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Image Copyright Do’s and Don’ts

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copyrights. Copyrights. If you chatted about copyright legalities in prior years, ask students what they remember from those conversations. Discuss ‘ Copyright Explained’. What are the consequences of infringing on copyrights? Copyright Law Explained.

What every teacher must know about copyright for online lessons


Teachers that randomly and freely use online content in their lessons, and often trample over copyright in the process, have a common excuse, “…but it’s for a good purpose.” The first step on this journey is to understand the difference between copyright and fair use.

In The News: On Copyright Propaganda in ESSA

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As a favor to powerful industry lobbyists, ESSA mandates the teaching of the 'harms of copyright piracy' in schools. Blog In the News News copyright ESSA

14 copyright essentials teachers and students must know

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That line is the copyright line, deciding how teachers and students can respect [.]. Ed Tech copyright creative commons edtech educational technology licensing media public domain video youtube

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In The News: On Copyright Propaganda in ESSA

Doug Levin

How Did ‘Copyright Piracy’ Language Get Into ESSA, the K-12 Law? Doug Levin, the president of a consulting organization EdTech Strategies, said he supports introducing students to rules surrounding intellectual property and copyright. But he also believes that K-12 schools are generally more aware of copyright rules and more committed to following them than industry groups acknowledge. Blog In the News News copyright ESSAAs quoted in: Cavanagh, Sean. “

Can You Show Netflix in Class? Copyright for Teachers Made Simple


Knowing when our decision to use something falls under fair use and when it is a copyright violation can get tricky, but it doesn’t have to. Before we dive too deep, let’s get a basic understanding of copyright and fair use. What is Copyright? According to , copyright is “a form of protection grounded in the U.S. Tangible media that can be protected through a copyright include songs, movies, books and artwork. Copyright Office website.

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Open Access & Copyright: A View from the South


In all the discussions about open access and copyright, I want to add my story as someone from the Global South who strongly advocates for open access. First of all, someone called me out on calling copyright an unjust law. Profession copyright Egypt global South libraries open access

Turnitin, Wikipedia team up on copyright

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Partnership runs Turnitin software on Wikipedia pages to screen for potential copyright violations. Turnitin’s software now runs alongside the existing bots on English Wikipedia, helping to screen pages and identify potential copyright violations on the site.

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Picture this! 4 steps to understanding copyright issues

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As more of our content is pushed out to students through online platforms, our responsibility to consider copyright as part of our planning process, no matter what the process looks like, grows. Applying copyright best practices can be intimidating.

How Did ‘Copyright Piracy’ Language Get Into ESSA, the K-12 Law?

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One of the more curious pieces of language included in the Every Student Succeeds Act warns about the "harms of copyright piracy." The post How Did ‘Copyright Piracy’ Language Get Into ESSA, the K-12 Law?

A student's basic guide to copyright, creative commons and public domain

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Tools that you can use when creating content: Creative Commons license choose tool: [link] Creative Commons search tool: [link] An infographic with 5 myths vs. facts on copyright: Source: Copyright Infringement: Myths vs Facts from

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The Right Stuff: Teaching Kids About Copyright

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I’m talking about teaching kids about copyright. It can be hard to get moral compasses to twitch when discussing the intricacies of copyright law, public domain, fair use, and creative commons. I’m here to argue that we should choose to teach copyright not because it is easy, but because it is hard, because the goal of understanding copyright will serve to measure the best of student energies, skills, and citizenship.

Internet Archive Hopes to Help Libraries Make Available Books Once Thought Trapped By Copyright


As libraries work to scan their collections, they tread carefully around books published after 1923 and likely to still be under copyright. But researchers at the Internet Archive and Tulane University say they’ve found a legal way to scan and make available many in-copyright works published between 1923 and 1941, which will come as welcome news to those who want to dive into a digital copy of a book like In Love With a T-Man , a 1937 pulp novel by Rob Eden.

The Right Stuff: Teaching Kids About Copyright

Graphite Blog

I’m talking about teaching kids about copyright. We should choose to teach copyright not because it is easy, but because it is hard, because the goal of understanding copyright will serve to measure the best of student energies, skills, and citizenship.

Great Video on Copyright, Fair Use, Remixing & Reposting Online


I just came across this very informative video which is posted on the Stanford Copyright and Fair Use Center website. Copyright is a topic I revisit from time to time on my blog. Copyright symbol graphic used with permission from [link].

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4 Great Lesson Plans on Copyright

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Many kids -- and even adults -- don't fully understand the power of copyright law. Helping your students understand the nuances of copyright law, the doctrine of fair use, public domain, and Creative Commons licenses can support their development as critical, creative digital citizens. Young kids understand respect and fairness, and copyright at its most basic level can be explained in these terms.

More on Copyright and Fair Use


Wes Fryer just wrote a great post on Copyright and Licensing Considerations When Importing Audio Books. It''s a perfect extension on the information in my post of June 23rd regarding fair use and copyright. When you get right down to it, recording a book or ripping a recording of one, even for personal use, breaks copyright law even if it''s never reposted anywhere or shared with anyone else. copyright ethics fair use

Current Real-Life Examples for Discussing Copyright Ethics


I promise I am not trying to turn into a copyright guru as a couple of my more recent posts might imply, but within the space of a couple of hours this morning two different real-life situations came to my attention which put human skin on the copyright debate.

Posting PARCC exams on social media is copyright infringement

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“Student privacy” is a smokescreen for improper conduct that not only invalidates test results but also violates copyright law. Next page: Why it could be copyright infringement.

