spearhead Technology in Your Classroom

Ask a Tech Teacher

This is a question I get often from teachers: Technology is always an extra layer of work in my classroom. When I first addressed this issue fifteen years ago, it was all about replacing traditional classroom tools with one on a computer. Classroom management Education reform SAMR

Report: MassNET Reports on ELA Edtech Tools


During the 2015-2016 school year, MassNET worked with the Boston-based LearnLaunch Institute (under the umbrella of the Learning Assembly ) to pilot instructional software for English Language Arts with six teams of six to eight teachers in Boston-area elementary and middle school classrooms. The report, Insights on Software Piloting in an Urban School District , released in December 2016, suggests key factors that influence successful adoption of edtech products.

Alabama Getaway: A Report from the ALET Symposium


A World of PBL: 25 Authentic Resources To Connect Students Beyond The Classroom ] I also attended the “Implementation Planning for the Digital Literacy and Computer Science Standards” session, where the presenters explored the practical applications of digital literacy.

Report 109

Majority of schools in Ohio report using blended learning

The Christensen Institute

Although there is plenty of data to understand the growth of charter schools or the numbers of students in districts, because blended learning is a phenomenon that doesn’t occur at the school level—it instead occurs at the level of individual classrooms and teachers—capturing what’s happening is difficult. A new report released today goes to some measure to tackle this problem in the state of Ohio. Only seven percent reported wanting advice on resources.

Report from AnthropologyCon: Designing Games for Classrooms and Research


Conversations like those I enjoyed at AnthropologyCon, which brought together experimenters in games from around the country, are an invaluable chance to find ideas and rethink one’s own assumptions about what serious games and games in the classroom might bring to the field.

Adult Learners Need Their Own EdTech Tools, Ed Department Report Finds


To help adult learners, edtech tools should be designed for their needs and goals, support them in virtually communicating with instructors and classmates and offer them a smooth mobile experience, according to a new report published on behalf of the U.S.

Report 159

Report: Colleges Must Teach ‘Algorithm Literacy’ to Help Students Navigate Internet


A new report published this week about undergraduates’ impressions of internet algorithms reveals students are skeptical of and unnerved by tools that track their digital travels and serve them personalized content like advertisements and social media posts.

Report 119

Effective Educational Videos in the Classroom

ViewSonic Education

Quick Take: Learn how teachers are using educational videos effectively in their classrooms: - Current use of educational videos. Teachers report that the length of videos preferred is generally 2 to 10 minutes according to 79% of teachers surveyed.

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How to go Paperless in Your Classroom

Ask a Tech Teacher

Every Earth Day, someone in your school, maybe the parent group, raises the question of WHY NOT a paperless classroom? To kickstart your paperless digital classroom requires a modicum of preparation. Classroom activities should be handled the same.

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