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4 Digital learning trends for Higher Education


More will inevitably follow suit, but perhaps not to the same extent, instead opting to embrace hybrid learning environments, as investors turn their attention to edtech and express a particular interest in the link between HE and the workforce. Read more: 3 Ways in which edtech enables hybrid learning. Immersive technologies.

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5 essential digital learning reads

eSchool News

Key points: Digital learning is a key part of students’ school experiences As technology evolves, so, too, do students’ learning opportunities See related article: Is AI the future of education? But that’s only a risk if schools and teachers hold a low bar for what they expect of their students.


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How to Achieve Powerful Digital Learning

Digital Promise

From a recent survey of participating schools conducted by our partner Westat, we learned that for schools already providing one-to-one devices for students and teachers, having prior experience integrating technology for powerful learning made the transition to remote learning smoother. Bridging the Digital Learning Gap.

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The benefits of using a web filter for digital learning


Amy Traynor, the Educational Technology Specialist at the Briarwood School, explained that teachers may come across other websites that are distracting. Jean O’Brien, the Technology Integration Specialist at Tarrytown Schools in New York said that their school district tried two web filters before Hāpara Filter. Want to learn more?

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6 eLearning Trends in Custom eLearning Solutions

It isn’t possible to talk about trends in digital learning without talking about the “digital” part first. The most forward-looking articles make the case for hologram technology that will soon be available. There is no doubt that the technology available at affordable prices will be fascinating in the next 5-10 years.

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How To Sustain Powerful Digital Learning for the Future

Digital Promise

Despite its challenges, remote learning is here to stay. The Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools has implemented and advocated for equitable access to technologies to close the digital learning gap since its inception in 2011. Budget & Funding Opportunities. Policy, Support, & Logistics.

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Technology Quality Affects Online Learning

EdTech Magazine

While previous reports found that remote learning resulted in learning disruptions in K–12, it turns out that the quality of technology students have access to plays a significant role in online learning outcomes.