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There are a lot of options out there, but none had enough of the characteristics that most teachers I know look for with an LMS, namely: delivers content to students in a variety of formats. Having said that, I have a similar complaint about most of the LMS programs I’ve evaluated.

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Moodle: The Unsung Hero of LMS Options

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A Learning Management System (what is often called an LMS) has become foundational to blending technology into education experiences. Train all stakeholders on how to use the Moodle LMS just as you would with any new program. Need an LMS next year?

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How school admins use the LMS to achieve their goals


The school’s learning management system (LMS) is an indispensable tool for blended learning, personalized learning, and instruction in general. Choosing an LMS that works for your school is overwhelming enough as it is. Plus, an LMS reduces the need for face to face training.

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Top 5 LMS benefits for K-12 Students


Using technology in the classroom and especially an LMS to deliver the digital part of blended learning — which is probably the best way to learn and will become the norm in education — is a great way to equip students for the 21st Century world. 5 LMS benefits for K-12 Students.

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LMS Comparison: What Learning Solution is the Best Fit for Your Business?

Explore this detailed guide to see how traditional Learning Management Systems compare to an advanced online learning platform, and find out which type of solution is best suited to meet your learning program needs.

Top 5 LMS benefits for HE students


5 LMS benefits for HE students. Here are five benefits that an LMS brings to students of higher education. So when they log in their university LMS and check their learning analytics, they can take the best action in order to meet those goals.

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6 Ways to create meaningful teamwork experiences through an LMS


Plenty of examples can be found from Boy Meets World and Dawson’s Creek to Gilmore Girls. 6 Ways to create meaningful teamwork experiences through an LMS. All of these tools — and more — can be found incorporated in your LMS; no need to look any further than that. Read on to find out how to create a collaborative learning space using an LMS. Team assignments are a great feature to have in an LMS. Their effort as a team can be assessed more fairly using an LMS.

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Proving LMS ROI: Is an LMS a worthy investment?


To some extent, an LMS is the most important part of the technological side of education today. Undoubtedly, an LMS can help educational institutions achieve their academic plans, cut costs, and even improve profit. Why is it so hard to prove the ROI of an LMS?

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Meet NEO at BETT 2020 in London!


Meeting with like-minded people and sharing ideas of what’s currently happening in the educational sector and also of what will happen — because the future is never that far away. Meet NEO at BETT 2020! We’re really looking forward to meeting you at BETT 2020!

What type of LMS is best for your school: proprietary, open-source, or cloud-based?


Wherever you turn, there’s something new that ed-tech people talk about, from big initiatives like BYOD programs to smaller things like new educational apps and even updated LMS features. What type of LMS is best for your school? Open-source LMS. Cloud-based LMS.

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Need Remote Learning NOW? Get Online Quickly & Easily With This Can’t-Miss Guide

Remote learning is becoming more important than ever. Whether you’re scrambling to get your eLearning launched, or need to upgrade to meet increased demand, this guide will eliminate the guesswork so you can find your perfect LMS!

How a school LMS encourages parent involvement


And the use of a school LMS can do just that. How a school LMS encourages parent involvement. Many schools have already adopted some form of class management, such as an LMS. You don’t have to wait for the next PTA meeting to express concern on a certain matter.

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Meet NEO at ISTE 2016 in Denver!


ISTE Conference & Expo is the perfect place to meet like-minded educators with a shared enthusiasm for educational technology and a thirsty interest in how to use tech to truly enhance learning. Meet NEO at ISTE 2016. Meet us at Booth #2756!

8 Reasons to choose a cloud-based LMS for your school


Each LMS vendor has a unique selling offer, and your educational institutions has a unique set of needs. 8 Reasons to choose a cloud-based LMS for your school. Here are a number of reasons to opt for a cloud-based LMS for your school: Minimal initial costs.

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The Playbook for Choosing an LMS is Broken


The release of our new, free e-book Rewriting the Procurement Playbook: Selecting the LMS That is Right for Your School is days away. The Playbook for Choosing an LMS is Broken. As we settle into the meeting, I ask my standard questions: How big is your school?

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Why an LMS? Why Canvas?

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Utilizing an LMS allows the teacher to quickly upload it to the course for immediate and future reference. With mastery paths being utilized within Canvas, teachers can meet those needs by creating deeper learning or allowing those students to go further with their learning.

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Meet NEO at ISTE 2018!


Judging by the last year’s edition, things look even more promising for the days to come: Meet NEO at ISTE 2018! We’re looking forward to meeting you at ISTE 2018! The post Meet NEO at ISTE 2018! It’s that time of the year again!

