Gale and New Mexico State Library Launch Free Program to Provide Adult Residents Accredited High School Diplomas

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New Mexicans can obtain their high school diploma through their local public library. New Mexico State Library now offers Career Online High School (COHS) from Gale , a Cengage company, making it the first program in the state that gives qualified residents the chance to earn an accredited high school diploma through their public library. There is no cost to students for the program, but enrollment is limited and requires a library card.

Great ways library media and IT departments can work together

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Library media specialists and IT teams can work toward a common mission. As purveyors of digital learning materials and research, library media specialists are aligning with their IT departments to help create dynamic, engaging hubs for students and instructors. Suzanna Panter said the 50,000-student, 70-school district was an early one-to-one laptop adopter and, as such, relies on strong ties between its media and IT departments.


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K–12's Digital Transformation Is Giving Libraries a Modern Makeover

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K–12's Digital Transformation Is Giving Libraries a Modern Makeover. Today’s school libraries are being reinvented. No longer just a haven for dusty books and stern shushes, the library is now a place for digital resources and makerspaces and flexible learning. The landscape of a K–12 library is changing with the times, and librarians oversee an important space for today’s modern learner. Student Feedback Can Be Helpful for Library Design.

Check your public library.


A quick search on Boston Public Library's website revealed that the book was right at my fingertips, free, via their connection to Hoopla , an electronic media service. So, this is just a suggestion to check out your library website's resources for picture book therapy materials.

Fascinating library project has students award peace prize

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[ Editor’s note: This piece is the first in our new monthly series focusing on Innovative School Libraries and Librarians. Be sure to keep checking back during the month of August for new library-focused articles!]. Our students mostly use iPads in kindergarten and 1 st grade, so this is their first use of a laptop for a project. Curriculum eClassroom News Featured on eSchool News How-to International School Libraries Top News

Innovation In Libraries Can Lead To Innovation In Schools

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Innovation In Libraries Can Lead To Innovation In Schools . Libraries are brilliant because books are brilliant. If A Library Were YouTube. Take a modern library, for example. Even if the newest libraries, books are arranged in terms of genre, often by author last name. Library: Google::Sears:Amazon? Libraries are far more rational and exact in their arrangement—it’s all extraordinarily left-brained and painfully precise. Libraries can’t.

The Most Epic Digital Library For Kids and Educators


In fact it is not just an app, but a whole platform, an extensive digital library of hand-picked, high quality books that will spark every kid’s interest in reading. They are all in your personal library that you can take anywhere. Digital Library? You can use it on laptop or PC, online or offline. Variety of formats and a growing library. And this library is growing every day. And giving access to this library completely for FREE is extremely generous.

A padlocked drinking fountain, tree stump seats and a caution-taped library: See how the coronavirus has transformed schools

The Hechinger Report

Picture of library shelves with “caution do not enter” tape. Elsewhere, a school used caution tape to prevent students from roaming through bookshelves in the library. In Florida and Wisconsin, schools have padlocked or sealed drinking fountains to keep kids from using them.

Gale brings interactive science tools to libraries

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New resources demonstrate libraries’ need for ed-tech partners. Gale, a part of Cengage Learning, is offering three new science products for academic and school libraries. Our collaboration with Gale on these exciting new science products for academic and school libraries will allow students to learn science concepts online in an interactive environment supported by curriculum-based reference materials in the classroom, at home, and in the library.

How Libraries Stretch Their Capabilities to Serve Kids During a Pandemic


Hunter and her colleague Rachel Krumenacker at the Chattanooga Public Library in Chattanooga, Tennessee, had filmed the DIY craft on a Zoom call from their respective living rooms. The craft videos are part of the Chattanooga Public Libraries’ summer program for kids, called Make.

A Makerspace, Teaching Studio or Wellness Center? The Role of Libraries in College Innovation


Libraries have long been central to college campuses. In fact, one way colleges have measured their greatness has been to boast about the size of their library collections. But now that so many materials are digital, is a book count the best way to measure a library’s impact? And how have libraries become central to new efforts to remake the college campus for the information age? EdSurge: So what is the best way to measure a college library’s value these days?

