What If No One Seeks Credit for a Credit-Eligible MOOC?


News that Arizona State University and edX have archived 10 of their 14 Global Freshman Academy courses raises questions about the viability and purpose of credit-eligible MOOCs. It’s not the first time students seemingly have rejected opportunities to gain college credit for MOOCs.

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Article in Journal ‘Science’ Argues MOOC Participation is Declining as Providers Pivot


What lessons can be learned from the rise and pivot of MOOCs, those large-scale online courses that proponents said would disrupt higher education? An article this week in the prestigious journal ‘Science’ explores that question, digging into six years of data from MOOCs offered by Harvard University and MIT on the edX platform launched by the two universities. In fact, completion rates for MOOCs in the study declined. So MOOCs have not disrupted higher education.

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A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


The free assessments include Google Docs assessments to copy and digital rubrics to download. You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning.

20 New Ways to Use Google Classroom [infographic]

Shake Up Learning

The post 20 New Ways to Use Google Classroom [infographic] appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Expand Your Use of Google Classroom. Google has opened up Google Classroom to users outside of G Suite for Education. How to Manage Multiple Google Accounts.

EdSurge HigherEd Year in Review: Our Top Higher Education Stories of 2018


While not quite the “Year of the MOOC,” 2018 saw a resurgence in interest around the ways these massive open online courses are delivering free (and more often these days, not free) online education around the world, and how these providers are increasingly turning to traditional institutions of learning. How Blockbuster MOOCs Could Shape the Future of Teaching. The “Year of the MOOC” is long behind us. Education Technology MOOCs Higher Education

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The Professor Who Quit His Tenured Job to Make Podcasts and Lecture Videos


He made the move to his new phase of scholarly life during a rush of enthusiasm for so-called MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses, that big-name colleges were starting to offer low-cost higher education to a wider audience. You can follow the podcast on the Apple Podcast app , Spotify , Stitcher , Google Play Music or wherever you listen. Back in the day I was a complex systems philosopher of science. I studied complex social and physical and biological systems.

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On the Hotseat: 7 Questions for NovoEd’s New CEO, Ed Miller


I first became involved in edtech as CEO of Xythos, a content repository system that was one of the first solutions that allowed universities and K-12 systems to have cloud based file sharing and storage. Xythos was used for collaboration and allowed students and faculty the ability to access files even before Dropbox and Google Drive. It was also licensed as the core of Blackboard’s content management system. Education Technology MOOCs Postsecondary Learning

Scaling Up Micro-credentials

The PL2C Blog

The prospect of re-designing an entire professional development system is daunting, particularly when it’s a totally new idea, like micro-credentials. This small tweak emulates the competency based approach and might allow district leaders to get a feel for the potential value of micro-credentials as well as the potential push-back such a system will create. Coaching Leadership MOOC-Ed Teaching & LearningBy Lauren Acree.

In June, a Unique Chance for Educators to Renew, Remix, Reimagine at CLMOOC

Educator Innovator

So who is the MOOC designed for? Each partner will facilitate a Make Cycle, and bring expertise related to one of three themes: identity, systems, and public. Educator Innovator Blog #clmooc #connectedlearning moocSign up today for the 2015 CLMOOC!

EdTech Acronyms Explained


CMS – Content Management System (a tool to build websites and apps). GAFE – Google Apps For Education (include Google Docs, Google Sites etc). LMS – Learning Management System (software that runs and manages educational programs). OS – Operation system (e.g.

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Innovation In E-learning In The Last 10 Years


According to a Google report , almost 80% people don’t exit their homes sans smartphones. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). MOOC is not a new concept in the e-learning industry. Many prestigious universities such as Harvard offers MOOC at minimal or no cost. MOOC also offers group collaboration and feedback through online evaluation. Learning Management System (LMS). E-learning has seen a broad positive shift in the last couple of years.

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Learning Revolution Free PD - Google Summit - Student App Development - Maker Education - Reinventing Higher Ed

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Updates Partner Spotlight Calendar of Events Deadlines Highlighted Recordings NMC Navigator Top Ten Conversations Final Notes Updates Did you miss the annoucement of our Online Summit Featuring Google for Education? We’re taking Google education summits online! The Learning Revolution Project is joining forces with CUE to expand globally connective opportunities for educators this September by hosting the first ever Online Summit Featuring Google for Education.

