Iditarod Teacher: How to Connect and Learn from the Iditarod Race

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Check out Jennifer Gonzalez’ 2018 Teacher’s Guide to Technology for more than 200 tools with special tips, videos, and screenshots to get you started. Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher. Iditarod Teacher: How to Connect and Learn from the Iditarod Race.

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How to make Cleveland ‘great again’

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CLEVELAND— Cleveland Metropolitan School District has a countdown clock to Election Day on its website. When city residents head to the polls that day, they’ll be doing more than picking a president. Officials gave themselves till 2016 to show progress.

How to Support Teacher Innovation Within a Strict State Accountability System


An overwhelming majority of America’s public schools continually perform at the bottom of the totem pole when compared to their international counterparts in science and mathematics; we have come a full 64 years after the Brown vs. Board of Education decision and we see in glaring fashion the return of separate and unequal public schooling. We couldn’t wait for a miracle, we needed to make one. To do so would assure a short-lived tenure as McComb’s superintendent.

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Creating a Vision for Your School and Getting Buy In from Stakeholders

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In today’s show, learn how one successful district has tackled this process and how they are getting buy in from teachers on the vision during the second year of implementation. Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher. Link to show: www.coolcatteacher/e259.

The All-Black and Latino School Where Every Kid Can Code


Ashton’s decision to don this particular jersey—that of a local celebrity, a Washington Capitals hockey player and Stanley Cup champion—was not made lightly, and she wanted her middle schoolers to know why. The Seed of a School When Ashton, a New Jersey native, moved to D.C.

5 Best Practices for STEM Education Spaces

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Thomas School near Seattle has concentrated on beefing up the school’s science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education for the past several years and plans to strengthen it even more in the future. Research from School Library Journal indicates that maker activities at elementary and middle schools increased by 4 percent from 2014 to 2017. Thomas School Dedicates Space to Bolster STEM Learning. Foster interest by allowing students to create STEM clubs.

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Neuroscience and Resilience Take Leading Roles at the National ESEA Conference

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Attendees at the 2019 National ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act) Conference braved the polar vortex in Kansas City, MO, with temperatures that dropped well below zero on January 30 – February 2. Nigel asked the audience an unusual question to start: “Can flying fish actually fly?”.

How cities are convincing voters to pay higher taxes for public preschool

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I’m staying out here today,” Ali, 4, said to her father. Hoping to distract her, he kicked a ball. She used to hang on to my leg when I tried to leave and then spent most of her time in the ‘upset room.’ Cincinnati voters said “yes” to higher property taxes.

Businesses say students aren’t mastering basic workplace skills. Are they right?

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Editor’s note: This story is part of Map to the Middle Class , a Hechinger Report series examining how schools can prepare students for the good middle-class jobs of the future. Most employers are desperate for workers, and willing to train people to do those jobs.

Profile of Asbury Park (NJ) Superintendent Sancha Gray


This is no small feat, considering that she and now-NJ Commissioner of Education Lamont Repollet stepped into a struggling district with 75% of students reading below grade level (half of those being three-to-six grades below).

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OPINION: ‘Bad at math’ no more

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By the end of high school, exposure to TED talks and YouTubers had made me believe that math could be fantastically entertaining, under the right conditions. For the winter quarter, I signed up for an education class: Professor Jo Boaler’s “How to Learn Math: For Students.”

The Beginner’s Guide to the Hour of Code

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The post The Beginner’s Guide to the Hour of Code appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Here’s your Beginner’s Guide to the Hour of Code! Did you know that only 27 states allow students to count computer science courses toward high school graduation?

?How Should We Measure the Impact of Makerspaces?


The opening keynote speaker ended his presentation with a charge for all in attendance: “I hope that makerspaces don’t become an edtech fad that goes away as quickly as it has risen to popularity; I hope you all can figure out how to do it right.” So what is the “right way” when it comes to using makerspaces? And now that they have been established in schools all across the globe, how can we measure the impact that makerspaces have on student learning and achievement?

