Augmented Reality Lessons You Can Use Now

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Do you need safe, fun ways for students to connect and learn while keeping their distance in the classroom? Visit to learn more and start voting! From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

Using Games to Help Reluctant Readers and Writers (and More)

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Lee Graham on Episode 569 From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Dr. Lee Graham is working with teachers to teach them principles of game-based learning to teach writing. Her anecdotes of classroom behavior-changing results are – pardon the pun – game-changing. Learn more. Listen to Dr. Lee Graham talk about Game Based Learning Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher Stream by clicking here.


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Webinar: Teaching with Augmented Reality with #ARVRinEDU Classroom Enthusiasts

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Minecraft in the Classroom

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In today’s show, learn about Minecraft EDU and how it is being used to teach. It’s all about gaming. So there are different learning levels and different learning environments for all these students. But the one thing Minecraft is able to do, regardless of that learning level, is it’s able to bring them all together to work collaboratively and be engaged at the same time and work together at the same time. It was normal classroom versus gaming with Minecraft.

3DBear Review: The Augmented Reality Classroom Pro

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You can use it and learn. “I’ve seen kids get so immersed in their 3D Bear projects that they had no idea how much they were learning.” Learn more by clicking on the link below. So, for example, as you can see in the simple holiday theme below, students “decorated our room” in AR as they were learning the features and tools of 3D Bear.

How to Use Metaverse: Awesome Augmented Reality and New Features

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Using Metaverse, my students have created fun quiz games, trivia experiences, and even an AR tour of our school. We also learn beta testing , which is what happens when a person NOT on their team tests the app.) Just like when entering a video game for the first time, a user doesn’t always need all of the information at once. For example, when designing an app or game, error prevention is a basic part of making it usable.

Drones in the Classroom: Teaching Writing and Collaboration with Drones

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Learn how she does it, what standards she teaches, and technical issues of working with drones in the classroom. There were grades associated with it, and I have a whole safety thing and a checklist of things they had to learn and all. One of the things I learned was that I was working too hard the first couple of days of the unit. Santha Walters on episode 282 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

Literature Performance Odyssey with Drama and Student Leadership

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We have a very collaborative classroom, I let the students lead their learning as much as possible. So I took their idea and did some research and ran with it, and what we ended up doing is we parcelled the story out and the kids took charge of learning the chapters, and reciting and performing them for their classmates exactly the way that Homer would have two and a half thousand years ago. It improved my comprehension, I learned a lot out of my comfort zone.

Bringing Literature to Life in Open Sim

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Mary Howard’s students build and learn in Open Sim , a virtual world like Second Life. Then of course, the curriculum is gamified, so they have different levels of challenges that they have to engage in — which are knowledge based — in order to learn the curriculum, but also succeed in the virtual world. Vicki: And, it’s a learning process. Mary is also a specialist in engagement, and uses digital tools to engage students and ignite their learning.

Computational Thinking and Math for Elementary Grades

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Fun, exciting tools and techniques can help very young kids understand math and learn computational thinking. Sponsor: FREE MATH RESOURCE The US Matific Games are coming this February. Try Matific free now and sign up to join their Math games. This fun, gamified site is sponsoring Math games this February and students can compete to win prizes for themselves and your school. They quickly learn it that morning.

Merge Cube Mania in Middle School

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Legends of Learning has awesome free science games and activities to celebrate earth day on April 22. Check out their NGSS aligned Science games for grades 3-8. Some are interactive games. They also have interactive — more learning type games — called Mr. Body, where you see a human body, and as you tap on different parts of the body, the organs will open up, and there will be some information about it.

What’s Hot in 2nd-Grade with #2ndchat moderator Carol McLaughlin

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From Project based learning, global projects and steam to the biggest heartbreaks of second-grade teachers, Carol shares it all. Even if you don’t teach second grade, you’ll learn a lot. FutureFit aligns social emotional learning and character education with your traditional subjects of math, language arts, sciences and more for grades K-12. 2nd Grade Trend #1: Project Based Learning. Project Based Learning, what else?

8 Epic Edtech Tools to Try This School Year

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Listen to the show and learn how it is used and follow the links in the show notes below. Listen to the show and learn how it is used and follow the links in the show notes below. Richard Byrne on episode 532 From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Innovate and try some new apps. Today, Richard Byrne, author of Free Technology for Teachers, talks about eight edtech apps that you should try. (He

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Simple Steps to Teach Kids to Program

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How can we condense down what we need to learn in coding to such a short period of time? So the whole point of learning programming — it just sounds so daunting because people have to understand the logic as well as the syntax. Programming is daunting when you have to learn logic as well as syntax. Most programmers who are just starting out, or anyone who is just jumping in to learn programming — this could be any age, from a 6-year-old onward up to an adult.

Metaverse for Augmented Reality: Program and Breakout in Augmented Reality

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Also, I learned about Twitter, I did the same thing. Others made fun games and activities to teach about topics from pet care to comedy. Like a regular video game or program, it can ask you to input a name that it will call you throughout the experience. Students can follow different paths through the experience based on your responses. You could browse different objects based on the “experience” that you launched. Let’s augment our reality and learn!

8 maker tools to inspire next-gen innovation and design

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The “maker movement” can play an important role in getting kids interested in innovation and design, and littleBits —which makes easy-to-use electronic building blocks—is finding itself at the center of this movement. Bdeir said her experience in learning engineering as an undergraduate was “completely hands-off; as a result, many other students and I were turned off to it.” Every week was a new project, a new learning challenge.

Teacher: Know Thyself – School Culture Shift is About the People


Perhaps it is this feeling that drives champions to keep learning and growing toward mastery. An innovation champion must be tenacious, assertive, decisive and should instill passion and positive thinking in the innovation process.4 [ Game-Based Learning Yields Empathetic Understanding ] Adopters You can take a personality test, a learning style inventory, or even a which-character-are-you quiz, but I would argue the power of meaningful self-perception.

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The Learning Revolution Weekly Update August 26th, 2014 If a child can''t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn. Ignacio Estrada The Learning Revolution Project highlights our own "conference 2.0" virtual and physical events and those of our over 200 partners in the learning professions. To subscribe to this newsletter, please sign up at the Learning Revolution. Sign up to volunteer at Gaming in Ed!

The Stories We Were Told about Education Technology (2019)

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Typically this project has taken all of November and all of December to write, based on all the Friday "week-in-reviews" that I’d written over the course of the year. How soon ’til they’re back in the game with a new story, a new startup? Carnegie Mellon announced it would open source its digital learning software. Something about "learning engineers".