The New Librarian: How I created a makerspace

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In this series, we will be profiling innovative and award-winning library media specialists who will share their favorite tools, lessons, and advice. I’ve been called the “Willy Wonka of school librarians” because I transformed our traditional library into what I call an IDEA (Innovation, Design, Engineering, and Art) Lab complete with flexible furniture, robotics, engineering tools, iPads, laptops, and sewing machines.

Online Learning: Why Libraries Could Be the Key to MOOCs’ Success


Librarians at Chicago Public Library (CPL) partnered with the nonprofit Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU) to make online education more accessible through this program. . Libraries are a perfect setting for Learning Circles for several reasons: they already serve the local community; they are equipped with meeting spaces; many have computer stations, and most importantly, librarians know how to help people find answers. .


The Death and Life of a Scholarship Database


Students hungry for higher education even when few colleges cared much about them—they could go to a library, use Schlachter’s books and find money to fund their academic ambitions. She was the first person to earn a doctorate in library science from the University of Minnesota.

Letters for Libraries: Advocacy & Action!

The Daring Librarian

Letters for Libraries: It''s Not Just About Books. Funding for school libraries and funding for other student literacy programs (like the National Writing Project) is being threatened both federally and in states across the country. In the 21st century information environment, our students deserve and need your help in keeping their library/information literacy programs strong. Yet library jobs are being cut - and, now, not included in this jobs bill.

Amazon wins $30M contract to sell e-books to NYC schools

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The e-books will be readable on e-readers, tablets, smartphones, laptops and other devices. In its bid for NYC’s business, Amazon edged out competitor OverDrive, which is also ramping up its commitment to schools and school libraries to compete for districts’ e-book dollars. Traditionally, a library e-book lender, OverDrive is working with education publishers to make it easier for schools to borrow textbooks electronically.

How to transform your media centers into makerspaces

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Even with tight budgets, it’s possible to repurpose your libraries or media centers into 21st century makerspaces. Some of our schools needed additional devices like tablets or laptops, and we were able to provide a few for each school. Best Practices Community Relations How-to Innovation Corner School Libraries 3D printing K-12 libraries makerspaces media centers schools

In San Francisco, Teens Design a Living Room for High-Tech Learning at the Public Library

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When teens enter The Mix at the San Francisco Public Library, 19-year-old Dayra Banales is quick to step up and offer a tour, walking visitors past a row of new computers and through studios filled with video and audio equipment. The Mix is a new 4,770-square-foot digital media center on the second floor of the city’s main library. She said libraries in Nashville and Phoenix have since used the process for their own designs.

Kids Discover Online unveils custom assessments feature

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Kids Discover , a provider of engaging science and social studies curriculum, announced that its interactive digital library, Kids Discover Online, now includes custom assessment capabilities. As they can with all Kids Discover Online content, students will be able to take assessments on any device, including iPads, laptops, and even mobile phones.

12 Websites for Digital Books Summer Reading

Ask a Tech Teacher

Usually, that meant desktop computers, iPads, and laptops, either in small groups or 1:1. International Children’s Digital Library. Books are made available from a variety of sources including the Library of Congress. Open Library.

How to Make Short-Form Videos as Tutorials, and Why You Might Want To


Craig has a splendid new essay up in In the Library with the Lead Pipe , called “Modular Short Form Video for Library Instruction” ; although it’s pitched at librarians, it’s useful for anyone interested in teaching multi-step processes. Don’t assume users will even know how to find your library’s website. Teaching everyone misses Vine in the library with the leadpipe has good content instagram short-form videos snapchat

Video 65

Whiteboard Apps You’ll Love

Ask a Tech Teacher

SyncSpace is a sharable, zoomable, collaborative whiteboard for iPads, mobile devices, laptops, and computers. IPEVO –draw and annotate directly onto real-time camera image from your iPad, images in the Photo Library, or a blank whiteboard. Whiteboards have long been a de rigeur staple in classrooms, occupying pride-of-place at the front of the room.

Makerspaces: On Scanning the Road & Gently Easing the Brakes


But, there is NOT just one right way to do library. But should a formal makerspace need to be a part of every school library? . Lately I hear from administrators who, after reading an article or post about makerspaces in libraries, believe their library must have or be a makerspace, without serious consideration of how that program might or might not address local needs. The space case: Library spaces ARE changing and we need to do some thinking.