Meet NEO at BETT 2018!


Well, this video speaks for itself: Meet NEO at BETT 2018! Exactly one week from now the NEO team will be present — for the second time — at the ExCeL Expo Hall, eager to meet everyone there. Meet us at Booth F302! We’re really looking forward to meet you at BETT 2018!

An LMS for Everyone?

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Recently our school has been in the process of not only trying to decide if an LMS (learning management system) is important to implement school wide but also what LMS meets the needs of the community as a whole. Is it cost effective for us to choose certain LMS options.

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4 Items on Instructure’s To-Do List After the Sale of the Canvas LMS Provider


To meet the expectation of demands is priority,” Benson says. “I WGU President Scott Pulsipher talks workforce readiness gap in 2017 Decide About Bridge Also high on the list is for Instructure to figure out what to do with corporate learning LMS Bridge.

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Meet NEO at OEB 2017!


Meet NEO at OEB 2017! Among the 80+ exhibitors that will participate at OEB 2017 merely a week from now you’ll find NEO LMS. The only constant is change. This doctrine of change being central to the universe is thousands of years old, yet it seems so contemporary.

Meeting student needs through student-centered learning


Whether we’re talking about something as simple as education apps or as complicated as a school LMS , ed-tech plays a huge role in student-centered learning. Meeting student needs through student-centered learning. Student-centered learning meets all of the above student needs and more.

New Ownership for an LMS Giant: Private Equity Firm to Buy Instructure for $2 Billion


when it comes to the LMS software that serves as the virtual classroom, online gradebook and other functions used in just about every college course these days. That also means separating the underlying software code of Bridge from that of the Canvas LMS.

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What schools should know before launching an LMS [INFOGRAPHIC]


As any LMS project manager knows, preparation is everything. After all, schools want to get the full value of their investment in an LMS. To make things go as smoothly as possible, here are some steps to take before launching an LMS for your school or university: 1.

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How to Live Stream Instruction with Google Meet

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If this is not established yet teachers still have several safe resources that will solve video instruction: screencast and post to your LMS, Flipgrid, etc. Today I would like to share how to use Google Meet to Stream to your students. Share on Learning Management System (LMS).

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How e-learning can meet some needs of struggling students


Using technology to meet struggling students’ needs. Take a look at the LMS for instance. The entire teaching and learning experience should be about gaining knowledge not meeting the standards.

Should you build your own LMS?

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And while core course content is often housed on the district’s internal learning management system (LMS), the extracurricular content—advanced placement (AP), English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), honors, homeschool, and blended learning content—must also be factored into the equation.

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Using Your LMS to Help with Student-Led Conferences

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With the help of your learning management system ( LMS ), what might seem to be a far-fetched idea is actually a real possibility. Use your LMS to house the preparation sheet template for easy access and assign it to each student.

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N.C. schools implement new LMS

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Teachers can build their own digital learning environment by packaging together the apps and tools that best meet the needs of their students. Statewide Canvas contract covers all local education agencies and charter schools in North Carolina.

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5 signs your K-12 LMS needs an upgrade

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In the middle of changing times for the K-12 LMS, some administrators wonder if it’s time for an update. Learning management systems (LMS) are facing changing times, as many K-12 administrators evaluate how their current LMS fits into teaching and learning goals.

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How the LMS Market Can Transform Teaching and Learning to Benefit All Stakeholders

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

According to a report submitted to the 2025 Global Analysis and Forecasts at the start of this year, the Learning Management System (LMS) Market is expected to grow in the US from $5.05

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Pearson Realize course content now works with any LMS

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Interoperability certification gives teachers, students freedom to assign and use any Pearson content regardless of LMS. LTI certified content has been designed, tested and approved by IMS to work with any certified LMS.

Finding and Creating Buy-In for a New LMS


Is your school looking for a new LMS? implementing the use of Learning Management Systems (LMS). The idea that FWSU needed a LMS became cemented in my thinking when I my college-age niece showed me the University of Vermont LMS. But what are the steps one needs to take to obtaining the best LMS—and, even more importantly, creating user buy-in for such an expensive product? I would have been wasting my time if I simply choose an LMS for our system.

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Investing in a Video Coaching Platform That Exists Separately from an LMS


Learning management system (LMS) software can be helpful for managing assignments in a course. But an LMS doesn’t work well for managing teacher professional development, according to professors at Fairmont State University.

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3 Core aspects of a personalized learning platform


A personalized learning platform can support teachers in meeting the needs of each and every one of their students, no matter if we’re talking about classes of 15 preschoolers or 15,000 university students.