Coding in the Classroom: Six Tips to Get Even Reluctant Teachers—and Students—Started


If there is a non-tech way to do something, I will find it,” says Shanti Williams, a teacher at P.S. 34 Oliver H. Perry elementary school in Brooklyn, NY. Williams may have never considered herself to be a "tech person," but she recognized the value of code and discovered how a supportive community could empower her and her students to learn. Now, she’s referred to as LEGO Lady at P.S. 34, where she teaches science, LEGO engineering, and robotics.

Why a High-Achieving District Keeps Tinkering With a School Model That Already Works


During the last few years, we’ve been recognized for outstanding performance in everything from academics to the arts to our athletics program. Four of our seven elementary schools are ranked in the top 20 schools in Pennsylvania, and our high school forensics team is recognized as one of the best teams in the nation. If the district’s goal was to be high achieving, then what was the point of tinkering with a formula that was working?

Sharing Student Work Beyond the Classroom

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The Share Your Learning campaign highlights the value of having students present their work to authentic audiences. Fifth graders from Sherman Elementary School in Tacoma, Washington, spent much of the 2017–18 school year investigating the health of the Salish Sea. As part of an interdisciplinary STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) project, they conducted fieldwork and interviewed experts to learn about the coastal ecosystem that is literally in their backyard.

School counselors keep kids on track. Why are they first to be cut?

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“Since my parents didn’t get much education, it’s hard to talk to them about my schoolwork and applying to college, or how to plan my time and get everything done,” says Mariano Almanza, 18, pictured speaking with his Coronado High School guidance counselor, Colleen McElvogue.

Are teachers losing their grip on the middle class?

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Editor’s note: This story is part of Map to the Middle Class , a Hechinger Report series exploring the middle-class jobs of the future and how to prepare young people for them. . Because our kids are so young, we’re going to just stay put for a while.”

When school districts fall into debt and can’t get out

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The district has struggled since then to pay off its construction debt. For the small, unincorporated community of 6,000 just north of Ann Arbor, the 12-year old building is a crown jewel — one that’s all the more precious given how close it came to slipping away.

How Teens are Learning Crucial ‘Soft Skills’ Before Their Internships Start


Editor’s note: This story about soft skills is part of Map to the Middle Class , a Hechinger Report series examining how schools can prepare students for the good middle-class jobs of the future. Most employers are desperate for workers, and willing to train people to do those jobs.

What Core Skills Do Teachers Need To Be Effective?


Jasmine Bankhead went to a traditional teacher prep program in the early 2000s. Bankhead was expecting to learn a lot when she did her student teaching. And although I complained a little bit to my student teaching supervisor, I still felt like I was expected to make it work.”.

Out of poverty, into the middle class

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His dream is to become a business owner. Editor’s note: This story is part of Map to the Middle Class , a Hechinger Report series exploring how schools can prepare young people for the good middle-class jobs of the future. Elementary school: hated it,” Amber says.

"We Don’t Have Resources to Keep Up with Technology": 2016 Teacher of the Year Jahana Hayes Talks to EdSurge


Want to hear the whole interview? Jahana Hayes, the 2016 National Teacher of the Year , knows what it takes to be a good teacher. But she also believes that not everyone is cut out for the profession, especially if they aren’t willing to change with the times—times that have brought an onslaught of new technologies and practices into the classroom. What does it mean, then, for the teaching profession to prepare for 2020? But I think to myself, “You don’t get it.

Hack Education Weekly News

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“ President Trump Earmarks $200 Million in Federal Grants for STEM , Computer Science Programs ,” says Edsurge , later swooning that “ Google , Facebook , Amazon Among Tech Titans Committing $300 Million to K–12 Computer Science.” ” “Amazon, Facebook and others in tech will commit $300 million to the White House's new computer science push,” says Recode. Department of Education Awards $253 Million in Grants to Expand Charter Schools.”

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

To Understand Betsy DeVos ’s Educational Views, View Her Education,” says The New York Times. ” “More than 150 House and Senate Democrats sent Education Secretary Betsy DeVos a letter Monday that objected to her department’s recently announced shift in how it chooses the contractors that service federal student loans ,” Inside Higher Ed reports. Via Buzzfeed : “How Betsy DeVos Could Break Up The Charter School Coalition.”