Access State-Reviewed Instructional Materials with SETDA’s Dashboard

Now education decision makers across America can see detailed reviews compiled in multiple states, to facilitate the evaluation and purchase of print and digital materials for students and teachers. Christine’s background includes experience in education and consulting.

For two states, the digital transition requires an overhaul of the process

Refocusing classrooms around up-and-coming digital materials requires more than just adding a new tech-based product or two as many processes for reviewing and purchasing instructional materials are still built around print textbooks.

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An Obstacle to the Ubiquitous Adoption of OER in US Higher Education

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I now have no doubt that the overwhelming majority of general education courses and some specific degree programs will transition entirely to OER in US higher ed. see this article on the $400 textbook ) for open educational resources (OER).

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The Business of Education Technology

Hack Education

In fairness, startups weren’t the only education companies experiencing this sort of upheaval this year: Amplify, News Corps’ education division, continued to sell off various parts of its failed business. DeVry Education Group got a new CEO." You can find stock market data about publicly-traded education companies at I maintain a dataset of all education technology investments and all education technology investors.

Turn the Page: Looking Beyond the Textbook for Culturally-Responsive Curriculum


Recently, Education Week published an article describing culturally-questionable activities and language found in Studies Weekly , a social studies curriculum used by more than 13,000 schools across the country. To do this, educational companies need to rise to several key challenges.

Is your classroom ready for BYOD?


In some educational systems where bringing devices to schools is a school offence, there has to be a change. Blended classes greatly benefit from BYOD scenarios because most of the class instructional materials are on the cloud and all students need to do is to sync them on their devices.

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If We Talked About the Internet Like We Talk About OER: The Cost Trap and Inclusive Access

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These are purchasing programs in which “institutions are signing up whole classes of students to automatically receive digital course materials at a discounted rate, rather than purchasing individually.” Errors in materials cannot be corrected in a timely manner.

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Why the United States Poses No Competition to Singapore in International Education Race

The 21st Century Principal

The country’s prime minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, states in the article that while his country performed reasonably well on the latest PISA assessments, they must keep up the efforts of continual educational improvement. Perhaps we’re too busy chasing educational fads and fashions and magical silver bullets to pose much of a threat to Singapore or any of those other countries at the top of the PISA list. What do our education reformers want to do?

Illustrative Mathematics Introduces IM Certification Program to Meet Demand for High-Quality, Job-Embedded Professional Development for Teachers


Our IM Certification program is held to the same high standards as our curriculum, and it reflects the latest research on best practices for supporting professional learning for mathematics educators.”

OER: Some Questions and Answers

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Absent any effectiveness data, for decades faculty who were evaluating educational resources had no choice but to settle for characteristics of resources that reasonable people might believe correlate positively with effectiveness. material curation and upkeep).

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South Carolina adopts science video service

eSchool News

The South Carolina State Board of Education approved the adoption with Carolina Biological. ” Developed in partnership with Twig World, a London based education content developer, Tigtag and Twig represent award winning educational resources used by science teachers throughout the world.

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A little help from our academic friends: Five fine portals for instructional fodder


How about a few fresh strategies for energizing your information literacy instruction and preparing your secondary learners for their academic experience? A recent instructional example is Sara Davidson Squibb’s Where Should I Search?

Data Interoperability: Beyond Accountability and Reporting

This new role for educators is a direct outcome of the data-driven classroom and the quest for accountability. Key characteristics include real-time updates, quality data in and out, educator and school control of the data, and flexibility in reporting. Teacher. Classroom facilitator.

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TEA Update: New Options with Digital Content in Texas


Notes from a TCEA 2011 Concurrent Session John Lopez Texas Education Agency All TEA Power Points from TCEA will be uploaded to TCEA Project Share group for this conference. Format of digital materials being submitted is all over the map. Will be effective September 1 - Appropriation is end of May so the timeline will be very compressed for getting materials to classrooms in the Fall. digital content tcea tcea 2011 teacher education