Growth Mindset Comparison for Educators

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Best of all, access to live teachers is invaluable. Christina Pereira, 4th Grade Teacher Campbell Elementary School. Most educators have heard the cliché, “look before you leap.”

Three ways to help end the disconnect between pre-k and early elementary education

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Pre-K quality and accessibility have received much attention over the past 15 to 20 years and state and federal policymakers continue to allocate resources and prescribe policies geared toward ensuring high-quality pre-K experiences. Alyssa Auck.

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As students return to college, a basic question persists: What are they learning?

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Higher education has found itself under increasing pressure to change that, just as has happened in elementary and secondary schools, where a battery of standardized tests constantly check in on what students know. Students in a class at Frederick Community College in Maryland.

Technology and Digital Media in the Classroom: A Guide for Educators


By learning to view it as a means of enhancing your lessons and resources, you can provide your students with tools and opportunities they may not otherwise access. 17] If you’re unable to go on a field trip, for example, you can access plenty of virtual field trips at no cost.[16]

K–12 Leaders Get Creative to Make the Case for Network Upgrades

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Two years ago, IT Services Director AJ Phillips needed to persuade her school board to purchase new network infrastructure, so she tapped her prior experience as an elementary school teacher and presented a show-and-tell. Educate Stakeholders About Cost Comparisons and Success Stories.

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Flip Grid: 6 Fun Ideas to Engage Learners in Conversation with Teryl Magee

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I’ve included a comparison matrix with features to help you figure out what system is best for you. So maybe I’m a social studies teacher, I’m teaching middle school, I’m teaching high school, it could even obviously do it down in Elementary School as well.

Swarming the Classroom


Contemporary classrooms (from elementary school to graduate school) are structured similar to a manufacturing line and typically produce students who are full of information. Dr. Rosenberg’s comparison is fascinating. Rosenberg – Schwandt “Brain of Brains” classroom comparison.

OPINION: “Having a parent who excels at local public-school politics shouldn’t be a precondition for a child to get a good teacher”

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At the recent public education forum, the leading Democratic presidential candidates all called for more equitable access to high-quality public education. For example, Elizabeth Warren reiterated her education plan’s focus on equity issues : “every kid in America should have the same access to a high-quality public education — no matter where they live, the color of their skin, or how much money their parents make.”.

Verizon Mobile Learning Academy

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Comprising students and teachers from 24 elementary, middle and high schools across the country, VILS provides individualized, on-site and virtual professional development tailored to address specific areas for improvement at each school as identified by a preliminary needs assessment.

For safer schools, we need more hugs, not more guns

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One alarming trend is that the overwhelming majority of 21st-century shooters were adolescents, suggesting that it is now easier for them to access guns, and that they more frequently suffer from mental health issues or limited conflict resolution skills.”

What to Look for When Purchasing an Education Projector

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Digital displays, by comparison, have a fixed screen size. Educators can send content to one or more projectors from any location with network access. In elementary schools, students in multiple classrooms can simultaneously view virtual field trips, author talks or other content.

How Extra Arts Education at School Boosts Students’ Writing Scores — And Their Compassion


The show left an impression on the students at Codwell Elementary, according to their teacher Shelea Bennett. The puppeteer’s show was part of an effort to expand arts education in Houston elementary and middle schools. It’s just the latest study to find that giving students more access to the arts offers measurable benefits. There appeared to be significant need: nearly a third of elementary and middle schools in the district reported lacking a full-time arts teacher.

If I Could Get 1 Piece of Technology for My Classroom, It Would Be.


An Elementary Teacher''s Opinion Staples recently contacted me to see if I''d be interested in reviewing a few pieces of technology. A Chromebook is an affordable laptop that allows one to connect to the Internet and access the full suite of Google Applications.

Black teachers matter, for students and communities

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This begins with expanding access to teaching jobs and continues by giving hardworking teachers a raise. Charter schools in the district have different grade configurations and staffing considerations, precluding an apple-to-apples comparison.

Garageband for iPad


Language concepts can be emphasized as instruments are explored, as well as comparison between different types of instruments within each category (e.g.

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The ultimate guide to Bloom’s Taxonomy

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Teachers can assess by asking for summaries, comparisons, deductions, descriptions etc. elementary modules to draw connections between ideas and utilize. Break down knowledge into it’s elementary modules to draw connections. In fact, such an immediate access to the.

How a Prescription Pill Emergency Woke up Our School Community to a Mental Health Crisis


This was the tail end of my first school year as the principal at Madison County Elementary School, a pre-K to 8th grade Title I school, located just outside of Huntsville in Gurley, Ala. Why Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Weren’t Enough When I came to Madison Elementary in 2015, I was the third principal in a four-year time-frame. Students currently have access to a school-based therapist five days a week.

