Coursera Couple Returns to Higher Ed With $14.5M to Recreate In-Person Learning, Online


Parent builds edtech. Avida is the husband of Coursera co-founder Daphne Koller, and one of the first board members of the company that helped put the spotlight on massive online open courses, or MOOCs. The couple is no longer with Coursera, which is now valued at $2.5

MOOC Pioneer Coursera Tries a New Push: Selling Courseware to Colleges


Coursera started with a mission to give the general public free access to courses from expensive colleges. But in a new effort announced Thursday, called Coursera for Campus, the company will begin selling access to its complete library of courseware to any college to use, at around $400 per student. Coursera has offered a similar arrangement for about three years to corporate partners that wanted to let their employees take its online courses as a professional development benefit.


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Andrew Ng, Co-Founder of Coursera, Returns to MOOC Teaching With New AI Course


That experience spurred him to co-found Coursera. Apparently one of those projects is his new online course sequence, which is being offered through Coursera. Coursera may be looking for a blockbuster these days. It’s an argument he’s been making on the lecture circuit lately, including at a keynote he gave in May at the ASU+GSV Summit on edtech innovation. Andrew Ng taught one of the most-viewed online courses of all time—more than 1.5

The Post-Pandemic Outlook for Edtech


Soon, schools would be inundated with sales pitches from edtech companies, and it didn’t take long before they started pushing back against those that seemed predatory. For the edtech industry, the pandemic poses a paradox. It’s going to be a hard few months, or even years, for edtech companies to build new relationships and sign deals with new clients, experts predict. Yet this reality seems not to have dampened investor enthusiasm for private edtech companies.

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Crises and Capital: The Top Edtech Business Stories of 2020


Here is a recap of the biggest and most popular edtech business stories of 2020. It may not be the only publicly traded edtech company to be taken private. Dozens of Venture-Backed Startups Among Edtech Recipients of PPP Loans. Coursera Couple Returns to Higher Ed With $14.5M

A Record Year Amid a Pandemic: US Edtech Raises $2.2 Billion in 2020


billion in venture and private equity capital across 130 deals, according to the EdSurge edtech funding database. edtech industry. Edtech investing exploded in 2020. In the big picture, the surge of capital in the edtech industry is not an anomaly.

US Edtech Raises $803M in First Half of 2020 As COVID-19 Forces Learning Online


With COVID-19 jeopardizing in-school learning, we expect the widespread adoption of edtech software to continue, and this is not a short-term trend,” says Jeff Lieberman, a managing director at Insight Partners, a private equity firm that has backed nearly two dozen education companies.

Course Hero Joins the Edtech Unicorn Stable


education technology companies have propelled Coursera , Duolingo and Guild Education to the unicorn stable. Another U.S. education technology company has reached the billion-dollar valuation mark, and with that comes bragging rights to being a “unicorn.” But its CEO winces when he hears the word. He really, really doesn’t want to talk about it. “I I am careful about that term being the focus,” says Andrew Grauer, who co-founded Course Hero in 2006.

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Year in Review: Our Top Edtech Business Stories of 2018


And we’re filing stories that capture the essence of the edtech industry in 2018. But the edtech industry has hit some bumps along the way, wrestling with collateral concerns from the public spotlight over data privacy and security. A Clever Way to Measure How Students Actually Use Edtech (and Whether It Works). Some of Coursera’s most popular courses aren’t taught by universities at all, but rather by its co-founder Andrew Ng, through his spin-off company,

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European Edtech Investor Brighteye Ventures Raises $54 Million for Second Fund


companies like Coursera are raising hundreds of millions at billion-dollar valuations. A less frothy but steadily growing edtech market is emerging in Europe, where investment check sizes often have fewer zeros. Source: Brighteye Ventures: “ The European EdTech Funding Report 2020.”

Edtech Industry Magnate Michael Moe Makes a Pivot


Together they have run the ASU GSV Summit , the annual must-go-to event for business leaders and investors in edtech. Coursera’s six years old and has 40 million students on its platform. It’s mind-blowing that 600,000 new students enroll on Coursera every month—which is larger than any university in the world. Education Technology Edtech Business Investors Movers and Shakers

US Edtech Funding Already Nears $1 Billion in First Half of 2019


Coursera, the Mountain View, Calif.-based edtech companies in the first half of 2019. The high tally for venture funding this year is not unique to the edtech industry. Coursera, Andela, Degreed, A Cloud Guru and Lambda School all offer courses tailored for people who want to pick up new professional skills (usually involving programming and computer science). edtech companies, but their counterparts overseas have also attracted plenty of venture capital.

