4 Emerging Edtech Trends in 2020

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From coding to robotics and augmented reality and his favorite (which he saved for last), learn how a leading-edge K-8 program is using technology to teach all students the skills and thinking capacities they need to be successful in the modern era.

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National STEM/STEAM Day Nov. 8th

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National STEM Day is November 8 and the unofficial holiday celebrates science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education throughout the United States. Here are some great ideas for celebrating: Ten Ways to Celebrate National STEM Day with NASA | NASA. National STEM Day is November 8 and the unofficial holiday celebrates science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education throughout the United States. Stem Education in 2020.

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February 2020 Guide: Stem, Steam & Makerspaces

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Ancillary Guides apps classroom classrooms district eSchool News Funding grants Grants and Funding instruction learning learning apps news resources robotics school


A plan for teaching coding and robotics from home

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Related content: 3 key parts of a coding and robotics program. Coronavirus Update Featured on eSchool News STEM Teaching & Learning apps apps for education classroom code coding district Education Google Google Apps Google Apps for Education IT online robotics school students

Grit, Tenacity, Inclusion — Robotics Programs Teach Much More Than STEM Concepts


Not every kindergartner can boast that she helped build a robot with high school students. Not every kindergartner can boast that she helped build a robot with high school students. Kate Sample EdSurge: Not everyone has an engineer dad to support their passion for STEM.

Using robots to bring science to life

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Incorporating robotics, coding, and engineering into these lessons is a great way to engage students and inspire them to apply their learning. Related content: How our school transitioned from STEM to STEAM. Related Content: eSchool News STEM, STEAM, & Makerspaces Guide.

FETC 2020: STEM, safety, and students

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Student engagement and empowerment were evident at FETC 2020 in Miami, FL. FETC 2020 offered sessions and workshops, interactive spaces, an extensive expo hall, and purposefully-chosen dynamic, energizing, and inspiring keynote presentations. STEM and STEAM.


Distance Learning Robotics is Possible! (Edison is King)

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While PhET and cK-12 HTML5 simulations have proved to be essential in facilitating 100% distance learning in my chemistry and biology classes, creating a meaningful distance learning system for my robotics elective course was much more difficult to dream up.

3D printing, drones, and AI — The future of STEM education?


STEM education is an interdisciplinary and practical teaching method of four specific disciplines: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Read more: STEM for kids: Online classes teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills. The future of STEM education.

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C-STEM Studio — A Great Way to Blend Math and Robotics

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C-STEM Studio is a California A-G approved curriculum and turn-key solution for teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics through computing and robotics. As Calvin Chen, Assistant Director of the UC Davis Center for Computing and STEM Education who offers this program, states simply: “O ur goal is to get kids interested in math and robotics.” To evaluate C-STEM Studio, let’s look at three questions: so what.

STEM education and hands-on learning

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The critical need for STEM education was apparent before our world experienced the COVID-19 outbreak, and now, STEM skills are more important than ever as we navigate through a pandemic. Coronavirus Update Featured on eSchool News STEM Teaching & Learning

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CoderZ & Amazon Cyber Robotics Back-to-School Challenge

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This fall, CoderZ and Amazon Future Engineer are bringing real-world industry to classrooms with the Amazon Cyber Robotics Back-to-School Challenge. That makes this challenge a great bonus unit for any STEM/computer science class or curriculum.”.

Computational Thinking in Preschool: What, Why, and How

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The project looked at how those skills could be integrated in common preschool and home STEM learning experiences in mutually supportive ways. Co-designing STEM resources with teachers and parents. Introducing the STEM-tastic Adventures app and a look at what’s next.

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CoderZ Named 2020 Tech Edvocate Award Winner for Best Coding App or Tool

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CoderZ , an online learning environment where students learn robotics and STEM by coding virtual robots, has been named a 2020 Tech Edvocate Award winner in the Best Coding App or Tool category. A complete list of winners of the 2020 Tech Edvocate Awards can be found here.

Ozobot launches new learning management system

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After being voted Best of Show at ISTE 2019, Ozobot Classroom (patent pending) officially launched at the 2020 Future of Education Technology Conference. Using boosted Bluetooth connectivity, teachers can seamlessly connect to up to 18 robots (patent pending). robotics STEM

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5 Ways to Prepare Every Student for the STEM Economy


High quality STEM learning and engagement opportunities can be life changing for young people in disenfranchised communities who otherwise might not have a direct pathway to the fast-growing STEM economy. Bring engaging robotics programs to your school.

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3 Basic Things Every School Should Teach Relating to Technology

The CoolCatTeacher

Jorge Valenzuela on Episode 602 of the 10 Minute Teacher From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Sixty-seven percent of STEM jobs will be in computing. Hear an overview of computational thinking, algorithms, and robotics with Jorge Valenzuela.

CoderZ’s New Cyber Robotics 102 Curriculum Engages Students in Coding and STEM


Cyber Robotics 102 has students work in an online virtual environment that features a new robot called Ruby and that accurately mimics real-life physics and a physical setting

How Korea-Based Cubroid’S ARTIBO- A Smart AI Robot Is Making Children Across The Globe Future-Ready With Creativity And Imagination?


