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The Impact of Inclusive STEM Education


STEM identity can last a lifetime and help students thrive in school, future careers and life. Inclusive STEM programs widen job opportunities for the growing technology sector, support students in building digital literacy skills and empower young people to become creators — not just consumers — of technology.

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Bringing Better STEM Education to the Rural South


Now the STEM curriculum is poised to enter high school classrooms in the rural South. Department of Education and will last five years. Other challenges seem to have set back STEM education, too. Many rural students have also struggled to access high-quality STEM education because of a lack of resources.

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STEM vs. STEAM: The importance of the Arts


As such, there is a great deal of focus on making certain students understand science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects. Yet, there are some educators and STEM professionals who disagree with this largely technical focus. After all, there is a variety of skills and mindsets an arts education provides students.

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Bringing STEM to Students with Mobile Technology

EdTech Magazine

Despite being one of the most in-demand sectors of the job market, STEM education is frequently subpar in districts serving minority students. As of 2018, students did not have access to Algebra II lessons in a quarter of high schools that primarily serve Black and Hispanic students, according to an article in Forbes.

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Empowering girls with STEM education to build tomorrow’s tech industry

eSchool News

Key points: Inspiring young women in STEM programs requires cultivating a culture of community Black students need more STEM career exposure Launching a districtwide computer science program for all grades For more news on STEM education, visit eSN’s STEM & STEAM hub All too often, female students are underrepresented in STEM classes.

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Stem Education in 2020

Ask a Tech Teacher

A growing focus of schools is STEM. Ask a Tech Teacher contributor, Brianna, has some general observations about STEM education in 2020: Stem Education in 2020. ” The world’s workforce lacked a lot of science specialists, that is why STEM education became more popular.

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How STEM is preparing students for future careers


There are few areas of our lives in which science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) don’t play a key role. As this continues, it is important to introduce children to STEM concepts from an early age. Let’s take a closer look at how STEM in schools sets children up for their future careers.

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