5 Tech Tools That Are Great For Adaptive Learning.


Adaptive learning is where teaching methods and materials change to match each student’s pace. Here are 5 great tech tools which will bring adaptive learning to your classroom: Socrative – set questions and tasks which students can then work through at their own pace.

Digital Tools Support Adult Learning

Digital Promise

As edtech becomes more prevalent in classrooms, the important question many are asking is, “Do edtech products support learning?” Overall, learners like the products and educators are enthusiastic about the potential of technology for learning. The post Digital Tools Support Adult Learning appeared first on Digital Promise. Adult Learning Blog Educators Entrepreneurs ResearchersClick for full size.

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Focus on the Learning, Not the Tool

iTeach with iPads

The real power of interactive technologies is that they let us learn in ways that aren’t otherwise possible or practical. At school, we have been busy going about the business of learning, and in the evenings, I have been busy going about the business of dissertation writing.

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Overcoming Problems With Online Learning Tools.


So, let’s talk about some tricks to facilitate a learning process. Studying process doesn’t go well all the time, so getting an support from an expert or peer is a real advantage; they will have thoughts and solutions about the learning material. Problems arise in the classroom.



Just before the Thanksgiving break, a group of Tech & Learning leaders met online to share their perspectives on technology trends, how they impact instruction, and some of their best tech tools

Trends 101

Deep learning with Google tools: 20 ideas

Ditch That Textbook

It’s so easy (maybe too easy) to do shallow, superficial work with Google tools. The next day, we’ll use a different tool to do a different one. One one day, we’ll do this activity. What if we want to investigate a topic thoroughly instead of going “a mile wide and an inch deep”? Google’s got [.]. Ed Tech creative teaching edtech educational technology gafe Google Apps google classroom google docs google slides

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Ten Quick Questions: A Fantastic, Free Mental Maths Tool.


It looks quite dated, but is still an excellent tool to use in arithmetic sessions. Tagged: edtech , education , gamification , learning , math , maths , mental maths , online tool , teaching , teaching tech tool , tech tool.

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Tech Tools for Active Learning Classrooms


One of the latest buzzwords in education is “active learning,” but what does this really look like in the classroom? One of the latest buzzwords in education is “active learning,” but what does this really look like in the classroom? POWTOON: TOOL FOR CREATING ANIMATED PRESENTATIONS.

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Minecraft for Education: Powerful Tool for Learning Across the Curriculum


Minecraft: Education Edition adds new collaboration tools, classroom controls, and more (now also available on the iPad

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An All-in-one Tool to Assist Student Learning from Every Angle


When searching for tools to enhance learner productivity, I stumbled upon Creativity 365. I wanted to find an all-in-one set of tools that suited every student and would enable them to develop their own strengths and interests.

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20 Formative Assessment Tools for Your Classroom

Shake Up Learning

The post 20 Formative Assessment Tools for Your Classroom appeared first on Shake Up Learning. The Shake Up Learning community is always chatting and sharing digital tools and lesson ideas for the K12 classroom. 20 Formative Assessment Tools for Your Classroom. (in

5 Creative “Googley” Tech Tools to Get Kids Creating

The CoolCatTeacher

So, go to advancementcourses.com/coolcat to learn more and use the coupon code COOL20. ” The post 5 Creative “Googley” Tech Tools to Get Kids Creating appeared first on Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher helping educators be excellent every day.

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10 Top Cooperative Learning Strategies (and some tech tools that could come in handy)


He is mainly known for his work on cooperative learning strategies (often referred to as Kagan learning structures). Below are my favourite cooperative learning strategies: Some others I have used are: Pairs Squared (pair the learners, then pair up the pairs!).

Join Me in the Personalized Learning EdWeek Summit with Texthelp

The CoolCatTeacher

We'll be in Room 8: Texthelp: Enabling Students to Personalize Their Own Learning From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. We can enable students to personalize their own learning. Because they learn differently, they need different tools.

INFOGRAPHICS: A Digital Tool For Deeper Learning

P21 Blogazine

Driving Question: How can infographics teach visual literacy and push students deeper in their learning? Volume 3, Issue 7, Number 3. The phenomenon of social media has made us more connected, possibly more informed, and dare I say it? more impatient.

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5 Tools And Strategies That Support Personalized Learning

TeachThought - Learn better.

5 Tools And Strategies That Support Personalized Learning by TeachThought Staff Personalized learning is something that many teachers strive for, but it can be easier to want it than make it happen. Learning New Teacher Resources For Teaching With Bloom's Taxonomy

Summer 2017 Learning Series-6 Awesome Tools To Try This School Year

The Web20Classroom

For the next several weeks I’ll be sharing posts that you can use for your summer learning. School may be out for many but the learning we do as educators can last even outside the classroom. Happy Learning! The whole time keeping an evolution of the learning process.

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ExamTime - free online learning tools

Educational Technology Guy

ExamTime is a free set of learning tools that allow students to generate their own learning resources. There is also an calendar to plan and get organized and they can monitor their progress over time using their own learning resources. The collaborative features also encourage students to work and study with others, helping them learn. Teachers and students can share resources and tools with each other to help each other learn.

Examtime online learning tools are now GoConqr

Educational Technology Guy

>> I wrote about Examtime and their free, online learning tools back in February. It is a free set of learning tools that allow students to generate their own learning resources. It’s still the same team behind GoConqr, the same great tools and features.

15 tech tools to try next year

Ditch That Textbook

There are lots of new tech tools out there just waiting to make it into your classroom. DitchBook Twitter chat edtech educational technology inspiration online learning plnYou may have even tried to squeeze one in during those last few days of school but ran out of time.