5 Ed-Tech Ideas Face The Chronicle’s Version of ‘Shark Tank’

Wired Campus

If you want to track your learners, if you want to see the progress of your learners, if you want to bring in the information from the quizzes into your learning-management systems, then you have to buy. Freedman: I love where you started with the criticism of the MOOCs. I mean, MOOCs aren’t learning platforms, they’re distribution platforms. And if you’re using maps, we want you to use Google Maps or GIS and those kinds of things. Distance Education IT MOOCs Teachin

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Is There Still a Meaningful Difference Between For-Profit and Public Higher Ed?


He’s the guy who coined the term MOOC, short for Massive Open Online Course, which then was a reference to multiplayer video games. Education could be less expensive, it could be more engaging, it could have a bigger impact, but we are confined to a system that values dollars first.”

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Higher education technology predictions for 2014

Mark Smithers

Some new services and platforms will emerge to cater for different forms of learning, MOOCs will evolve and improve and open badges will be hot. The MOOC backlash. Of course I have to start with MOOCs. The MOOC backlash started in earnest in 2013. TL;DR.


ISTE Wants to Be More Than Just a Conference. Learn How They Are Expanding.


The group’s new ISTE U is a partnership with Dominican University, in California, and D2L, a learning management system provider. For many, what ISTE is doing with online courses may sound similar to MOOCs (massive open online courses), or other online certifications for educators offered by big companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft. But South says this is not about competing with the big technology companies, and he stresses that it is certainly not another MOOC.

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Examples Of Innovation In Higher Ed–With A Caution

TeachThought - Learn better.

Asynchronous access to this content, especially when this access is not through a dated university learning management system, but something more authentic to the student, maybe even accessed on their own mobile devices. Examples Of Innovation In Higher Ed–With A Caution. by Terry Heick.

A Devil’s Dictionary of Educational Technology

Bryan Alexander

1) A document management system, whereby a faculty member can transfer a single document to his or her students. MOOC , n. It seems to include little start-up companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and others.

Curriculum Mapping with G Suite


Richard Anderson and Fanny Passeport have been working on this project for about 2 years now and have created a Google+ Community to share tutorials on how to integrate various G Suite Apps, Add-ons and Scripts to make this possible. We will soon develop a MOOC to further support our members.


Disruptive technologies in Education industry


impetus for the number of startups investing in the edtech sector and technology releases by players like Microsoft, Google have given the necessary boost for educators to look towards technology to impart education for the future.

4 Important Lessons from 15 Years in EdTech

Gaggle Speaks

Today, Gaggle provides our Safe Classroom Learning Management System and Safety Management products for Google Apps for Education or Office 365 to millions of students who are creating, collaborating and sharing in a safe environment.

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Peter Thiel May Finally Get His Flying Cars, Thanks to a New Udacity Nanodegree in 2018


You’ll have to wait until early 2018, says Thrun, who says he is currently developing the curriculum with Kiva Systems co-founder Raff D’Andrea and a pair of aerospace professors—Angela Schoellig (University of Toronto) and Nicholas Roy (M.I.T.) Founded in 2012, Udacity initially sought to work with universities as a provider of massive online open courses (MOOCs). Peter Thiel once complained he was promised flying cars, but had to settle for 140 characters instead.

How a Parody Twitter Account Helps Decode the Hulking Educause Conference (And What to Expect This Year)


So we decided to track down this heroic jokester for a more in-depth interview with the IT official (who we’ll keep anonymous, though you could track him down with a bit of Googling). Open Badges Update and the IMS Global Open Badges Extensions in Education Project with Brenda Perea (Colorado Community College System), Mark Leuba (IMS Global Learning Consortium), Anthony Newman (Purdue University), Jonathan Finkelstein (Credly).

