Near to MA? EdCamp Access is 4/8/17!


I am happy to be helping to organize the EdCamp Access again unconference this year. EdCampAccess, in the tradition of EdCamps that have taken place around the world, is an unconference devoted to K -12 educators who work with struggling learners.

Seesaw - Notes from #EdCampR13 Session | #EdCamp


Up to 10 family members can be given access to see students's work in Seesaw. edcamp EdCampR13 eportfolio portfolio SeesawStudents can post photos, audio, video, links, text, and and upload files to Seesaw.

3-Bullet Thursday [5 Levels, QFT, Student EdCamps]

Cycles of Learning

​ Interested in developing and hosting an EdCamp at your school site? Looking for a strategy to promote more critical thought? Challenge your students to create a video explaining a topic at 5 different levels of difficulty (5 Year Old to Master). Use this video as a template.

EdCamp Access- Near to MA? Register!


I am happy to be helping to organize the EdCamp Access unconference this year. EdCampAccess, in the tradition of EdCamps that have taken place around the world, is an unconference devoted to K -12 educators who work with struggling learners.

An Insider’s Guide to Edcamps


Photo Credit: Julie Szaj Christopher McGee Edcamps All you need for an Edcamp is building, classroom, and wi-fi, access -- and educators excited about showing up to create their own personal learning agenda

How to Be Awesome at #Edcamp! [FREE Poster Download!]

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How to Be Awesome at #EdCamp Poster | | #edchat #hackpd #teaching The #EdCamp Revolution is here to stay! Have you attended an EdCamp yet? In case you haven''t been paying attention, the EdCamp movement is changing the way educators connect and learn.

How Teachers Can Learn From One Another at Unconferences, Meet-ups and Edcamps


If you’re looking for something more formal, the same kind of gathering can take place at a school site, ideally one with Wi-Fi and at least a few accessible classrooms. You’ll also need several classrooms for the sessions, Wi-Fi access, and available restrooms.

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning.

7 Great NonProfits Changing the Face of Professional Learning

Tom Murray

EdCamp Foundation. The grassroots effort is supported by hundreds of free EdCamps organized around the world each year and is undoubtedly one of the most robust, fast moving, game changing forms of professional learning worldwide. The mission of OTO is to transform education by personalizing learning through universal, uninterrupted access to technology so that students can take ownership of their learning and maximize their potential.

Interesting idea - Chromebook + Nexus 7 instead of just an iPad

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Their data and files are all online so they can still access them anywhere. Android chromebooks edcamp google Chrome OS Google for Educators iPad At EdcampCT this past week, I was chatting with Greg McVerry ( @jgmac1106 ) about devices, 1-1 and BYOD and he made an interesting comment.

The Top Gun of EdTech Conference

Two Guys and Some iPads

This opportunity also allowed me to join a small group to get access on the USS Hornet the night before the conference. I have spent the past several days trying to wrap my brain around everything that took place last week in San Francisco.

Finishing Strong by Taking Chances?

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m a firm believer that coding can support any curriculum due to the fact that it naturally teaches sequencing, coding gives access to technology, gives students a life skill, and coding teaches thinking. Don't have access to technology? Edcamp Style Learning.I

LMS 67

The Rise of Online Professional Development!

The Online Summit was only $40 and included a 1 year membership to the CUE organization, and gave attendees access to more than 40 keynotes and presentations, both live and recorded. And in most cases, I can access the content on my own time after the online conference is said and done.

What is a Twitter Profile?

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The ideal way to follow someone back is to first examine his or her Twitter Profile, which has public access. Administrator Connected Educator Edcamp EdChat Education Leadership PD PLN Professional development Professionalism Reform Social Media Teched Thought leadership Thought Provoking Twitter The basic principle of Twitter is that if you follow ten people on Twitter, you will only see the tweets of those ten people.

STEAM Program Goals for Students

There is no box

After edCamp last weekend, STEAM has been front of mind. For a 1:1 program, it basically comes down to accessing information, collaborating, creating and presenting using modern tools. I’ve been thinking a lot about programs lately (new occupational hazard I guess).

