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How do you teach the hard to teach class? Watch the video.

Ask a Tech Teacher

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Anniversary edition: Top 10 posts of the NEO Blog


From well-known subjects of education technology, like BYOD and gamification, to technical aspects regarding school LMSs, to trying to guess the future, the NEO Blog covered it all in its rather short existence. Gamification in the classroom: small changes and big results. Top 10 BYOD concerns and how to overcome them [Part 2].


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GUEST POST: Team Tournaments HS Gamification Using Class Dojo

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

I''m fascinated with gamification and using Edmodo to gamify my Odyssey unit , but Mrs. Dause''s approach has got me thinking. I have, however, limited the scope of my in-class application down to a few favorites, and two of those are gamification and a lovely app called ClassDojo. Could data translate to gamification?

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Gamification Stage Three: The Constraint


That is why the highest form of gamification, what I call stage 3 , is using video game techniques to create experiences for students. When I started to think about how to package and explain all of this to students, I went back to gamification as I always do. It is all about the experience. I should have known better!

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And the top e-learning trends for 2016 are.


Second, the introduction of gamification. Initially thought by some experts and even teachers as a gimmick , gamification quickly caught the interest of the ed tech world, because the best way to teach students is to play games. And mixing up gaming with learning makes the latter even more fun.

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Ed Tech Vocab: Keeping Up with Trends in Education


Gamification , one of the biggest trends in education, is the process of making learning more fun and engaging for students by reorienting lessons to feel more like games. With the use of BYOD and 1:1 programs gaining popularity, students should be aware of the issues involved with technology.

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Using a school LMS to deliver PD for teachers


They create courses, give access to all sorts of learning materials online, use gamification features, design learning paths, encourage online collaboration, monitor student progress, do grading, and so on. There are many ways in which an LMS with a comprehensive feature set can assist teachers in delivering their best instruction.

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