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14 copyright essentials teachers and students must know

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That line is the copyright line, deciding how teachers and students can respect [.]. Ed Tech copyright creative commons edtech educational technology licensing media public domain video youtube

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How Did ‘Copyright Piracy’ Language Get Into ESSA, the K-12 Law?

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One of the more curious pieces of language included in the Every Student Succeeds Act warns about the "harms of copyright piracy." The post How Did ‘Copyright Piracy’ Language Get Into ESSA, the K-12 Law?

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Open Access & Copyright: A View from the South


In all the discussions about open access and copyright, I want to add my story as someone from the Global South who strongly advocates for open access. First of all, someone called me out on calling copyright an unjust law. Profession copyright Egypt global South libraries open access

Image Copyright Do’s and Don’ts

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copyrights. Copyrights. If you chatted about copyright legalities in prior years, ask students what they remember from those conversations. Discuss ‘ Copyright Explained’. What are the consequences of infringing on copyrights? Copyright Law Explained.

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The right stuff: Teaching kids about copyright

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I’m talking about teaching kids about copyright. It can be hard to get moral compasses to twitch when discussing the intricacies of copyright law, public domain, fair use, and Creative Commons. Common Sense Education has lessons and wonderful animated videos on copyright and fair use.

What every teacher must know about copyright for online lessons


Teachers that randomly and freely use online content in their lessons, and often trample over copyright in the process, have a common excuse, “…but it’s for a good purpose.” The first step on this journey is to understand the difference between copyright and fair use.

A student's basic guide to copyright, creative commons and public domain

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Tools that you can use when creating content: Creative Commons license choose tool: [link] Creative Commons search tool: [link] An infographic with 5 myths vs. facts on copyright: Source: Copyright Infringement: Myths vs Facts from

That Image is Not Yours. Do Not Touch.

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However, this also means we need to ensure that students really understand copyright, fair use, creative commons, and public domain. Blog Entries copyrightImages on a Website are NOT Public Domain It is essential that our students are able to communicate digitally and visually. There is a pervasive feeling that anything on the Internet is free, it’s not. […]. The post That Image is Not Yours. Do Not Touch. appeared first on Teacher Tech.


Great Video on Copyright, Fair Use, Remixing & Reposting Online


I just came across this very informative video which is posted on the Stanford Copyright and Fair Use Center website. Copyright is a topic I revisit from time to time on my blog. Copyright symbol graphic used with permission from [link].

David, Goliath, and the Future of the U.S. K-12 OER Movement

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Blog OER #GoOpen #OER2016 #OERBoat copyright ESSA open pedagogy open policy privacy textbooksI’ve been engaged in thinking deeply about the promise and opportunity afforded the U.S.

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Finding Copyright-Friendly Animated Gifs for Student Presentations

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Here''s a little 3-minute tutorial I created for our students that demonstrates how they can use a combined Creative Commons and Google Image search to find copyright-friendly animated gifs. Google just announced today that they''ve added an animation filter to their image searches.

Does Ownership of Instructional Materials Matter?

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In many respects, I see this as one of the key benefits – if not the key benefit – to open licensing (and I mean CC BY here, not NC or SA) vs. copyrighted content. Blog OER copyright open content procurement public vs. private textbooks

In The News: On Copyright Propaganda in ESSA

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As a favor to powerful industry lobbyists, ESSA mandates the teaching of the 'harms of copyright piracy' in schools. Blog In the News News copyright ESSA

Understanding the Complexities of Fair Use, Creatively and In the Classroom


Professional Development _ Miscellaneous Tools and Topics fair use copyright laws fair use in teaching understanding fair use understanding fair use classroom what is fair use(Image Source) What is Fair Use? What Isn’t? Read on.

4 reasons to use Creative Commons

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This raises a number of tensions around creativity, intellectual property and copyright. Creative Commons (CC) is a copyright management system that goes a long way to addressing these issues. In the social media age, sharing and repurposing are common place.

More on Copyright and Fair Use


Wes Fryer just wrote a great post on Copyright and Licensing Considerations When Importing Audio Books. It''s a perfect extension on the information in my post of June 23rd regarding fair use and copyright. When you get right down to it, recording a book or ripping a recording of one, even for personal use, breaks copyright law even if it''s never reposted anywhere or shared with anyone else. copyright ethics fair use

The Commons touch

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Use some content and you could well be breaking copyright law. Many sites host copyrighted material, and many people are confused about what they can reuse or copy. My advice is this - assume that all content is copyrighted unless otherwise indicated.

Why is Technology Important to You?


copyright free music copyright free videos student contests VideoBlocks You could win some great prizes for your classroom just by letting VideoBlocks know how important technology is to you. ?