STEAM Program Goals for Students

There is no box

After edCamp last weekend, STEAM has been front of mind. For a 1:1 program, it basically comes down to accessing information, collaborating, creating and presenting using modern tools. I’ve been thinking a lot about programs lately (new occupational hazard I guess).

2 New Google Classroom Features! (Added 8/12/14)

They are the "About" page and the ability for the teacher to access student files before they turn them in. Previously, teachers had no access to students files until the students turned in the file within the Classroom Assignment page. Google added 2 new features to Classroom today!

Meet Six Educators We All Can Learn From

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Watch his video to see how one student’s experience moved him to take action to improve clean water access for families in Somalia: Exemplary educators are making learning relevant by engaging the whole community, connecting parents, community members, and local organizations to empower students to do real work that matters. This blog post was originally published by EdSurge. Guest co-author Mary Jo Madda is an Associate Editor at EdSurge.

Upcoming Presentations


Hi Folks- Just wanted to give you an idea of where I will be the next few months: March 23, 2013- EdCamp Access , organizing and facilitating a session or two. Click through to find out more about the EdCamp model and to register. I can attest that I learn a TON from innovative PD events such as EdCamps. If you are in the Boston area and can come to this free unconference dedicated to ideas and issues in special education, please do.

Here's What I Would Do

Adam Welcome

Last year I was at an EdCamp and in a session with about thirty other educators. I can't exactly remember what the session was about, but our conversation turned to social media, access in schools and certain things being blocked.

8 Secrets To Providing Amazing EdTech Customer Service | By @JeffBradbury | @SamPatue


Be accessible. Look for Edcamps <> and offer support. EDcamps will be happy to hand out information about an app to participants, but companies should not miss out on the rich opportunity to join the education conversation. Tweet.

Think Globally, Act Locally

The Web20Classroom

While many referenced their home country, their thoughts and ideas were more global in nature, especially when it came to discussing how to ensure every child everywhere has access to a high quality education.

Summer Gigs


Click for More Information July 22, 2013- Boston MA: EdCamp BLC at Building Learning Communities- I am helping to organize this free unconference in which the agenda is built and executed by participants. Now a veteran of 7 Edcamps, I will say again that I learn more at these events than I do from traditional PD! Although it is nice to be slowing down a bit as the school year winds down, I am looking forward to some summer events I would like to mention.

Questions To Ask For #LeadershipDay12

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2) To what extent do you work to ensure the equity of technology access and use in your school? Every kid and the teacher has access to whatever they need. How, as the technology leader do you provide access to systems that allow teachers to critically analyze data?

School Librarian as your Information Overload Superhero!


With easy access to websites, blogs, online PD, webinars, YouTube, workshops, and social media, finding digital resources is not hard to do. Organizing what we find, however, for efficient access when we need it, might not be so easy. efficient access to resources customized for their needs (grade, content area, unit, project)? There needs to be varied approaches to access and promotion. Ugghh, help, I can’t keep up!

EdTech Events Calendar

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From EdCamps to state technology conferences to Google summits, there is always something going on! If you would like to have easy access to the embedded calendar below, simply click on the "+Google Calendar" button in the bottom right corner to add it to your Google Calendar. There are a LOT of EdTech events. As a full time technology consultant, I attend a lot of events around the country. The EdTech community is awesome; caring, sharing, and fun!

Confessions of a Digital Leader: Connectedness is a Part of This Work

I found twitter, Edcamp and connected to teachers. It mattered that we didn’t go to a lab for access but that kids had access when needed. When you are connected, you have immediate access to ideas.

How a Cheapskate Introduces Technology Tools

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Staying plugged in and aware of new things, how to access them, and how to get training on them in a cheap or free environment. I look for opportunities for my teachers to attend and I serve on organization committees to give more educators these chances- i.e. Edcamp Gigcity.

