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Get learners to track and reflect on their progress at regular intervals, such as each progress report time, with student led conferences (SLC). Effective Technology Integration back to school back2school backtoschool digital portfolio digital portfolios elearning eportfolio“How you climb a mountain is more important than reaching the top.” – Yvon Chouinard.

Digital Badges: credentialing the things that make us fully human

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As a student with learning needs, he often received a report card that revealed all of the places that he was failing within his education. Reports and certificates show a very narrow view of what it means to be human. Two weeks ago, I attended the Digital Badge Summit in Denver, CO.

A Look at Blogging in the Classroom as we Start a new School Year


Blogs Seeing More Academic Use as ePortfolio Platform, and for Collaboration, Discussion, & Resource Sharing In 2013, reported that 74 percent of teachers agree that technology in the.

4 Powerful Ways to Implement Class Blogs – From Jennifer Carey


Blogs as ePortfolio. This makes them a great platform for students to build their own ePortfolio. As a group, they report their findings, measurements, and progress each step of the way. This post first appeared on Daily Genius.

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Rounding out the top is a post that gives teachers ideas on how to leave the report card behind and get going with ePortfolios. The post will share how to choose a platform, find resources to support your work, understand the product and process, know what makes ePortfolios powerful, and see the difference between ePortfolios and traditional grades. Haven’t been keeping up with The Innovative Educator? Don’t worry. That’s what this wrap up is for.

Is Your LMS Safe for Students to Use?

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Canvas features collaborative workspaces, course management, discussion forums, eportfolios, analytics and reporting, quizzes, video and audio messaging, calendars and much more. If you have a place in K-12 education, you’ve likely heard of the Canvas LMS (Learning Management System).

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Marketplace trend update: 5 new ed-tech developments

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For instance, a new report highlights the link between arts-based learning and STEM education; a new challenge asks participants to explore and report on local folklore traditions; tutoring gets a social treatment; and more.

Nampa School District 131 becomes first in Idaho to implement the itslearning LMS

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Designed specifically for the K-12 sector, itslearning is a cloud-based digital learning platform that gives teachers, students and parents access to as appropriate course materials, assignments, communities for collaboration, progress reports, and more. For teachers, itslearning automates routine tasks such as grading, reporting, and distributing and collecting assignments, giving them more time to focus on students.

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The Changing Role Of The Teacher In Personalized Learning Environment

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ePortfolios : Creating an electronic continuum of work that captures student performance on traditional types of assessments, as well as evidence of project-based learning, and the development of 21st century skills. The Changing Role Of The Teacher In Personalized Learning Environment.

Make Learning Transparent with Badges

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Let be honest: We all -- students, parents, and teachers -- know that grades and report card comments don’t tell the full story of a student's achievements and hard work.

Storms over liberal education: notes on the 2016 AAC&U conference

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I kicked things off with a survey of major technological developments in a very top level way, then dived into specific, currently used digital tools (the LMS, ePortfolios, video, robotics, big data, social media, 3d printing, etc.).

Testing and the future of education: Anya Kamenetz on Future Trends Forum #6

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This example surfaces new questions about student data and privacy, such as: are administrators mandatory reporters? One example: eportfolios dropped in one case because doing them decently was seen as too onerous.

6 Ways Technology Can Reinvent Parent-Teacher Conferences


Conferences are not for reporting test scores. Create ePortfolios. We’re about a third of the way into the school year and we know what that means: The dread of parent teacher conferences! Well, okay, not dread. But conferences would not make it on my Top Ten Reasons I Like to Teach list. the traditional parent teacher conference as it once was is both redundant and outdated. Too often we find ourselves repeating the same old feedback: “This is the grade.

Make Learning Transparent with Badges

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Let be honest: We all -- students, parents, and teachers -- know that grades and report card comments don’t tell the full story of a student's achievements and hard work.

Who’s Playing Matchmaker Between Students and Employers?


Depending on who you ask, recent reports suggest that somewhere between 50 to 80 percent of recent college graduates are unemployed and looking for work. Competency Identification—new entrants that surface competencies via microcredentials, ePortfolios and competency-based assessments. According to Accenture , About half of graduates who are lucky—or dogged—enough to find work are “underemployed,” working in jobs that don’t require a college degree.

Week of May 8, 2011 - Live, Interactive, and Free Webinars in Elluminate

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link] EPORTFOLIOS IN MAY: EPORTFOLIOS IN THE PROFESSIONS ( Australia Series ) Mon 9 May 08:30PM New York / Tue 10 May 12:30AM GMT / Tue 10 May 10:30AM Sydney Coach Carole. link] CSOV STUDENT REPORT ( Host Your Own Webinar Series ) Tue 10 May 09:30AM New York / Tue 10 May 01:30PM GMT / Tue 10 May 11:30PM Sydney Molly Williams. Join this webinar for a CSOV Student Report/Broadcast of Camp News. Join this webinar for a CSOV Student Report/Broadcast of Camp News.

Top 100 Sites/Apps of 2014

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Best of all this game differentiates instruction and educators can track student''s progress as well as generate detailed reports. WeLearnedIt - An excellent free iPad for the mobile classroom, ePortfolios, and Project Based Learning.

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OZeLive Starts Today - "Ed Tech Down Under"

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

D Transforming Education In Totality - Stephen Elekwachi(Re-Inventing And Transforming Education In Totality) 7:00pm Improve Reporting Tools to Triple Educators’ Data Analysis Accuracy - Jenny Grant Rankin, Ph.D. If you''re in the Americas, the inaugural (and free) OZeLive virtual conference starts today, Friday, at 4pm Eastern. If you''re in Australia, New Zealand, or the South Pacific, the conference starts tomorrow, Saturday, at 8am Australia Eastern Time.

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