When Education Leadership Fails You #Edchat

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Edchat Thought-provoking attribution copyright educator communities stealing“What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right.” ” – Albert Einstein. Educators connecting online can transform your life.

Shocks to the system

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Copyright is still a useful way to protect the work of authors, artists and musicians from misuse and theft. collaboration copyright education intellectual property learning social media social web Technology

Curation of Information: Harnessing the Beast of Ubiquitous Information

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citing copyright digital citizenship discerning ethics fake news internet learning machine plagiarism real snopes us usingI have this crazy little habit that helps empower me every day for the educational tasks at hand.

The Right Stuff: Teaching Kids About Copyright

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I’m talking about teaching kids about copyright. We should choose to teach copyright not because it is easy, but because it is hard, because the goal of understanding copyright will serve to measure the best of student energies, skills, and citizenship.

Editor’s Picks 2015, No. eight: Finding copyright-friendly photos for the Google Images generation

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Creative Commons is designed to span the gap between full copyright and the public domain. Searching and citing usable images is easy once students learn the basics.

Spin Xpress: Search for Creative Commons Images

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

When asked to create multimedia projects for school, many students simply search topics and use whatever they can find without giving much thought to copyright unless it has been addressed and reinforced by their teachers.

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Closely Watched Lawsuit Has Implications for Open. Ed Resources Market

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Open educational resources are typically defined as free materials created on licenses that allows materials to be reproduced, shared, and modified as users see fit—or resources that are in the “public domain,” meaning not subject to copyright. Marketplace K-12 content copyright curriculum open educational resourcesA lawsuit focused on licensing, royalties, and photo-copying has potentially big implications for the use of “open” educational resources in schools.

Google Docs

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This image is under copyright, please do not republish onto public blogs. Tweet Link to Google Drawing: i8U5vj Teachers, please feel free to use this at your schools and with students. Google

Cyber Law: Guidebook for Writing, Revising, and Implementing Technology Policies

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Every technology-related legal issue from cyberbullying to copyright law is covered in this book. She even reviews FERPA and copyright law as it might pertain to technology policy development. “Legal regulation of education is not new.

Share and share alike

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slideshare creative commons education copyright learning blogging translation publishing languages I won''t forget the first time one of my articles was translated into another language.

Nothing new under the sun

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View all four videos and then ask yourself some questions - are current copyright laws adequate enough to cope with the new and emerging practices we see every day on the Web? creativity social web copyright social media remix learning Kirby Ferguson mashup

Current Real-Life Examples for Discussing Copyright Ethics


I promise I am not trying to turn into a copyright guru as a couple of my more recent posts might imply, but within the space of a couple of hours this morning two different real-life situations came to my attention which put human skin on the copyright debate.

The Right Stuff: Teaching Kids About Copyright

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I’m talking about teaching kids about copyright. It can be hard to get moral compasses to twitch when discussing the intricacies of copyright law, public domain, fair use, and creative commons. I’m here to argue that we should choose to teach copyright not because it is easy, but because it is hard, because the goal of understanding copyright will serve to measure the best of student energies, skills, and citizenship.

The Google Image Ripper -- Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should

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What about copyright and proper attribution? copyright creative commons Google search research search Just read about a new, faster, easier way to search images, in this article: Google: Handy Systems Makes Google Image Search Easier to Use.

Across Continents: A Stolen Laptop, An Ominous Email, And A Big Risk

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Copyright 2016 NPR. To see more, visit NPR

Protected: Create Interactive Lessons for Google Classroom using TES Teach

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See: Copyright Policy. The post Protected: Create Interactive Lessons for Google Classroom using TES Teach appeared first on Shake Up Learning. This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: © Shake Up Learning 2016.

YouTube Offers Free Music for your Classroom Videos

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Do to copyright issues, you are not allowed to post videos with just any music added to them. One of the things that teachers and students often want to add to a video presentation is background music.

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Finding Supplementary Material for your Online Course


Provided you respect any attached copyright and distribution restrictions, many educators are happy for their content to be shared to a broader audience. Images will often be copyrighted even if it does not explicitly say so. Creating a Course: Why use supplementary material?

Unlimited Music For Your School with Musicshake


New this year is an online tool Musicshake which will provide your students with an opportunity to create and share unlimited music that is copyright free. Spending a lot of time finding the right music, or trying to work around copyrights can be an added burden that affects their end product. copyright free music interactive presentations music sharing Musicshake share music

New Posted Resources 12/22/2011

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New Posted Resources 04/11/2012

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4 Good Places to Find CC Licensed Images to Use in Class

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These copyright-friendly photos are offered under different Creative more. October 1, 2015 Below are some good places where you can find CC licensed pictures to use with your students in class. Public domain Image resources