EverFi Rocks the Edtech Industry With $190 Million Fundraise


Education Secretary Arne Duncan, and Coursera CEO Rick Levin. Education Technology Financing Edtech BusinessEverFi is a rare breed of education technology company that can boast a wide reach. It not only covers the K-12, higher education and corporate training markets, but its staff also work in some of the most remote corners of the country.

Looking to Grow in China? 3 Lessons for U.S. Edtech Companies


tech firms, including edtech players. China-based edtech companies raked in more than $1 billion in investment in 2015, or 37 percent of global funding for the year. At Coursera, we’ve seen registered users in China climb by more than 500 percent between 2013 and 2016, crossing the one million mark in 2015. edtech companies can expect to confront special regulatory and infrastructure challenges in China, in addition to having to adapt content and design.

8 teacher-loved edtech tools to try in 2017

eSchool News

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of apps and online edtech tools for that! To help you get a little bit more innovative in the coming academic year, here is a list of proven-effective edtech tools that may be highly useful in the classroom. Coursera. Coursera is known to work with both K-12 and higher education institutions and provide them with access to online courses. This edtech tool is another way to get information to prepare teaching materials.

From Mexico to China: Why the World is Interested in the United States Edtech Market


In the past, experts have made big projections for the global edtech market, with some groups estimating as much as $252 billion pouring into the market by 2020. The United States is expected to lead the charge, followed by countries in Asia and Europe, so it may come as no surprise that people interested in edtech are traveling from all over the world to learn from, sell to and acquire U.S. Education Technology Market Trends Edtech Business

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US Edtech Closes Decade with Record $1.7 Billion Raised in 2019


According to an EdSurge database of publicly announced funding deals, investment in edtech companies reached at least $1.66 edtech industry in 2019 is largely mirrored across the broader venture capital landscape. Those elite eight—Guild Education, BetterUp, Coursera, Andela, Degreed, MindTickle, EdCast and A Cloud Guru—accounted for 39 percent of edtech investing in 2019. Two trends have helped to define the U.S.

Ka’Ching! 2016 US Edtech Funding Totals $1 Billion


edtech companies, which altogether raised an estimated $1.03 edtech companies raised roughly 57 percent of what Snapchat did in its $1.8 edtech startups have increased every consecutive year. This year saw no mega-rounds for startups in the postsecondary sector—unlike 2015, which saw HotChalk, Udacity, Udemy, Coursera and Civitas Learning account for more than $520 million of funding. Education Technology Investors Edtech Business

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Fewer Deals, More Money: U.S. Edtech Funding Rebounds With $1.2 Billion in 2017


based edtech startups in 2017 saw a resurgence of investment capital. edtech investments in 2011. edtech companies. MOOC companies typically account for the bump in the “Post-Secondary” category, but aside from Coursera’s $64 million Series D round, few other companies focused in higher education scored a large deal. edtech startups hit almost $1.7 For edtech startups, seed money hasn’t disappeared; it’s just harder to get.

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Fueled by Big Rounds, Edtech Funding Surges to $887M in First Half of 2017


edtech companies last year, the dollars returned with a fury during the first six months of 2017. edtech startups is already at 88 percent of the total in 2016 ( which was $1 billion ). EverFi $190 million $251 million Hero K12 $150 million $150 million Grammarly $110 million $110 million Coursera $64 million $210 million AltSchool $40 million $173 million MasterClass $35 million $56.4 Home-run bets and financial windfalls are rare in the edtech industry.

3 ways crowdfunding is reshaping the US edtech landscape

eSchool News

Educational platforms, in particular edtech, are seeing ideas come to life as a result of crowdfunding. The success of projects on these platforms is testament to not only the capabilities of crowdfunding, but also how it will continue to reshape the US edtech landscape. The benefits associated with crowdfunding in edtech include the following: 1. Nowadays there are so many online learning courses available from places like Khan Academy or Coursera.

Building Effective Edtech Business Models to Reach the Global Poor


Students like Battushig who used free online courses to achieve world-class education motivated players like Coursera and the State Department to launch initiatives like Learning Hubs and MOOC camps from Vietnam to Bolivia. Yet, as edtech companies became laser-focused on figuring out their business models, the emphasis on serving the poorest students in the poorest countries dwindled. Are there viable edtech opportunities in so-called bottom-of-the-pyramid markets? .

Deals and More Deals: The Top Edtech Business Stories of 2019


Here’s a look at the biggest edtech business stories of 2019—the ones that captured the most attention, and the ones that should have your attention. A $157M Fundraise for Guild Education Births Edtech’s Newest Unicorn by Tony Wan Unicorns don’t exist, except when they’re of the billion-dollar valuation variety. Thanks to a $157 million fundraise, the edtech industry has given birth to its third U.S. US Edtech Investments Peak Again With $1.45

24 Pickup Lines for Every Stage of Your Relationship With Edtech


Wanna come over tonight to Coursera and chill ? Hackathons. Platforms. EdCamps. Startups. Bootcamps. Pitchfests. What binds these and countless other education ideas, events, words and buzzwords together? Why, love, of course. A love for learning, teaching, education, a better tomorrow—and the role that technology could play. To celebrate this most hallowed of Hallmark holidays , we offer this handy list to help you profess and pursue your love for education technology.