Education Technology and the Promise of 'Free' and 'Open'

Hack Education

The Rebranding of MOOCs. Remember 2012 , “ The Year of the MOOC? Remember in 2012 when the media wrote about MOOCs with such frenzy, parroting all these marketing claims and more and predicting that MOOCs were poised to “ end the era of expensive higher education ”? Along the way, most of the predictions and promises have been broken: Attending a MOOC now often costs money ; receiving a certificate certainly costs money.


The Greatest EdTech Generation Ever – LIVE Blog of Justin Reich’s Keynote


In fact, if you Google “rainbow starburst bracelet” and the official video from the company has been viewed a fraction of the times. As a researcher, Justin has been carrying this concept into his work with MOOCs.

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?Are We Recreating Segregated Education Online?


A single mom in middle America could learn to code from Google instructor. Despite these promising developments, however, vast inequity still persists in the United States education system. It’s worth reexamining how we’re recreating these educational walled gardens online—as we move from the heyday of MOOCs in 2012 to the gradual decline of open access courseware in 2017.

What Does A Relevant, Connected Educator Look Like-Part 2

The Web20Classroom

Our grading system was computer-based but I had to go to the Media Center to enter them. By plugging in Relevant, Connected Educators are using webinars, on-demand learning, MOOC''s, hashtags and other digital resources to learn and improve their practice. Remember Google Wave?)

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4 Important Lessons from 15 Years in EdTech

Gaggle Speaks

Today, Gaggle provides our Safe Classroom Learning Management System and Safety Management products for Google Apps for Education or Office 365 to millions of students who are creating, collaborating and sharing in a safe environment.

Crowdfunding Meets Webinar: How One Organization Uses Slack to Tackle Global Challenges


Now that we’ve assembled international crowds of motivated, smart people online in MOOCs, it’s time to think about harnessing their collective intelligence to tackle these urgent cross-boundary issues. We invite up to 1,000 students who have previously completed two or more of our free MOOCs to apply to participate in these challenges.

(The Very Last) Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Online Education (and the Once and Future “MOOC”). A glimpse : “In China ’s Silicon Valley, Edtech Starts at the ‘MOOC Times Building’ ” Via Class Central : “By The Numbers: MOOCs in 2018.” ” “ University of California System is playing hardball with Elsevier in negotiations that could transform the way it pays to read and publish research,” says Inside Higher Ed.

30 Examples Of Disruptions In The Classroom

TeachThought - Learn better.

The ubiquity of Google search and its impact on curriculum knowledge demands. The general success of Google as a platform model (Classroom, Music, YouTube, Search, Chromebooks, Chrome OS, etc.). The adoption of blended learning approaches through learning management systems.

The Stories We've Been Told (in 2017) about Education Technology

Hack Education

All this happened in the larger context of news from the US school system itself. Then there was the infamous anti-diversity memo distributed by Google engineer James Damore and leaked to the press this summer that charged that efforts the company (and the industry more broadly) had taken to address diversity were misguided as women are biologically ill-suited to computer science – which is, of course, totally b t. Beyond the MOOC. MOOCs and Anti-MOOCs.


Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Online Education (and the Once and Future “MOOC”). ” Via Edsurge : “5 Ways MOOC -Based Degrees Are Different From Other Online Degrees.” ” Not listed: other online degrees simply aren’t hyped the way MOOCs are. “ FutureLearn Looking To Raise £40m, Announces a MOOC-based BA,” says Class Central. ” Via Buzzfeed : “Google Is Shutting Down Google+ After It Discovered A Bug That Exposed Personal Information.”


Campus Tech 2016: Recognizing—and Questioning—“Inevitable” Futures


Stephen Downes , senior researcher at the National Research Council of Canada and co-creator of the MOOC, began with an overview of the predictive process, saying it “isn’t magic, but it’s not mechanical either.” Love is the orientation that can move us from systemically decomplexifying education to embracing its richness.” IT’S NOT ABOUT ‘FEELING THE BERN’: If you want to transform a system of higher education, how would you do it?

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We Are Rockstar Educators

Improving Education Environments

The MOOC phenomenon has led to media pundits and platform developers and their mouthpieces to view teaching from a popularity lens; those at the front of these MOOCs are purported to be regal and powerful by way of their MOOC, the performance on-camera as The Important.