4 Emerging Edtech Trends in 2020

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From coding to robotics and augmented reality and his favorite (which he saved for last), learn how a leading-edge K-8 program is using technology to teach all students the skills and thinking capacities they need to be successful in the modern era.

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Announcing the 2020 Cohort of HP Teaching Fellows

Digital Promise

We’re excited to announce the 2020 cohort of HP Teaching Fellows! Introducing the 2020 Cohort of HP Teaching Fellows. Here is the full list of the 2020 cohort of the HP Teaching Fellows: Joseph Archer, grades 5-6 teacher at Grand Erie District School Board, Ontario.

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Look Here: Predicting 2020 Requires 20/20 Vision

EdNews Daily

The Esports activity they get to do, or the hands-on robots project that they’re going to do that they’re not going to do in homeschool. By LeiLani Cauthen. Nearly every school district in America is seeing some degree of student attrition.

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3 Basic Things Every School Should Teach Relating to Technology

The CoolCatTeacher

Jorge Valenzuela, the author of Rev Up Robotics, discusses the three things schools should be teaching so students are ready. Hear an overview of computational thinking, algorithms, and robotics with Jorge Valenzuela.

Zenbo, the Social Robot Teaches Cyber Safety


A cross-disciplinary collaboration at the University of Delaware has developed a teaching tool to deliver cybersecurity training in classrooms—Zenbo, the social robot

SoftBank Robotics America Launches STREAM Learning Tool Tethys


Software developed in partnership with Finger Food Advanced Technology Group helps students learn to code through the use of SoftBank Robotics’ humanoid robot, Pepper

February 2020 Guide: Stem, Steam & Makerspaces

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Ozobot launches new learning management system

Educational Technology Guy

After being voted Best of Show at ISTE 2019, Ozobot Classroom (patent pending) officially launched at the 2020 Future of Education Technology Conference. Using boosted Bluetooth connectivity, teachers can seamlessly connect to up to 18 robots (patent pending). robotics STEM

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3D printing, drones, and AI — The future of STEM education?


Perhaps robots will be a common presence in the classroom ( they are already used in certain contexts ). Read more: Are classroom robots the NextGen of learning?

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Education Robot Maker Roybi Boosts Kids Speech Recognition Technology With Acquisition


Roybi, the maker of a pill-shaped robot to teach language and math skills to young children, has acquired additional technology to power its educational features. This Roybi promo video shows how kids interact with the robot.

Using robots to bring science to life

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Incorporating robotics, coding, and engineering into these lessons is a great way to engage students and inspire them to apply their learning. To simulate a windy day, students use art materials like streamers and feathers and attach them to a KIBO robot.

FETC 2020: STEM, safety, and students

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Student engagement and empowerment were evident at FETC 2020 in Miami, FL. FETC 2020 offered sessions and workshops, interactive spaces, an extensive expo hall, and purposefully-chosen dynamic, energizing, and inspiring keynote presentations.


CoderZ’s New Cyber Robotics 102 Curriculum Engages Students in Coding and STEM


Cyber Robotics 102 has students work in an online virtual environment that features a new robot called Ruby and that accurately mimics real-life physics and a physical setting

Review of Robo™ Wunderkind Robotics Kit

Kathy Schrock

Pete Birkinshaw, Used Punchcard, [link] So, when Robo ™ Wunderkind asked me to review their Education Robotics Kit for elementary students, ages 6 to 12, they were happy to hear I was no expert, since the kit was so easy to use! The darker blue Motors helps a student's robot to move around.

KOOV: The STEAM solution that’s turning heads


Using standard-correlated educational content, KOOV gets your students building and coding original robotic creations. The KOOV Educator Kit is a tool for educators who are seeking a comprehensive all-in-one solution for coding, robotics and design that combines digital coding with physical building to help cultivate students’ collaboration and problem-solving skills. The Trial Kit contains up to 12 pre-coded and pre-designed “Robot Recipes” and 6 Quick Lessons.

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Kids blogging in math class: Why and how

Ditch That Textbook

This post is written by Thom Gibson a middle school math & robotics teacher and advisor at Headwaters School in Austin, TX. You can connect with Thom on Twitter @GibsonEDU and catch his educational podcast Stories from the Classroom. I often ask my 7th grade Pre-Algebra students "why do you think this is right?" when […]. The post Kids blogging in math class: Why and how appeared first on Ditch That Textbook. Ed Tech Guest Blog

How a Pandemic Could Change Higher Education


At Duke we’ve been thinking about, like a lot of universities, a “robot-proof future,” and thinking about the sixty-year curriculum. The COVID-19 pandemic has cast a cloud of uncertainty over higher education.

