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What You Should Know About Being A Black Male Educator

Digital Promise

According to a 2016 report by the U.S. Department of Education, only two percent of teachers are African American men, yet African American students make up at least 16 percent of the country’s student population.

30 apps that work with Google Classroom

Ditch That Textbook

Assignments in Google Classroom are better with apps! Use these apps that work with Google Classroom to level up your activities. Google Classroom looks kind of bare at first glance. A stream. Assignments. Grades. It might make you want to say, "Where's the flash?

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What You Might Have Missed in November

Ask a Tech Teacher

Here are the most-read posts for the month of November: How to Put Kindness in Your Classes. National STEM/STEAM Day Nov. Four Stages of Keyboarding Growth. 16 Sites, 3 Apps, 7 Projects for Thanksgiving. Should Coding be a Part of the Modern School’s Curriculum?

Hour of Code Plugged and Unplugged Activities and Resources

Teacher Reboot Camp

Part of the December 2020 STEM Resources Digital Calendar ! December 7 to 13th is the annual Hour of Code event. Coding is such an important skill that enables students to learn writing and math along with any other subject matter.

SplashLearn Makes Learning Fun and Creates Fearless Learners

Loved by more than 30 million kids, SplashLearn is a game-based learning program that creates engaging learning experiences to nurture a generation of fearless learners. SplashLearn is the fastest growing elementary school math program in the US, used by more than 440,000 teachers in about 77,000 schools across the United States.

Returning to Distance Learning: What's Different This Time?

Education Elements

Teachers Virtual Learning School Leadership

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Creating a Classroom Routine for Online or Hybrid Learning Students


One of the most effective ways to supercharge your students’ ability to learn, connect, and grow, all while managing your own workload, is to establish a routine in your classroom. But many classrooms look different this year.

Using Data in Schools to Learn Fast

Education Elements

As a new mom, I cared deeply about two things: my baby’s well-being and my sleep. I could go without showering or hot meals, but I was NOT well equipped to deal with the lack of sleep. And I was fairly lucky - my son slept about as normally as you can expect a newborn to sleep.

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ISTE20 Live: How to Change the Conversation About Screen Time and Ed Tech

EdTech Magazine

Are digital devices an asset to student success or a distraction from the course material? The answer often boils down to one crucial factor - perspective, said Douglas Konopelko, an education strategist at CDW.

30 apps that work with Google Classroom

Ditch That Textbook

Assignments in Google Classroom are better with apps! Use these apps that work with Google Classroom to level up your activities. Google Classroom looks kind of bare at first glance. A stream. Assignments. Grades. It might make you want to say, "Where's the flash?

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5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

The crucial ingredient to cultivating students’ connections? Meaningful metrics

The Christensen Institute

“It took a pandemic to get schools to think differently,” Superintendent Scott Muri of Ector County ISD acknowledged in an interview this fall. “We We have an opportunity to redesign schools and accelerate improvements that should’ve happened over the last century.”

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7 free tools for deeper online learning

eSchool News

Spring’s shift to online learning was sudden and unexpected, and despite pockets of schools that have resumed in-person learning or moved to hybrid learning, most schools are still fully online.

How Choice Boards Energize Teachers for Professional Development and Video Reflection


Part of the fun of dining at a restaurant is choosing your food. It’s possible to create this type of experience within the professional development realm, too.

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Using teacher community to support STEAM education

eSchool News

After the abrupt school closures in March, teachers have been on a constant back and forth outlining what online learning, in-person lessons, and hybrid approaches will look like moving forward.

Develop A Feature-Rich App for Any Virtual Classroom

Building an e-learning platform? Download the solution brief to learn how you can create a customized, feature-rich, interactive classroom for an enhanced learning experience.

OPINION: To the rescue — The schools we need now are community schools

The Hechinger Report

When America’s schools shut down in mid-March as a result of Covid-19 and transitioned to some form of remote learning, the nation’s community schools responded rapidly.

Find Out Students’ Needs in the Private Comments

Teacher Tech

We do everything possible to fill up the tanks of our students, I wish that every eye who sees this post will also be fueled up with support, as well. You are important and what you do matters every day. Thank YOU for ALL you do.

#ConnectedInk Presentation – Collaborative, Connected, & Paperless Learning, @Wacom x @PearDeck


Wacom Connected Ink just wrapped up, and it was an awesome event. Not only did I have a chance to attend, but I also had a speaking spot! Connected Ink was a hybrid event; while it took place on stage in Tokyo, much of it was broadcast from people’s homes (which is what I did).

Maximize Your Students’ Remote Learning by Kick-Starting Their Digital Literacy


"Digital skills are vital for students today because this is what their jobs will look like in the future," says veteran middle school teacher Kay Vanzant-Bradney of Nelson Academy in Long Beach, California.

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8 Reasons to Invest in a New Student Information System

If your school’s SIS has limited functions, only works on campus or breaks down more than you would like, it might time to invest in a new one.

4 Practical Ways Google Docs Can Help You in Your Online Teaching

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

The far-reaching effects of the current pandemic are strongly felt in the sector of education. To say the least, education is undergoing a historical transformation as manifested in the more

PRE-ORDER and SAVE $20: The Blended Learning with Google Workshop

Shake Up Learning

The post PRE-ORDER and SAVE $20: The Blended Learning with Google Workshop appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Ready for blended learning in a post COVID world? Say goodbye to boring lectures, sit and get, and the same old, tired projects.

A Simple Easy Tool to Help Students Create Flip Books

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

In today's post, we want to bring to your attention this excellent free tool from Read Write Think that students can use to create flip books. Flip Book tool provides students with the tools more

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Learning from Home with Buncee


Recently, there’s been a major uptick in the number of families who choose to educate their children at home.

7 Benefits of Lesson Plans in the Cloud

What if teachers didn’t have to lug tons of paperwork with them to and from work? Having lesson plans available anywhere is just one of the advantages.

The Best Lego Christmas Sets For Holiday Cheer in 2020

Fractus Learning

This holiday season, get your little elves building with a Lego Christmas set! They are always ranked among the best lego sets , year after year. Eternally popular, Lego sets are a welcome addition to any Christmas list—but they’re also highly educational.

December’s Top New Books for Educators

Where Learning Clicks

It’s our favorite time of year, time to curl up with a blanket and books to stay warm! Check out our picks for December’s top new books for educators. The post December’s Top New Books for Educators appeared first on Where Learning Clicks.

Teach Your Students to ‘Explode’ Complex Text


Literacy specialist Sunday Cummins shares her “explode to explain” technique, using a Newsela story about shark-spotting aerial drones along the beaches of Australia. It’s one more tool to help students develop a skill set for understanding and retaining informational text. Articles Nonfiction complex sentences explode to explain informational text literacy Newsela nonfiction Sunday Cummins

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Stop Macs from falling asleep during presentations with Jamf

Jamf on EdTech

Help your users have successful presentations with a Self Service policy which temporarily extends screensaver password timeouts, computer sleep options and automatic policy executions, then automatically restores approved security settings after a configurable duration: Presentation Mode.

Why Families Leave Schools

Do you know three of the biggest reasons families leave schools? Here they are – and what you can do about it.