Seoul-based AI and Robotics Company Cubroid AI coding blocks and robots have made the concept of learning coding safe and easy. Exploring The World Of Robotics With Cubroid. Children can enjoy assembling, coding, and playing with robots while using Cubroid products.

Working through the Challenges of Virtual STEM: A State-of-the-Art Discussion

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In this Learning Counsel Crossroads Virtual Discussion, some of the country’s leading STEM (and STEAM) experts explain how they are working through the limitations of the COVID-19 lockdown, and how they overcame some very daunting challenges to find success for their students.

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Bringing Equity to STEM Education

Discovery Education

Progress for the STEM education movement must continue to improve, especially for students in underrepresented communities hard hit by COVID-19. We know that STEM-related education holds opportunities for students, but STEM learning must become more evenly distributed. It’s imperative that we address barriers to STEM education now so that students won’t suffer later. Here’s how TGR EDU: Explore is working to bring equity to STEM education.


The TeachThought Podcast Ep. 199 The Intricacies Of Teaching Through Robotics And Coding

TeachThought - Learn better.

199 The Intricacies Of Teaching Through Robotics And Coding Drew Perkins talks with Rikke Paaskesen from KUBO Robotics about the use of robots, robotics, and coding to teach STEM and critical thinking skills. The TeachThought Podcast Ep.

CoderZ Encouraging Title I Schools to Sign-up Students for the Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge

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The Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge has passed the halfway mark, but it’s not too late for teachers and students to sign up. They will also uncover how Amazon uses computer science and robotics daily to deliver customer goods.

Review of Robo™ Wunderkind Robotics Kit

Kathy Schrock

Pete Birkinshaw, Used Punchcard, [link] So, when Robo ™ Wunderkind asked me to review their Education Robotics Kit for elementary students, ages 6 to 12, they were happy to hear I was no expert, since the kit was so easy to use! The darker blue Motors helps a student's robot to move around.

Computer science education still not in majority of schools

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2020 State of Computer Science Education: Illuminating Disparities , co-authored by Code.org, the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA), and the Expanding Computing Education Pathways (ECEP) Alliance, offers a comprehensive look at K-12 computer science education progress across the U.S.

Building STEM and Movement Skills Outside of School


The Mix: STEM and Movement. Harrington shared several digital tools she uses to boost virtual learning, with a focus on STEM activities that also get at-home students out of their seats. STEM Trash to Treasure Challenge is an activity that integrates art with STEM.


Tech Ed Resources–Lesson Plans

Ask a Tech Teacher

STEM Lesson Plans. Genius Hour, Google Apps, Khan Academy , Robotics, STEM, Coding, and more. I get a lot of questions from readers about what tech ed resources I use in my classroom so I’m taking a few days this summer to review them with you.

A Virtual Field Trip Inspiring Student STEM Curiosity  

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As a middle school educator, I know the critical importance of engaging my students in STEM. Research shows that this is the age kids, especially girls, opt out of STEM pursuits. . In a continued effort to inspire my students to explore the engaging world of STEM, my middle school class es joined the all-new Tech for Tomorrow Virtual Field Trip (VFT). By Ann Byrdie Bullock, M.Ed., Middle School Science Teacher, Independence Non-Traditional School in Virginia .


Can kindergartners learn coding?

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Related content: A plan for teaching coding and robotics from home. If you think teaching STEM without screens sounds counterintuitive, you’re not alone. Dash the robot turned, flashed, and drove around the room—programmed by second graders.

Current Thoughts on Distance Learning Science Engagement

Cycles of Learning

Biology Chemistry COVID 19 Online Teaching Robotics STEMI was honored to give a presentation yesterday to colleagues in Utah on strategies to promote engagement in the sciences when teaching in a 100% distance learning setting.

CoderZ Contributes to the National Computer Science for All Movement

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Along with 126 organizations, CoderZ has made new commitments to advance computer science education access and opportunity for youth across the United States at the 2020 CSforALL Commitments Showcase. “In


3 ways to teach STEAM in a blended learning environment

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Before March 2020, there were many conversations about the benefits of minimizing screen time for young learners. Blended Learning Coronavirus Update Featured on eSchool News STEAM STEM Teaching & Learning

How technology helps us turn dreams into reality for students

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That’s something I wondered when I was a high school student, because in my town, I wasn’t able to compete in a FIRST Robotics competition until I was in ninth grade. Featured on eSchool News STEM

Girl-Led, Girl-Tested and Girl-Approved Cyber Security Activities? Yes, Please!

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As more and more women enter STEM careers, increasing STEM interest and engagement among girls continues to be a significant focus. This school year empower girls to see themselves changing the world in new ways with resources from Girls Get STEM.

My Entire Distance Learning Curriculum Resources for the Fall Semester

Cycles of Learning

As my first complete semester of 100% distance leaning comes to a close (last spring was triage at best), I wanted to share all of my resources for fellow STEM teachers. Biology Chemistry COVID 19 Online Teaching Robotics