Four Ways School Leaders Can Support Meaningful Innovation


Frederick Pilot School, which was founded by Deb Socia, a leading advocate for technology access for students in poverty-impacted communities. There are schools where administrators are experimenting with models of teacher-led professional development like EdCamps.

Here are some of the latest ed-tech, policy updates

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But even though they’re in schools, our work with teachers has led us to understand that while many of them would like to use iPads meaningfully in their classrooms, they can’t because of time, access, and training.

The Rumors are True! There’s a New Google Sites Coming!

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That alone has helped schools launch Google Sites in K12 schools across the globe, using Sites for e-portfolios, teacher websites, campus websites, edcamp websites, training websites, and much more. – Easy access to all your Google Apps content like Drive, Maps, Calendar, and more.

Happy Blogging! My Top 5 Blog Posts of 2014 and My Favorite 6

mauilibrarian2 in Olinda

Resources Mentioned in Edcamp Online , Oct 25 2. 11 12 Great GOOGLE CLASSROOM Tutorials by Early Access Testers , July 25 3. Inspired by Alice Keeler''s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014 ( I HIGHLY recommend you add her to your MVP list!), I decided to create a list too.

Effective Digital Leadership: Moving Our Schools Forward


Can also be accessed from anywhere that you have internet access, not just when you are connected to your school/district network. Edcamps - unconferences where there aren''t traditional keynote speakers or vendors. Royse City is hosting EdCamp Awesome in Feburary 2014.

5 Innovative ways for teachers to connect with other teachers


Collaboration is one of the most valued features of meeting with other teachers, and projects such as EdCamp have demonstrated how successful this informal style of unconference can be in inspiring and enabling teachers.

My #ISTE17 Takeaways

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I plan to introduce one tool every 2 months to our teachers (I'm working on curating those tools now) via an interactive introduction that they can access at any time. Rachelle and myself Traveling alone to ISTE this year gave me lots of time alone with my thoughts and my learning.

Flipsnack: A fun way to make interactive online magazines #edtech

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And then all the content and the videos and the images and links, they’re all in one spot for the kids to access. Mandy Froehlich on episode 192 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

EdTech 142

Making the leap from a teacher to an Edtech coach

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Because you don’t have direct access to your students anymore, it becomes crucial that you find a way to have access to them. Image by Vishal Patel from Flickr. (CC-BY-NC-ND CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0) I’ve just started my first year as an edtech coach at Colegio Inglés.

What Constitutes Good PD?

A Principal's Reflections

The three pathways above provide practical, cost-effective, and accessible means to improve professional practice. We can all agree that professional development is essential in any profession, especially education.

App Overkill: Going Beyond the Buzz Words #SXSWedu


Good resources for finding quality digital resources and apps: Students EdCamp PLN on Twitter Educator Blogs When selecting tools and resources: Ask what the core functionality of the app is. Is it being used only during the school day or is it being accessed after hours?

Merritt Public Schools: How a Rural Oklahoma District Developed its Digital Learning Program

Education Superhighway

With 1 Gbps of bandwidth and 1 Wi-Fi access point per classroom, the district meets the bandwidth goals set by the Oklahoma Connect & Learn Initiative and SETDA. Merritt can now rely on Internet access throughout the school without having to worry about the signal dropping.

Why I love #CHAedu #coffeeEDU

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Chattanooga is uniquely located in an area that easily accesses 3 states. As I helped with Edcamp gigcity for the past two years I stood amazed at how many different school districts, schools, and states were represented. Education and educators are a segmented lot.

If Ferris Bueller Was At Our School #savmp #KidsDeserveIt #PrincipalsInAction #edchat

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At risk of not being challenged - at risk of falling through the cracks - at risk of being disengaged - at risk of getting into trouble - at risk of not accessing their absolute full potential - it’s our job as educators to reach all students and push them as far as they can go!

Silicon Valley Cue

My Paperless Classroom

Add eyes — Sam Patterson (@SamPatue) September 13, 2013 The Edcamp workshops were only and hour and even though the ethos of Edcamp is conversation based the 2 Edcamp puppet sessions I have lead ended up being mostly me talking.