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Michelle Luhtala Wins AASL Social Media Superstars Award

edWeb is so excited to congratulate Michelle Luhtala, department chair at New Canaan High School Library in Connecticut, for being selected as a 2017 AASL Social Media Superstars winner ! I’m the founder of and had just started our social network for educators.

The Questions I Ask

A Principal's Reflections

link] During the second day of the conference I presented on Communicating and Connecting With Social Media with my co-authors Bill Ferriter and Jason Ramsden. These are the questions that I believe many of us who are engaged in social media ask.

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Back To School-Leadership In 2011

The Web20Classroom

Since that time so much has gone on in the world of Social Media in Education, I decided it needed some updating. Check out this short presentation from 2 of the best and most connected administrators in education. Lastly, check out my most recent post from Leadership Day 2011.

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Twitter Series-What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Twitter

The Web20Classroom

This is the second in a series I am doing all about Twitter. You can read the first post here , where I discuss the need to change the way we teach about Twitter. Take Twitter for example. What do you wish you knew about twitter before you started? Now that you use Twitter (to whatever degree is comfortable for you) what would you go back and learn early on? Before Twitter- "I wish I knew how to make it meaningful to me." Social.

My 2011 Edublog Award Nominations

The Web20Classroom

It has become a gathering place for resources and meaningful conversations and is a great way for those new to Twitter to get engaged in a very easy way and see the value that Twitter can offer the profession.

Positive Impact

A Principal's Reflections

The title of my 15 minute presentation was "School Improvement One Character at a Time." I used this opportunity to discuss the positive impact that social media has had on the culture of my school and professional growth as a school leader. Here are 6 ways I am using social media in education to improve teaching, learning, and leading: Communication. The video of my presentation below describes each of the categories above in more detail.

My Edublog Awards Nominations for 2011


The Edublog Awards were started about 7 years ago to counteract the trend of blocking social media in school districts and celebrate the educational power of these resources. This is all in addition to her dedication to interpersonal engagement on Twitter.

Small Changes, Huge Results

A Principal's Reflections

I was also adamant that social media had no place in an educational setting, but most of you who read this blog know about my radical change of mind in regards to this. technology, including social media. This small change evolved into my present philosophy on how schools can, and should, use social media. With Twitter I have been able to give my stakeholders a glimpse into my role as an educational leader.

My Edublog Nomiations 2011

The Daring Librarian

Best twitter hashtag - #tlchat, This is the hashtag that I always check to keep a pulse on library trends and news. Best School Administrator blog: Eric Sheninger – A Principal’s Reflections Eric Sheninger is an inspiring administrator he''s a super advocate for social media in schools.


Learning with 'e's

Even our own Vice Chancellor Professor Wendy Purcell (@WMPUPVC) this morning remarked on how productive our student body has become on social media platforms over the past few months. Here at Plymouth we are taking social media seriously, and are encouraging innovative uses.

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Fire and brimstone

Learning with 'e's

In my presentation, entitled The Good, the Blog and the Wiki, I tried to paint some broad brushstrokes on how students (and their teachers) are creating and sharing content that supports their learning, both socially and academically, through a range of social media.

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It's Raining! Why Texas Should Use the Rainy Day Fund


The Constitution requires a three-fifths vote of the members present to spend the Rainy Day Fund to prevent a deficit in a current budget or to offset a decline in available revenue for a future budget. I am home today with a sick pet.

The future is not here yet

Learning with 'e's

The biggest surprise for me so far has been social media: it is the biggest thing in the last ten years to hit the world of learning technology. You already mentioned social media as one of the most important technologies that have changed learning.

Making Complex Ideas Simple

The Web20Classroom

Commoncraft (run by the most awesome Lee and Sachi LeFever) takes these complex subjects and presents them "In Plain English." The social media section is full of great examples of things like what is social media? Or this one on how Twitter works: Or maybe you know someone who needs to be enlightened on how Wikipedia works: There is also a great section on basic technologies like computer hardware, what the world wide web is, or how cloud computing works.

10 Tools for Increasing Engagement in Online Courses

Nik Peachey

though, brought a whole bunch of new tools that course designers could take advantage of to make content more social, interactive and engaging. You can easily pull in comments from Facebook, Twitter or Google searches as well as a range of other social media sources.

21st Principal’s Big List of Must-Have Administrator Tech Knowledge

The 21st Century Principal

Use and understand social media platforms: Instead of giving in to fear and trying to find ways to limit access and use of social media platforms by educators, 21st century administrators need to be engaged heavily in the use of these platforms to both promote their educational organizations and to communicate with stakeholders. To really be able to take advantage of the cyber-media, administrators need to be able to understand its intricacies and quirks.

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Just a minute

Learning with 'e's

Be warned though that all web statistics, particularly those related to social media, go quickly out of date because what we are talking about here is exponential. wikipedia Quality Assurance user generated content Twitter porn FaceBook Justin Bieber

21st Principal's Top 10 Web Tools for Administrators

The 21st Century Principal

link] Twitter : I been using Twitter the longest. I''ve had a Twitter account since 2008. One way I use Twitter is through a school Twitter account to make announcements. Another way I use Twitter is through my personal-professional Twitter account to share resources with my larger PLN and to engage in the international conversation about education. link] Diigo : This social bookmarking tool serves as one of my two resource collection tools.