Finding Copyright-Friendly Animated Gifs for Student Presentations

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Here''s a little 3-minute tutorial I created for our students that demonstrates how they can use a combined Creative Commons and Google Image search to find copyright-friendly animated gifs. Google just announced today that they''ve added an animation filter to their image searches.

The Squeaky Wheel

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Blog Copyright #DoTheRightThingScholastic copyright intellectual property Rumble Comics student workSometimes it pays to be a squeaky wheel.

Open Educational Resources


As educators, it can be difficult to find good, usable content that is free and not protected by copyright laws. Learn Blended Learning collaboration Copyright CUE Conference CUE Spark GoOpen OER podcast

Always Read the Terms

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You just lost your copyright” (c) Sasha Matthews/ Rumble Comics @rumblecomics , 2018. Blog Copyright #DoTheRightThingScholastic copyright intellectual property Rumble Comics student workAlways. Terms.

4 Great Websites to Look for Copyright-friendly Photos to Use in Class

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April 10, 2016 Below is a collection of some very good websites you can use to search for copyright-friendly photos to use in class with students. Some of the photos provided there are under more. Public domain Image resources

When Education Leadership Fails You #Edchat

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Edchat Thought-provoking attribution copyright educator communities stealing“What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right.” ” – Albert Einstein. Educators connecting online can transform your life.

Does Ownership of Instructional Materials Matter?

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In many respects, I see this as one of the key benefits – if not the key benefit – to open licensing (and I mean CC BY here, not NC or SA) vs. copyrighted content. Blog OER copyright open content procurement public vs. private textbooks

Why is Technology Important to You?


copyright free music copyright free videos student contests VideoBlocks You could win some great prizes for your classroom just by letting VideoBlocks know how important technology is to you. ?

Editor’s Picks 2015, No. eight: Finding copyright-friendly photos for the Google Images generation

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Creative Commons is designed to span the gap between full copyright and the public domain. Searching and citing usable images is easy once students learn the basics.

Creative Commons, Copyrights, and Google Images


Where are the lines and boundaries for copyright , Fair Use , and Creative Commons ? Copyrights extend to photos, music, art, ideas, etc. I want to thank ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries andInnovation through Creative Commons Australia and the Copyright Advisory Group of the Ministerial Council of Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs for the information on searching for Creative Commons in Google.

Portal to Copyright Friendly Images, Clipart, Music, and Sound

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I like their comprehensive lists of copyright-free resources so much that I pasted three of the lists into our school library''s website, under Technology (with credit given). Public Domain Images and Sound Copyright-free Music and Audio Image Generators and Clipart These sources are GREAT for student (and teacher) media projects, papers, wikis, blogs, etc. Just discovered !

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Why We Can Never Educate Enough About Copyright and Online "Privacy"


copyright digital citizenship educational technology fair use online privacy online safety social networking web2.0 Stumbled across this story on Yahoo! news this morning and thought it was a perfect example to use when trying to make the points to teachers and students that Just because the picture is posted on the Internet does NOT mean you have permission to use it. You give up control and privacy when you post anything on the Internet.

School of Open: Copyright & Creative Commons for Educators Courses Now Open for Sign-Up

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Copyright 4 Educators (AUS). This course will equip Australian educators with the copyright knowledge to confidently use copyright material in the classroom. The course material is learnt around practical case studies faced by teachers when using copyright material in their day-to-day teaching and educational instruction. Copyright 4 Educators (US). This is a course for educators who want to learn about US copyright law in the education context.

David, Goliath, and the Future of the U.S. K-12 OER Movement

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Blog OER #GoOpen #OER2016 #OERBoat copyright ESSA open pedagogy open policy privacy textbooksI’ve been engaged in thinking deeply about the promise and opportunity afforded the U.S.

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An easy way to add credits to Flickr images


Strategies copyright imageshandy bookmarklet generates an image caption.

Updated Song Library on MusicShake


Musicshake EDU provides an endless supply of legal, copyright free music for every student in your school. copyright free music music for class music sharing Musicshake share music Back in 2011, we featured a company called Musicshake EDU on Kleinspiration.

That Image is Not Yours. Do Not Touch.

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However, this also means we need to ensure that students really understand copyright, fair use, creative commons, and public domain. Blog Entries copyrightImages on a Website are NOT Public Domain It is essential that our students are able to communicate digitally and visually. There is a pervasive feeling that anything on the Internet is free, it’s not. […]. The post That Image is Not Yours. Do Not Touch. appeared first on Teacher Tech.


Pinterest for Teachers


Copyright Issues After a delightful Skype conversation with Debbie Clement (who has over 4K Pinterest followers), I finally committed to using the tool. Go figure that shortly after I became addicted to Pinterest there would be a huge copyright issue surrounding ''Pinning.''

Understanding the Complexities of Fair Use, Creatively and In the Classroom


Professional Development _ Miscellaneous Tools and Topics fair use copyright laws fair use in teaching understanding fair use understanding fair use classroom what is fair use(Image Source) What is Fair Use? What Isn’t? Read on.

Unlimited Music For Your School with Musicshake


New this year is an online tool Musicshake which will provide your students with an opportunity to create and share unlimited music that is copyright free. Spending a lot of time finding the right music, or trying to work around copyrights can be an added burden that affects their end product. copyright free music interactive presentations music sharing Musicshake share music

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning.