Fri.Nov 17, 2023

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To ChatGPT or Not to ChatGPT, That Is the Question

EdTech Magazine

The last big controversial piece of educational technology introduced to schools and classrooms — the handheld calculator — dates to the late 1960s. Educators worried that these new devices would have a negative impact on students. Would their math abilities be ruined if calculators did the computations for them? How could they learn from mistakes if the calculator was always there to give them the right answer?

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Using AI in Service of Strong Pedagogical Practice

Catlin Tucker

Last week, I participated in a panel discussion with Jay McTighe and Tony Frontier on leading in an era of artificial intelligence. During the conversation, we discussed AI’s potential to transform education. Despite my optimism about the benefits of AI in education, the buzz online is focused on the exciting new AI-powered education tools and not on the transformative impact those tools could have on how we design and facilitate learning experiences to meet the needs of diverse groups of


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The Sound Of The Future: My Experience Piloting ChatGPT Voice In The Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter We educators constantly seek new ways to engage our students and enhance their learning experiences. Recently, I introduced voice interactions with ChatGPT in my classroom using a Custom GPT that I made. (Note: If you’re new to ChatGPT, start with my blog post on What is ChatGPT ?

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Pathways and Portraits: Connecting Computational Thinking to the Future of Work

Digital Promise

The post Pathways and Portraits: Connecting Computational Thinking to the Future of Work appeared first on Digital Promise.

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Enhancing School Device Management for Improved Learning

Schools face increasing challenges as technology becomes integral to education. Efficient device management is essential for maximizing technology use and safeguarding investments. Our article discusses the importance of tracking devices, outlines current challenges, and suggests modern solutions that go beyond traditional methods like Excel. Learn how advanced tracking systems can streamline operations, improve maintenance, and offer real-time updates for better resource allocation.

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Voice ChatGPT: A New Dimension in the Educators’ Toolkit

The CoolCatTeacher

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter In my recent experiments with Voice ChatGPT during my daily commutes, I've discovered some fascinating insights and practical applications for educators. Before I dig into the nuts and bolts of this experience, here's an overview into of the journey of using this tool for drafting blog posts and planning lessons: The Microphone shows on my phone app.

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This Is Your Brain on Math: The Science Behind Culturally Responsive Instruction


As a math educator at the high school and middle school levels, I lived for the moments when students’ furrowed brows ever-so-slightly began to unfold and smiles emerged. Those “aha” moments were often accompanied with a gleeful, “I get it!” I refer to those epiphanies, when the metaphorical light bulb above a student’s head switches on, as “luminations.

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Four Edtech Tools That Make Science Instruction More Equitable

American Consortium for Equity in Education

By Susan Barnes, Science Teacher, White Knoll Middle School Throughout the entirety of my 15-year career in education, I’ve struggled with the question of how educators can improve equity in science instruction. While I don’t claim to have one, definitive Keep Reading Four Edtech Tools That Make Science Instruction More Equitable The post Four Edtech Tools That Make Science Instruction More Equitable appeared first on American Consortium for Equity in Education.

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Here’s why STEM Career Days are a great idea

eSchool News

Key points: STEM careers desperately need skilled workers–but the pipeline is drying up STEM Career Days do wonders in attracting students to STEM fields See related article: Building a representative STEM pipeline needs to start in kindergarten For more news on STEM education, visit eSN’s STEM & STEAM page A new study at the University of Missouri–in partnership with Harvard-Smithsonian researchers–shows that when colleges host ‘STEM Career Days,’ the students who at

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20 Years of Student Feedback Drives Digital Learning

Watch the Recording Listen to the Podcast Can you guess what students said was their most-used mobile device in 2003? Hint: It burned. In the edLeader Panel “ From CDs to AI: Congressional Briefing on 20 Years of Speak Up Research ,” Dr. Julie A. Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow and the founder of the heralded Speak Up Research Project, along with a panel of students, had a conversation about decades of trends and the latest shifts in digital learning today.

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Community college-to-UC pipeline gets a boost as California ‘guarantees’ transfers

The Hechinger Report

Editor’s note: This story led off this week’s Higher Education newsletter, which is delivered free to subscribers’ inboxes every other Thursday with trends and top stories about higher education. Email Address Choose from our newsletters Weekly Update Future of Learning Higher Education Early Childhood Proof Points Leave this field empty if you’re human: For every two freshmen enrolled in a college in the University of California system, administrators say they would like to enroll one tra

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Quickly Create Personalized Learning Experiences that Work

How can we actively engage learners 24/7, on their level and according to their interests, while respecting their learning styles? It’s not impossible. In this guide: Explore how to transform traditional, one-way videos into two-way interactive learning experiences Understand different types of artificial intelligence (AI), including - Generative vs.

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Using Education to Fight the Battle Against Vaping

Watch the Recording Listen to the Podcast If schools and communities only had to worry about youth smoking now, they would be winning, according to Amy Taylor, Chief of Community Engagement for Truth Initiative. Only about 2.3% of the youth population smoked in 2021 compared to 23% in 2000. Unfortunately, though, right before the pandemic, 27% of youth were vaping, and that fight is ongoing.

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The Importance of Word Wrap in Google Sheets

Teacher Tech with Alice Keeler

A key skill to know when using Google Sheets is how to wrap the text within a cell. You want to be able to view all of the text that is in your spreadsheet and not have any of cut off. Setting word wrap can be a bit tricky until you know where to look. The post The Importance of Word Wrap in Google Sheets appeared first on Teacher Tech.

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Children's brains shaped by their time on tech devices, research to-date shows

ScienceDaily (EdTech section)

Time spent watching television or playing computer games has measurable and long-term effects on children's brain function, according to a review of 23 years of neuroimaging research, which while showing negative impacts also demonstrates some positive effects.

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Case Study: ULS and Davidson County Schools


Read how this NC school district improved student scores across all subjects on their alternate assessments. The post Case Study: ULS and Davidson County Schools appeared first on n2y.

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Can Brain Science Actually Help Make Your Training & Teaching Stick?

Speaker: Andrew Cohen, Founder & CEO of Brainscape

The instructor’s PPT slides are brilliant. You’ve splurged on the expensive interactive courseware. Student engagement is stellar. So… why are half of your students still forgetting everything they learned in just a matter of weeks? It's likely a matter of cognitive science! With so much material to "teach" these days, we often forget to incorporate key proven principles into our curricula — namely active recall, metacognition, spaced repetition, and interleaving practice.

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Why Is Plagiarism A Problem?


Imagine you have invented a never-melting ice cream. Or coffee that gives you energy without anxiety and never gets cold. Or anything equally wonderful that took you time and effort to create. One day, you share this amazing accomplishment with a colleague over lunch… and the next thing you know, they present a never-melting frozen yogurt based on exactly the same technology your ice cream was.

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The Safe Library Bootcamp: An Affordable All-Staff Professional Development Training in Service, Safety, and Security

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The Safe Library Bootcamp: An All-Staff Professional Development Training in Service, Safety, and Security 3 x 1-hour live online sessions and non-expiring access to the recordings OVERVIEW Join library author, trainer, and security expert Dr. Steve Albrecht for this Safe Library "Bootcamp," designed to be an essential and affordable all-staff training tool on the basics of library service, safety, and security.

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SMART Technologies Unveils the New Performance SMART Board® RX Series, Empowering Teachers and Students with Advanced Features to Enhance Inclusion

eSchool News

CALGARY, AB – SMART Technologies is proud to announce the launch of the company’s latest innovation for education: the SMART Board ® RX series. This revolutionary display is designed with accessibility in mind and provides teachers with the tools they need to make learning more engaging for students, while saving precious time for teachers, too. This performance display comes with optically bonded glass and a multi-color stylus for an effortless inking experience, as well as leading student devi