4 Chromebooks Mistakes Schools Make


Laptops won’t fix that! So, when purchasing laptops, make sure it’s to complements the plan of action already set in place. Laptops are not a solution, they are part of a solid foundation. How will the course curriculum improve after incorporating laptops?

Smart Campus: Managed Network Services for University Wi-Fi in the age of IoT


Over 20 million students will head to class this fall, laptops in tow, ready for long hours spent in lecture halls and libraries and with any luck, a few parties and campus ac tivities as well. College: where young minds are molded, and future leaders are born. Higher Education Wireless Network Performance Managed Network Services IoT WiFi Design

5 Reasons Why School Computer Labs Still Matter

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Laptops sit much lower on a work surface. Does your school issue laptops or Chromebooks to all students? Integrating workstations into the school library is a popular approach. These diverse spaces are often known as the “ library commons.” ” Increasingly, school libraries are less about stocking print materials and more about collaboration and creating meaning. Want to keep things calmer in the library proper?

Hang Out, Mess Around, Geek Out—Studio NPL Puts Pro-Grade Media In The Hands Of Youth

Educator Innovator

Libraries have changed since my childhood in the 1980s. Online library resources now feature downloadable electronic editions and audiobooks; their collections are indexed and available for instant search from anywhere. Just as the book has undergone a dramatic transformation through technological innovation, so has the library itself. Until today, I don’t think I really understood what that meant in concrete, practical terms, both for the library and for its patrons.

Digital Games in the Classroom

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72% typically use a desktop or laptop computer for gaming. As schools relax restrictions on mobile devices in classrooms and laptops and tablets become as common as calculators and pencils, how can librarians support the gaming needs of teachers and students? Whether we’re in school libraries or programming for teens at public libraries, where does gaming fit into library services? What does gaming look like in your library?

How to Manage Student Devices for Remote Learning

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As schools across the country have rapidly shifted to distance learning due to school closures brought about by the coronavirus (COVID-19), students have been sent home with school-issued devices like laptops or tablets so they can continue their learning from home.

How To 304

Teacher Appreciation Week–Gifts for the Tech Teacher

Ask a Tech Teacher

When my fellow teachers did seek me out — always to ask for help and rarely to request training — they’d come to my room, laptop in hand, and follow the noise of my fingers flying across the keyboard. Students researched online as often as in the library.

Got Gabsee? 3D Augmented Reality Avatar

The Daring Librarian

The Verge I say that it's a whole lot of fun, and I can see using it for program advocacy, as well as book and library promotion. And if you're not there, can use your phone to have your Gabsee animated on top of a photo on your laptop, or a book! I did this just on my laptop using a photo from my school library media center A post shared by Gwyneth Jones (@thedaringlibrarian) on Aug 1, 2017 at 11:55am PDT This is not really a video!

How I created my school’s makerspace

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I’ve been called the “Willy Wonka of school librarians” because I transformed our traditional library into what I call an IDEA (Innovation, Design, Engineering, and Art) Lab complete with flexible furniture, robotics, engineering tools, iPads, laptops, and sewing machines.

Why Game Based Learning Is the Right Choice for Remote Teaching

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Online Reading –when the classroom library isn’t available, use one of the many online libraries or story collections to inspire reading. I don’t know many kids who aren’t excited to play games.

5 Technology Tools For Educators

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Students have been using laptop computers in the classroom for decades, and some schools even furnish them to students. In recent years, tablets have begun to replace laptops for many classroom applications. Tablets are even more portable than laptops and are available at a wide range of price points. There are thousands of apps available, including a growing library of educational apps.

Putting an ed tech darling in context

The Hechinger Report

school district was the toast of the ed tech community — acclaimed as a shining example of how laptop computers could improve education. That year, the PBS NewsHour broadcast a feature story showing how the district 25 miles north of Charlotte gave every student a laptop from fourth grade on up. When I reported about a laptop failure in a New Jersey school in 2014, I used Mooresville as a counter-example of an effective laptop program.