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Image Copyright Do’s and Don’ts

Ask a Tech Teacher

There are five topics to be reviewed when exploring the use of online images: digital privacy copyrights digital law and plagiarism hoaxes writing with graphics Here are suggestions on how to teach these to your students. Discuss ‘ Copyright Explained’. What are the consequences of infringing on copyrights? What does that mean?

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5 Basic copyright rules for students and teachers


5 Copyright rules for students and teachers. Copyright laws regulate the use of internet content as well. So let’s explore five copyright rules that every student and teacher should know by heart: Not all images on the internet can be used without permission. Some teachers know it, but they do it anyway.

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Humans, Generative AI, and Learning from Copyrighted Materials

Iterating Toward Openness

But the topic of AI training data also intersects with another topic that’s near and dear to my heart: copyright. Recently there’s been a fairly heated conversation about whether AI should be allowed to train on copyrighted materials. People are even suing companies over companies over their uses of copyrighted work as training data.

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10 Ways Teachers Violate Copyright (and How to Avoid It)

Teacher Tech with Alice Keeler

Navigating copyright laws can be challenging for educators, especially when trying to create engaging and informative materials for their students. However, sometimes we might unknowingly violate copyright laws when using resources in the classroom.

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Free Lessons on Copyright and Fair Use

Class Tech Integrate

by guest blogger David Sohn from Copyright & Creativity Want to teach your students about copyright and fair use? A nonprofit project called Copyright and Creativity has created a full suite of K-12 of free lesson plans, slides, and videos designed to make it easy. Why teach these subjects?

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7 questions–and answers–about copyright during online learning

eSchool News

Back in March, copyright was not top-of-mind for many people, as health and educational continuity took precedence. Many publishers waived copyright fees for use of materials in distance learning, made teaching resources freely available and aggregated useful content. Online learning platforms and other edtech tools gained traction.

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Appeals Court Sides With ACT in Court Battle Over Copyright

Marketplace K-12

The post Appeals Court Sides With ACT in Court Battle Over Copyright appeared first on Market Brief. A federal appeals court has handed a victory to the major testing provider in a years-long dispute in which it had accused a former partner of copying one of its assessment products.