Why a High-Achieving District Keeps Tinkering With a School Model That Already Works


Four of our seven elementary schools are ranked in the top 20 schools in Pennsylvania, and our high school forensics team is recognized as one of the best teams in the nation. However, they also saw limitations such as inconsistent wi-fi and minimal access to devices. There were buildings with 60 computers in a lab servicing 600 elementary students, and teachers were going to extraordinary measures to give their students access to technology—maybe once a month.

Experiences in Self-Determined Learning: Moving from Education 1.0 Through Education 2.0 Towards Education 3.0

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Philipp Schmidt (2007) provide an excellent comparison of how Education 1.0 users moved from just accessing information and content to being able to directly interact with the content through commenting, remixing, and sharing it via social networks.

Making ‘Big Data’ useful rather than scary for teachers

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In the first year, district leaders were given access to a dashboard version of the big-picture data they cared most about. Three years ago, a handful of central office staffers in Atlanta Public Schools had access to data dashboards.

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Short on financial knowledge, some school districts get bad deals on bonds

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The building is not completely ADA accessible. But Robbins, the University of Connecticut professor, takes a different view: It’s a matter of convenience for school districts that don’t want to put in the time and effort to seek out comparisons.

The Big List of STEM Board Games

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Families can discuss ideas such as: same, different, comparison, and checking each other’s solutions, as they play. STEM Games for Elementary (Ages 7+). The theme makes it more accessible and exciting to younger players than many abstract strategy games.


Can testing save arts education?

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Yet access to arts education remains unequal. Disparities in opportunities to learn math and English “pale in comparison to the disparities in the opportunity to learn the arts,” he said. High school art teacher Karen Ladd and her colleagues meet in Concord, N.H.,

Schools in the poorest state become even poorer

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This fall, students at Enterprise Attendance Center in the small city of Brookhaven may get to draw, paint and make crafts in an elementary art class — the first the school has had in 12 years. billion on elementary and secondary education.

All Eyes Are on the Federal Education Budget—But Local Agency Plans May Matter More


The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) has always required local agency plans as a condition of getting the federal funding. A brief comparison of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) and ESSA illustrates the point. The most profound shifts driven by changes in education policy often go unnoticed and tend to lag behind the hype cycles and headlines about federal policy and politics. While the proposed cuts to the federal education budget have taken the.

“Tired of fighting that fight”: School districts’ uphill battle to get good deals on ed tech

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Related: In Mississippi schools, access to technology lacking, uneven. For some hardware, districts can comparison shop. By comparison, in February 2016, Lawrence School District in Kansas got a discount of nearly 24 percent that dropped a $4.1

N.Y.C. Schools to Decide on Amazon Contract Worth Up to $64.5M

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New York City public schools today announced plans to move forward on a proposed Amazon contract for an online e-book marketplace for educators, after the deal stalled for seven months while concerns about accessibility for blind and visually impaired users were addressed.

The delusional ways we evaluate English learners

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Second-graders at Dunn Elementary in Kentucky. They partnered with researchers from Oregon State University to design and implement new data rules that would capture — and allow for comparisons between — the achievement for current, former, “never” and “ever” English learners.

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15 Picture Books That Support Children’s Spatial Skills Development


Every turn of the page continues to zoom out to show that what was large is now small in comparison to a newly introduced object. Once we get to the big sky with an aerial view of a farm, the comparisons reverse course, moving in closer on details of the farm.

Missouri School Reveals 7yr Olds’ BMI, Angers Parents

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Hillcrest Elementary School in Belton, Missouri had students BMI calculated in gym class to determine their healthiness level. Parents in Missouri are outraged after physical education teachers sent children home with a note on their Body Mass Index.

How A Gene Editing Tool Went From Labs To A Middle-School Classroom


Some compare that democratization of personal computing in the ’70s to the current changes in access to genetic engineering tools. The comparison between genetic engineering and computing is not new.

Resources from Miami Device

Learning in Hand

Bryan gives you a head to head comparison of all of the popular interactive response systems that work on your classroom''s mobile devices. However, what does that look like for early elementary grades (K-3)?

How sexism and old-fashioned ideals hurt child care operators

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Parks hates that comparison, quipping that she’s never sat on a baby in her life.) By comparison, 76 percent of the K–12 teaching force is female, and 20 percent are people of color.). “We’re

What would life look like if you valued your time as much as you value your money?

The Cornerstone for Teachers

I was an elementary teacher for 11 years before becoming an instructional coach. I continued to comparison shop online, and eventually, I discovered a teacher store about a half an hour away which had the cart on sale.

What happens when two separate and unequal school districts merge?

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There are pockets of poverty in the county that rival the Delta while Starkville is, by comparison, a wealthy town,” he said. Closing the school meant the district had to reshuffle students into existing elementary schools.