Tue.May 23, 2023

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Navigating AI bias in the classroom: Tips and experiences

Ditch That Textbook

Something was amiss. Middle school librarian Jean Darnell was disappointed. She wasn't surprised, but she was disappointed. Everyone had been buzzing about ChatGPT, the new artificial intelligence assistant by Open AI. Darnell likes to keep her students on the cutting edge, trying new technology in her classes. It also happened to be February, Black History Month.

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Fact or Fallacy: Don’t Fall for These Common Myths About MFA in K–12

EdTech Magazine

Cybercriminals are becoming relentless in their efforts to gain access to critical school networks that hold confidential student and staff data. According to the K12 Security Information eXchange, over the past six years, there have been 1,619 cyber incidents in K–12 schools in the U.S. That’s more than one cybersecurity event every school day. How can we reduce these attacks?

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Will AI Chatbots Boost Efforts to Make Scholarly Articles Free?


When it comes to getting access to the latest scholarly articles, there’s a stark digital divide. Students and professors affiliated with most colleges have unlimited access to large collections of scholarship such as JSTOR and HeinOnline, because their institutions subscribe to site licenses. To everyone else, though, those and many other scholarly publications are locked, or can only be read by paying hefty per-article fees.

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How to make secure K-12 digital transformation a reality

eSchool News

Key points: More students and educators are connecting personal devices to school networks This makes network security–an already underfunded area–even more critical The pandemic was a massive shift for school districts across the country, and even as we move out of it, we’re still feeling the impact. On the technical side, it prompted quick transformation to enable virtual schooling–and these changes were made as districts were already challenged by legacy technology, reduced

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Can Brain Science Actually Help Make Your Training & Teaching Stick?

Speaker: Andrew Cohen, Founder & CEO of Brainscape

The instructor’s PPT slides are brilliant. You’ve splurged on the expensive interactive courseware. Student engagement is stellar. So… why are half of your students still forgetting everything they learned in just a matter of weeks? It's likely a matter of cognitive science! With so much material to "teach" these days, we often forget to incorporate key proven principles into our curricula — namely active recall, metacognition, spaced repetition, and interleaving practice.

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American Consortium for Equity in Education

SUMMER PROGRAMS FOR STUDENTS WHO LEARN DIFFERENTLY…SOME GREAT OPPORTUNITIES FROM LANDMARK COLLEGE with Landmark’s Senior Director of Inter-session and and online Programs Caroll Pare and Landmark alumnus, Elizabeth Russell whose son , now going to Dickinson, was in the program The post SUMMER PROGRAMS FOR STUDENTS WHO LEARN DIFFERENTLY appeared first on Equity in Education.

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5 strategies for first-year special education teachers

eSchool News

Key points: Communication is key for all those involved in special education Don’t forget to think creatively and look at the big picture when framing students’ goals If you’re heading into your first job as a special education teacher, congratulations. Not only will you be able to use the knowledge you developed as a student to make a difference in children’s lives, you’ll be doing it in the most needed position in U.S. schools.

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AI for Teacher PD? It’s Happening in Spokane (EdWeek)


Providing all teachers across a district with coaching and feedback can be difficult, due to instructional coaches’ limited capacity. Spokane Public Schools decided to try AI for teacher PD and were recently featured by Education Week for their successful pilot. The Ed Week article put a spotlight on the 29,000-student district’s Title I and special programs coordinator, Nick Lundberg.

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Fostering Fairness with Equitable Grading

Teacher Tech with Alice Keeler

Fostering Fairness with Equitable Grading doesn't have to start with a huge shift. Here are 12 small steps to get you started with equitable grading The post Fostering Fairness with Equitable Grading appeared first on Teacher Tech.

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Most families have given up virtual school, but what about students who are still thriving online?

The Hechinger Report

RIO RANCHO, N.M. — When Ashley Daniels saw her second grade son earn a high score on a recent test, she knew he had just guessed the answers and gotten lucky. Daniels called his teacher and said he might need some extra support, despite his good performance on the test. It wasn’t just a mother’s intuition. Daniels watched her son take the test from their dining room table.

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7 New Metaverse & VR Education Tools to Watch


Some new metaverse for education and VR tools that have recently caught the eye of award-winning educator Phil Hintz

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Reimagining Chickering & Gamsons Principles Post-Pandemic: Technologys Central Role in Modern Edu

This white paper examines and proposes revisions to the "Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education" introduced by Arthur Chickering and Zelda Gamson in 1987 for today's technology-driven world.

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How success coaches anticipate and tackle college students’ challenges

The Hechinger Report

DALLAS — Daisy Donjuan’s family never saw the value in college. After graduating from high school, she did what was expected of her — dropped education, worked and pitched in at home as her parents did. This story also appeared in The Associated Press and The Dallas Morning News So when she enrolled in Dallas College after a five-year break in school, she was left to navigate a dizzying array of options and decisions solo as she sought to train for a job outside of retail management.