Finland’s First Education Technology Fund, Sparkmind, Closes €40 Million


They include 3DBear , a developer of augmented reality learning experiences, coding education startup Bomerbot , social-emotional program provider Mightifier and Roybi , which makes educational robots for kids. Finland is often heralded as a model for educational excellence.

The Learning Counsel’s 2019 National Digital Curriculum Strategy Survey Yielded Surprising Results

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Lots of experiential brands from coding, robotics, other hands-on career and technical education professional-grade software teaching students workforce skills. Take the 2020 Survey. The 2020 National Digital Curriculum Survey is now available.

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Education’s Destruction or Salvation? The Real Truth about Artificial Intelligence

EdNews Daily

We don’t need to be worried about this superintelligence that’s going to take over and we won’t need to defend against the machines and the robots. You may know what artificial intelligence (AI) is. Then again, you may only think you know.

What the research says about the best way to engage parents

The Hechinger Report

Allan Wilger, a regular parent volunteer at Edmondson Elementary, helps (left to right) fifth graders Gabe Wooten and Aresa Rodriguez, and third grader Tyler Goyne, in the after-school LEGO Robotics Club.

Digital K-12 Classroom Online Summit | Feb 21-23, 2020


for February 21-23, 2020 for the Collaboration in the Digital K-12 Classroom online summit ! The LIVE online event is scheduled for February 21, 22, and 23, 2020. All-Access Pass (regular) | Sales ends February 21, 2020 Get it for €59.90 (Euro) / $66.66

C-STEM Studio — A Great Way to Blend Math and Robotics

Ask a Tech Teacher

C-STEM Studio is a California A-G approved curriculum and turn-key solution for teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics through computing and robotics. RoboBlockly –a web-based robot simulation using a drag-and-drop interface to program virtual Linkbot and Lego robots.

5 Ways to Prepare Every Student for the STEM Economy


However, many schools struggle to offer hands-on learning opportunities, such as robotics programs, because they lack funding, coaches and other forms of support. Bring engaging robotics programs to your school.

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The Coronavirus’ Chilling Effect Hits Edtech Industry Conferences


There’s also mandatory temperature screening, including a system of “passive scanning,” which Catalano likens to the sci-fi film “Minority Report,” where a character played by Tom Cruise plunges into an ice bath to avoid body heat seeking robots. The recent U.S.

The Education of an Android Teacher


She’s the namesake of Maria, a destructive robot character from the 1927 silent film “Metropolis.” And when she does, the professor requests that they not ask her the question that springs so easily to people’s minds when they encounter a robot: Will you take over the world?

Students Shine at the 2019 Automation Fair

MIND Research Institute

We were invited to exhibit at the Engineering our Future booth along with another leading STEM-based organization, FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics.


IT Solutions: Hardware and Management Guide

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Broadband Provides More Equitable Access to Education and Workforce Preparation


WATCH THE EDWEBINAR RECORDING. Digital learning not only plays a crucial role in preparing today’s students for the jobs of tomorrow, it also has an important role in providing equity and access to education, especially in smaller and remote school districts.

Don’t Rely on Cute Apps and Games to Teach Coding. Turn to Your Students Instead.


I hear the kids are going to make a robot move to the right, stop, and turn around. Today, K-12 coding education offerings often include edutainment: some brand’s robotic-design, game-design and app-design program, packaged as engaging, entertaining experiences for students.

How We Turn Cybersecurity Concepts Into a Classroom Staple


Robot”-like hackers striving for the greater good to take down “The Man.” For many, the topic of cyber-crime instantly brings to mind a horde of “Mr. Unfortunately, the reality of it isn’t as satisfying and large corporations aren’t the sole victims of weak cyber defense.

Voice-Based English Tutoring App MyBuddy Merges With a Friend: Edwin


MyBuddy, an artificial intelligence-powered English tutoring app, features a friendly robot that guides children through speaking exercises. And this week, it found a new pal in Edwin, a developer of an eponymous chatbot that also uses AI to provide language instruction.

Make a Generic Google Form

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We can’t do everything, so I choose to give up grading things robots can grade. Create a Default Google Form The assignment was to answer the multiple choice questions at the end of the chapter. I cringe to think of teachers spending their valuable time grading this.

Emerging Technologies for 2020

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What technology can we expect to see more of in 2020? Here's what they shared: Emerging Trends AR and VR Augmented and virtual reality are being used to expose students to cultural experiences they may not have the means to experience otherwise Tele-Classroom Robotics Schools using robots for tele-classroom experiences have found that it provides more Social Emotional Learning than what they had imagined eSports This is growing across districts.

Are Algorithmically-Generated Term Papers the Next Big Challenge to Academic Integrity?


And so if professors are going to be grading with robots, maybe it follows that students will ask robots to create their work. This is the third of a three-part series on the “cheating economy.” For more, read part one , and part two.