Back to School Special:7 Web Savvy Starts to a New Year!

The Daring Librarian

Last year around this time I blogged about using Google forms to create community conversations and decorating your library media center & classroom. Featuring how Google tools (forms, docs, & presentation, and more!) It''s back to school time again!

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My Administrator’s Complete iPad Apps List

The 21st Century Principal

While I really don’t find working on word-processing or creating a presentation on an iPad convenient, this application does give me the ability to do that. This app allows me to show those presentations without using a laptop. and Social Media Apps BlogPress: BlogPress is an app that allows users to compose blogposts and post them directly from the iPad. It also allows me to share what I find through Twitter, Facebook, or by email.

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In the same boat

Learning with 'e's

It is comforting and reassuring - but also somewhat disconcerting - to attend an international event on education, and discover that whatever problems you experience in your own system are also present in just about every other education system in the world.

Survey Says! ISTE11 Philly is the Place to Be!

The Daring Librarian

Besides being super busy with with ISTE Board service, meetings, poster sessions, Blogger cafe hanging, and playgrounds - I''ll be presenting twice on two exciting (but very different!) Gwyneth Jones : Viva La Social Media Revolución! on the Twitters!

21stprincipal to Be at NCTIES Conference 2012

The 21st Century Principal

I have presented during the concurrent sessions just about every year I have attended, and this year I am scheduled for two concurrent sessions. Focus will be on using Twitter, Google+, Blogging, and other social media to become connected and engaged leaders not just locally but globally. Every year for the past four or five years I have attended the North Carolina Technology in Education Society (NCTIES) Annual Conference.

May 10 - A Second Panel Discussion on Passion-based Education

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Date : Tuesday, May 10th, 2011 Time : 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern / 12am GMT (next day-- international times here ) Duration : 1 hour Location : In Elluminate. An active blogger and social media evangelist, she’s deeply committed to helping learners understand the transformational power of technology. You can follow her on Twitter @InnovativeEdu. Amy has presented on numerous literacy and school improvement topics at regional and international conferences.

To #AASL11 Minneapolis and Back: Report to Faculty

mauilibrarian2 in Olinda

These bubble to the top: We''re doing the right thing: Those self-reflections that we ask of our students in papers, presentations, and blogs? Thanks for asking about my trip to Minneapolis. Yes, it was FABULOUS!

Gadget-A-Go-Go! or How Flickr Slapped My Smugmug!

The Daring Librarian

There are SO many lovely, wonderful, social media connected features of Flickr that it''s hard NOT to love it! Gadget A-Go-Go View more presentations from gwyneth jones What are your favourite Gadgets & Web 2.Oh! The orig Ollie the Twitter bird in Rotocast Vinyl for $19.99

Shine a Light on Advocacy - NOW!

The Daring Librarian

On our end, we’re going to do all we can via our social media channels, our newsletters (LJ/SLJ and The Horn Book), our blogs. Mobilize for help and hope: Petition Obama & Twitter bomb Senate!

2020 teachers

Learning with 'e's

Much of what I have written has been informed by crowdsourcing conversations with teachers on Twitter and other social media, as well as face to face. He envisaged an education provision that would be "less top down and more social."

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in the Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

10MT | #29 Steven Anderson talks technology trends From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Twitter handle: @web20classroom. From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Augmented reality and virtual reality.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month

Ask a Tech Teacher

Cyberbullying occurs on not just social media like Twitter, Facebook, and topical forums, but multiplayer games and school discussion boards. Examples include mean texts or emails, insulting snapchats, rumors posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing photos or videos.

No Relationship, No Learning

The Principal of Change

A few years ago, I attended a session at a conference, and I didn’t agree with what some of the presenter was saying. Twitter was a place, in my mind, not only to develop learning but to really challenge ideas. Someone with ten followers on Twitter, can have that same impact.

I am not an expert, I simply love what I do.


A new friend from Twitter ( @Dr.SpikeCook ) gave me a call this morning to discuss a few educational topics. He''s writing a series of posts on his blog about how social media supports education for different people. I hope this slide makes your presentation or even a blog post.

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9 Resources for National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Ask a Tech Teacher

Cyberbullying occurs on not just social media like Twitter, Facebook, and topical forums, but multiplayer games and school discussion boards. Examples include mean texts or emails, insulting snapchats, rumors posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing photos or videos.

9 Resources for National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Ask a Tech Teacher

Cyberbullying occurs on not just social media like Twitter, Facebook, and topical forums, but multiplayer games and school discussion boards. Examples include mean texts or emails, insulting snapchats, rumors posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing photos or videos.

Rethinking Balance

The Principal of Change

” I started focusing more on my health, spent less time on social media, cut out as much negativity as possible and concentrate on people that would lift me up. I Did more to be present when I was home. “Balance is stupid.”