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Dexter Community Schools in Michigan Uses Rise Vision to Encourage Student Creativity and Increase Student Engagement

eSchool News

Dexter, Michigan — Dexter Community School, a mid-size school district located in Dexter, Michigan, has implemented Rise Vision’s digital signage solution to encourage student expression and creativity. Rise Vision, the #1 digital signage solution for K12 schools, has helped schools across the country enhance communication and foster a positive school culture.

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EdWeek Market Brief’s Coverage Honored by Business Journalism Association

Marketplace K-12

EdWeek Market Brief was recognized by the American Society of Business Publication Editors for its data-based journalism and coverage of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The post EdWeek Market Brief’s Coverage Honored by Business Journalism Association appeared first on Market Brief.

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Google AI chatbot Bard generated to 45% of plagiarism: PlagiarismCheck’s research


If you try to use Google’s AI chatbot, Bard, to write content, be careful, PlagiarismCheck detected plagiarism in its texts. Recently, Google presented new tools for its Bard. Our experts decided to conduct a study of Bard’s texts for plagiarism and discovered a significant concern – from 5% to 45% of plagiarism. We analyzed about 35 texts generated for the following prompts.

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Behind the Bell: The Underlying Impact of Tardiness in K-12 Schools

Managing a K-12 campus with constant pressure to meet performance metrics is challenging. And tardiness can significantly limit a school from reaching these goals. Learn more about why chronic lateness matters, and key strategies to address the following impacts: Data errors caused by manual processes Low attendance and graduation rates that affect a school’s reputation Classroom disruption, which leads to poor academic performance High staff attrition and “The Teacher Exodus” Unmet LCAP goals t

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Top 10 Coaching Tools & Techniques to Use with Clients

Sell Courses Online

Creating lasting change for your coaching clients requires that you know them and help them know themselves.

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Putting Guidance to Work: Lessons from the Massachusetts Edtech Peer Learning Cohort

Digital Promise

This 3-part blog series , featuring guest authors from The Learning Accelerator and MA DESE OET , highlights the importance of centering equity in edtech selection. In this third post, the author describes lessons learned while leading a cohort of diverse schools and districts through a process of strengthening their edtech systems. The past several years have seen a rapid rise in the use of edtech in classrooms, accelerated by the pandemic and the sudden shift to remote learning.

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5 Surprising Ways Homeschoolers Use Canva for Learning and Fun

Ask a Tech Teacher

5 Surprising Ways Homeschoolers Can Use Canva for Learning and Fun Explore how your homeschoolers can use Canva to enhance their learning, graphic design, and tech skills to level up their assignments. We’ll cover tips and specific examples of how your children can create infographics, videos, websites, posters, and more using this useful tool for free at home.

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Digital Creativity with Adobe Express


By ETT Instructor Shawn O’Neill After spending 24 years in the elementary classroom, and now working with higher ed students to help prepare them for classrooms of their own, I often get asked questions about how to create a classroom that makes all learners feel safe, confident and engaged. Recently I was asked the question, “What helps to create a positive, equitable learning environment”, and the first thing that came to my mind was allowing our students, no matter the age or grade leve

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Enhancing HyFlex Education through the PowerTeaching Framework

This whitepaper explores integrating the PowerTeaching pedagogical approach within a HyFlex (Hybrid Flexible) educational model, focusing on employing cooperative learning strategies and efficient classroom management techniques.

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Empowering K-12 Teachers with Code.org's Computer Science Discoveries and Computer Science Principles Programs


by MindSpark Learning In today's technology-driven world, computer science education is a crucial skill set for students, regardless of their desired field or career path. Code.org, a recognized leader in computer science education, offers two comprehensive programs, Computer Science Discoveries and Computer Science Principles, designed to equip K-12 teachers with the necessary resources and tools to foster creativity, problem-solving skills, and a deep understanding of computer science concepts

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High School Tardy Policies and Progressive Discipline


Tardiness is a significant issue at nearly every middle and high school we work with. Tardiness disrupts the classroom, impacts academic performance, and creates negative habits that may persist into adulthood. It’s gotten to the point where many administrators feel it is an insurmountable obstacle. But at Minga, we’ve been working on systems and processes that can help to significantly improve student behavior.

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In School, Girls Rule. Where Does That Leave Boys?


College began as a nearly all-male world, and that long trickled down through the education system. Then, 50 years ago, the U.S. government prohibited discrimination in education on the basis of sex. Now, women earn more than 57 percent of all bachelor’s degrees. It’s evidence that “in the space of just a few decades, girls and women have not just caught up with boys and men in the classroom — they have blown right past them.