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K–12 Schools Seek to Connect 12 Million Students Without Home Broadband Access

EdTech Magazine

Despite the leaps made in Internet of Things devices and educational technology, a report by Boston Consulting Group estimated 12 million students don’t have adequate internet access at home. Without it, these K–12 students can’t connect to remote classes…

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Satellite Broadband Is Expanding. Can That Reduce the Digital Divide?


The satellites will be part of the future of internet access, but using them in education will require some creativity, Johannes Bauer, chair of the Quello Center at Michigan State University, says. And that sudden shift exposed inequities in who has access to broadband.


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Ensuring Access to Robust Broadband for ALL Students

Doug Levin

Benjamin Herold of Education Week has put together a real cracker of a series on the challenges of ensuring school broadband access in rural communities – and how E-rate (pre- and post-modernization) is helping to address the situation. We should demand more of our political leaders and from our education advocacy organizations.

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How to ensure home broadband access for every student

eSchool News

When the coronavirus pandemic forced students into remote learning this past spring, many telecommunications companies stepped up to offer free or deeply discounted home broadband access to families who couldn’t afford it. Related content: What the pandemic has revealed about digital equity.

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5 priorities for broadband access

eSchool News

Equitable, reliable, and robust broadband access both on and off campus is essential to support digital learning and prepare K-12 students for life and work. The declaration is a cornerstone of Broadband Imperative III: Driving Connectivity, Access and Student Success , a new report from SETDA.

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OPINION: College in a pandemic is tough enough — without reliable broadband access, it’s nearly impossible

The Hechinger Report

Sadly, though, the reality is that millions of Americans — in rural and urban areas alike, and including many underrepresented minorities — lack the reliable broadband connections needed to access postsecondary and K-12 education in a nation that remains in partial lockdown. Schools get creative.

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Broadband expands equitable access to education, workforce prep

eSchool News

Digital learning not only plays a crucial role in preparing today’s students for the jobs of tomorrow, it also has an important role in providing equity and access to education–especially in smaller and remote school districts. Related content: 7 things supporting broadband best practices. Broadband’s big picture.