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Digital Equity Students are less likely to receive support for off-campus broadband access than they were in 2021. During the height of remote learning, 95 percent of districts were providing off-campus broadband, compared to 74 percent of districts this year.

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Biden announces $930M in grants to expand internet access, digital equity

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Under the Biden-Harris Administration’s Internet for All Initiative, the Enabling Middle Mile Broadband Infrastructure Program invests in projects that build regional networks that connect to national internet networks. Middle mile projects do not directly connect end-user locations.


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CoSN 2018: Broadband and Cybersecurity Are Top IT Concerns

EdTech Magazine

CoSN 2018: Broadband and Cybersecurity Are Top IT Concerns. Cybersecurity and broadband/network capacity are tied for the top priorities for IT leaders in 2018, while budget constraints were marked as one of the most pressing challenges for a fourth straight year. IT Leaders Focus on Data-Driven Decisions. meghan.bogardu….

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Racial segregation is one reason some families have internet access and others don’t, new research finds

The Hechinger Report

As online schooling plays an increasingly large role in education, researchers say more work needs to be done to understand and address why some families have a harder time accessing the internet. Their research also revealed that differences in broadband vary depending on race, ethnicity and income levels.

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Broadband Provides More Equitable Access to Education and Workforce Preparation

Digital learning not only plays a crucial role in preparing today’s students for the jobs of tomorrow, it also has an important role in providing equity and access to education, especially in smaller and remote school districts. Broadband’s Big Picture. There’s also a data center that provides off-site storage and backup.

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Including Adult Learners in the National Broadband Research Agenda

Digital Promise

Despite the promise of technology to improve access to learning opportunities for underserved adult learners, the adoption and use of technology for and by these learners is nascent. Our goal was to be sure the issues of technology adoption and use by this population were critical components of the Agenda.

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Here’s What Schools Can Do For the Millions of Students Without Internet Access


There's a big giant access issue, both in terms of what happens when there’s no internet and then also what happens when you don’t have a device that can go on the internet,” says Beth Holland, the digital equity and rural project director at the Consortium for School Networking, an industry group for school tech directors.