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9 Ways to use Content Curation Tools in the Classroom


Image Source As the relationship between education and technology continues to grow, check out 9 ways teachers and students can use content curation tools like Wakelet in the classroom.

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3 Tech Tools To Create A Classroom ‘Cloud’.


Here are 3 tech tools which make creating a cloud nice and straightforward: Google Drive. This is the tool I use in my class to create a cloud. Showbie is a very useful tool. The ‘cloud’ is the term meaning a collection of online data which is stored online.

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300+ Digital Tools Crowdsourced by Educators #LT8Keys

Tom Murray

Our kids deserve this type of maximized experience, and when organizing professional learning, our educators do too! Over the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to run a number of sessions for teachers, which started as sessions entitled, “Tools for Engagement.”

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Project Pals: The Perfect PBL Software for Project Based Learning

The CoolCatTeacher

Project Pals is a powerful new tool that lets students organize projects. Starting from a template that you’ve designed to guide your students through the project, they can collaborate or work together to explore, learn, brainstorm, and create.

20 Tech Tips to Shake Up Learning

The CoolCatTeacher

Whether it is learning from home through online courses, professional development, conference workshops or as a keynote speaker Kasey is a relentless innovator of ideas and a devoted transformer of classrooms and teaching. Digital Innovation in Learning Award Winner in “Sharing is Caring”.

10 tech tools that will make you a super teacher!

Dangerously Irrelevant

Because there are no tech tools that will make us super teachers. Why should we expect computers and apps and online tools to do so? Create opportunities for students to have more ownership and control of what, how, when, where, who with, and why they learn. . Just kidding.

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Choosing The Right Adaptive Learning Tool


Find out how adaptive learning solutions are helping teachers target instruction and use data more effectively—and how they’re helping students learn. When Wirth heard about Edgenuity during an in-service program, she knew it would give her and her students new learning opportunities.

Matific Is A Great Primary Maths Learning Tool.


It was exciting and I could learn by playing games.” Tagged: class , edtech , education , learning , math , mathematics , maths , teacher resources , teaching. education class edtech learning math mathematics maths teacher resources teachingMatific is simply excellent.

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Drones Take Flight as Latest K–12 Learning Tool

EdTech Magazine

Drones Take Flight as Latest K–12 Learning Tool. The future has swooped in early: We’re already seeing drones being added to the mix of teaching tools that educators are using to help bring STEM to life in their classrooms. eli.zimmerman_9856. Fri, 11/30/2018 - 11:24.


Use Personalized Learning Tools to Boost Classroom Equity

EdTech Magazine

Use Personalized Learning Tools to Boost Classroom Equity. As personalized learning continues to gain momentum across the U.S., more states, districts and schools are moving toward a competency-based education system that focuses on individualized learning and classroom equity.

Top 10 Tools for Self-Paced Learning

Technology Tidbits

"Self-paced instruction or learning is any kind of instruction that proceeds based on learner response. Self-paced learning is an excellent way for students or educators to learn material at their own pace. Top 10 Tools for Self-Paced Learning Brain Pop & Brain Pop Jr. -


Stop Celebrating Low-Level Learning

Tom Murray

It’d be one that would fundamentally change my mindset on using technology and its role in teaching and learning. ” He smiled, looked at me, and said, “So Tom, what were your learning objectives?” “No, Tom, what were your learning objectives?”

Why we don’t recommend using the 4 Shifts Protocol as a classroom observation tool

Dangerously Irrelevant

Julie Graber and I often get asked if the 4 Shifts Protocol can be used as a comprehensive walkthrough or observation tool. We frame the protocol as a discussion tool that hopefully can help us accomplish the goals that we set for a particular instructional activity.

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A Webinar For Scientix: 10 Top Tech Tools For Teachers.


Along with an explanation and short tutorial, I provided strategies to embed them in everyday practice so they have a positive impact on learning. I strongly believe technology should be planned around learning and not the other way around.

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3 Tech Tools that every teacher should know about.


There’s a new tool or app out every day. Here are a few tools to help you increase collaboration amongst students, do more with your class presentations, and introduce a new way of quizzing. I know, introducing new tools to your routine can be a bit intimidating.

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Bethany Petty: Using Edtech to Enhance Learning

The CoolCatTeacher

Education technology must enhance learning. Using Edtech to Enhance Learning. Vicki: Using technology to enhance learning. Today we’re talking to Bethany Petty, the author of [link] and her upcoming book, Illuminate: Technology Enhanced Learning. Favorite tools.

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Seesaw - A great tool to capture student learning and share with families.

Two Guys and Some iPads

I've been waiting for a tool like seesaw to come around and finish what Threering, a former digital portfolio tool, was trying to accomplish in education 5 years ago. Seesaw allows the teacher or the student to capture their learning in digital journal form. A Game Changing Tool.

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20 Terrific Presentation Tech Tools for Kids!


I recently submitted a piece to my friend, Laura Candler, for inclusion of her new eBook: 20 Terriffic Presentation Tech Tools for Kids. Even more so, I''m looking forward to trying out a few of these tools with my own students. Laura Candler Here are the 20 tech tools included: 1.

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15 Collaborative Tools for Your Classroom That Are NOT Google

Shake Up Learning

The post 15 Collaborative Tools for Your Classroom That Are NOT Google appeared first on Shake Up Learning. It’s no secret that I love Google tools, but Google is not the only option for your classroom. There are hundreds of fantastic collaborative learning tools!

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Richard Byrne’s Most Exciting Edtech Tools

The CoolCatTeacher

Today Richard Byrne @rmbyrne discusses the edtech tools he’s most excited about today. From video tools, creation tools, to app creation, you’ll hear lots of ideas. This episode, blog, and webinar are sponsored by Bloomz , my favorite tool for parent communication.

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