Thu.Mar 16, 2023

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One Idea to Keep Teachers From Quitting — End the Teacher Time Crunch


When a Texas task force set out to draft a plan for attracting and keeping more teachers in the state’s schools, it ran into its first problem before work ever began.

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Does Flipped Classroom Work? Check out this Article

Ask a Tech Teacher

I’ve used flipped classrooms in my Middle School classes. After the initial excitment that somthing changed, it fell into a routine with not much better results than any other teaching method. But not worse, either.


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ChatGPT can generate, but can it create?

eSchool News

While artificial intelligence (AI) has been a relatively silent partner in higher education’s early warning systems, personalized learning platforms, and more for some time now, we might fairly say that ChatGPT is the big boom heard ‘round the university.

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15 Great Science Experiments for Kids

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

As teachers and parents, we all know that kids learn best when they are engaged and motivated. Hands-on activities are one of the best ways to get kids excited about learning.

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LIVE DEMO: Using PowerPoint to Create Compelling Presentations for Virtual Training

Speaker: Richard Goring, Director at BrightCarbon

In this webinar you will get a live demo on how to create unique, dynamic, and engaging powerpoints.

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3 tips for confusion-free inclement weather communications

eSchool News

Even if the old spoon under the pillow trick hasn’t worked for the students in your district yet, it doesn’t mean it won’t be your turn next! No matter how well prepared you are, weather cancellations can be cause for confusion.

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Research-Backed Practices to Impact Students' Academic and Social-Emotional Growth


Educators shared research-backed strategies for promoting student learning based upon cognitive science

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SEL: Empower Teachers to Support Students


Social-Emotional Learning Starts with Us by DeFazio and Roeser offers SEL stories from educators, experts, and students, along with grade-level activities. The authors not only share their knowledge and expertise, writes consultant Anne Anderson, they share their hearts.

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263: An Invitation, Opportunity, and a Thank You!

The Thinking Stick

This short and sweet episode asks for YOUR feedback. It has now been a few weeks since we launched our learning opportunities for generative AI tools like ChatGPT.

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Four rules for hybrid meetings

Robert Talbert, Ph.D.

Last week, I posted this article with thoughts for organizing and running effective meetings.

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