What Gives the Edtech Industry Hope — and Pause — Under a Biden Administration


Grey is among the 87 education executives who signed an “ EdTech for Biden ” blog post published in October. We’ve seen the greatest uptick in usage of edtech tools that we’ve ever seen,” says Oliver of the Robin Hood Foundation, a New York City-based philanthropy. “We’ve

The Second Year of The MOOC: 2020 Saw a Rush to Large-Scale Online Courses


In April 2020, MOOC providers Coursera, edX and FutureLearn attracted as many new users in a single month as they did in the entirety of 2019. Coursera has already capitalized on these circumstances: it doubled its valuation and is considering going public in 2021.

MOOC 140

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 9 Edition)

Doug Levin

Ever wonder how stories covered by popular edtech outlets – such as edSurge, eSchoolNews, Tech & Learning, and THE Journal – get selected? A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 9 Edition). Tagged on: March 5, 2017 Global Evolution of EdTech | Navitas Ventures → A look at over 20 years of edtech company evolution through $16b of investment around the world. Blog EdTech News News news

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How Innovations in Voice Technology Are Reshaping Education


Voice, after all, is one of the most natural ways to interface with technology, says Coursera’s Alexander Sanchez. Sanchez leads the Mobile Experiences and Emerging Technology team at Coursera, the online learning platform where students anywhere can take courses, master a career skill, get professional certificates, and earn degrees from 200 top universities and companies, including Yale, the University of Pennsylvania, Google and IBM.

The Past Decade Forecasts a New Wave of Economic Opportunity in Education


From 2008 to 2019 we have witnessed a 4,000-plus percent expansion in the number of funded edtech startups, and the best startups can become unicorns. Unicorns such as Coursera, Udemy, Varsity Tutors and VIPKid led the way with innovative solutions. Digital has changed the nature of market growth, and edtech startups create new digital markets that leverage unique technology attributes of the new industrial revolution. Education Technology Investors Edtech Business

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Guest Blog Post: Online Learning – a Perfect Confluence or a Bad Influence?


There are tons of free courses on sites like Coursera and edX , which bring knowledge closer to a wider audience. Tagged: discussion , e-learning , ed , edtech , edu , education , learning , online course , online learning , teaching , technology. education discussion e-learning ed edtech edu learning online course online learning teaching technologyThere’s no question about it: technology dominates our lives.

Kadenze’s March Toward Online Art Education, 1 Year Later


Online classes tend to cater to big name schools, with many Ivy Leagues were already working with providers like Coursera, but it seemed like boutique art and music schools “were not invited to the party” to create online classes, says Kadenze Founder and CEO Ajay Kapur. Competing startups like Coursera and edX also offer free and paid online courses and certifications to the masses via partnerships to produce content for online classes.

MOOCs Are Global. So Where Do They Stand With New European Privacy Laws?


The biggest challenge a lot [of entities] are facing is that they’re trying to implement for a law that isn't yet in effect, and is broadly written,” says Matthew Johnson, a lawyer with Cooley who focuses on higher education institutions and edtech companies. MOOC-provider Coursera, for example, claims to have 6.5 Coursera has already released updates to its terms of service addressing GDPR requirements. At Coursera, it depends on the contract with the school.


Pros and Cons of Using eLearning Software in Your Classroom

Educational Technology Guy

And the Covid-19 pandemic has proved that EdTech and eLearning are integral parts of modern academic reality. Stay tuned in Top-quality portals for educators allow instant access to up-to-date information on EdTech trends, new product launches, and innovative teaching methods. Blogs of EdTech Companies You won’t find any academic research, lesson plans, or hot education news on these websites. Conclusion The market is overwhelmed with various EdTech products and solutions.

Wow Them with the Solar Eclipse on Aug. 21st!

Teacher Reboot Camp

In my newest book, Hacking Digital Learning Strategies: 10 Ways to Launch EdTech Missions in Your Classroom (out soon), I’ve dedicated one of the missions to citizen science projects. Take the free Coursera online course about the 2017 Solar Eclipse. “Men should take their knowledge from the Sun, the Moon and the Stars.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

‘Academic Capitalism’ Is Reshaping Faculty Life. What Does That Mean?


Certificate programs, online programs or online courses like Coursera—those types of things are possible by virtue of information technology that create new market opportunities for colleges and universities that did not previously exist. Education Technology Edtech Business Higher EducationProfessors have long savored their position outside of commercial systems.