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How to Choose a Presentation Display for Your Meeting Spaces

ViewSonic Education

Choosing the best presentation display for your business’s meeting spaces can be overwhelming. This is why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to all types of presentation displays commonly used for meeting spaces in business settings. Usage Wireless presentation displays are wireless all-in-one presentation displays.

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8 Digital tools for engaging classroom presentations


Integrating presentations in teaching is an accessible way to bring technology to the classroom and make the best digital tools available. Teachers and students can use presentations to support learning and develop creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. Digital tools for engaging classroom presentations.

Classroom 410

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Speed Presentations: Help Students Improve Presentation Skills Rapidly

The CoolCatTeacher

Rob Donatelli on episode 543 From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Presentation skills are an essential skill for students to master. Robert Donatelli has a solution: speed presentations. Learn how to use this technique to help students improve their presentation skills.

Classroom 240
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Panel Presentations: Connect Students with a Real Audience

Catlin Tucker

I realize presenting for an actual audience is a daunting task, but it is also a crucial life skill. At the end of our design thinking project this semester, students had to present both their process and prototype to a live audience. It was interesting to see them prepare for this presentation. They were nervous. Rightly so.

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LIVE DEMO: Using PowerPoint to Create Compelling Presentations for Virtual Training

Speaker: Richard Goring, Director at BrightCarbon

Powerpoint has excellent features that, with a bit of creativity, can help you improve your presentations and keep your people engaged without going over budget. Compelling content is paramount, but trying to do so with the same tools you've always used is complicated, right?

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ISTELive 23 Presentation


Jeff and Dean from VIZOR are also presenting “5 Strategies and Tips to Overcome Chromebook 1:1 Challenges” at ISTELive in Philly. The presentation will address common challenges schools and districts face when managing 1:1 devices and provide five easy-to-implement strategies and tips to overcome them.

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How to Teach Presentation Skills, New Technology and Research Using CES

The CoolCatTeacher

In the fall semester, students present about historical figures in computing. This unit teaches about new technology, some basic CS concepts, research skills, plagiarism, verification of sources, and presentation skills. You will be working to make a full presentation on this lesson for the class. Make a copy.)