Technology overuse may be the new digital divide

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For years policymakers have fretted about the “digital divide,” that poor students are less likely to have computers and high-speed internet at home than rich students. “It’s not a technology divide, it’s a content divide.

Partnering Literacy and Technology to Improve One School

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We have made great strides to level the technology playing field in education, but unfortunately the digital divide still exists between those who have the tools to research, learn and collaborate online at home, and those who don’t. Video Courtesy of Redwood City School District.

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Addressing the Digital Learning Gap with Effective Educator Coaching

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However, in other scenarios, students are engaged with lower-level uses of technology such as test preparation, reading static online content, and seemingly endless drill and practice exercises. This is leading to an emerging “second level digital divide” in US schools, fueled by differences in how technology is utilized to advance teaching and learning. The post Addressing the Digital Learning Gap with Effective Educator Coaching appeared first on Digital Promise.

Three Examples: Elementary Charters Instructing Young Children at a Distance


For example, their first graders start the day with a mindful exercise at 8:00 am, then dig into a writing prompt by 8:15, and they are expected to jump online by 9:15. This is exactly why the digital divide is so damaging during the current pandemic.

Chaos Learning: Classroom vs Online?

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The greatest problem exposed is the digital divide caused by the economic divide. Zip codes still determine quality of education even more in a digital system. There are many drawbacks in digital systems that were less of an obstacle in face-to-face environments.

Educators Share What’s Working in Distance Learning

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Unfortunately, school closures have meant a step backward for many when it comes to the digital divide. Connecting with students over ST Math has now become more than just an academic exercise for our students.

13 Websites That Provide Lots of Digital Books for Summer Reading

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At the beginning of the 21st century, the definition of digital equity revolved around the provision of a digital device to every student. This site provides thousands of digitized books, audio recordings, DVDs/CDs from the public domain (or out-of-copyright).

Addressing the Digital Learning Gap with Effective Educator Coaching


Cross-posted from Digital Promise Addressing the Digital Learning Gap with Effective Educator Coaching JULY 26, 2017 | BY KAREN CATOR In 2014, I wrote – The problem with education in America is not the lack of excellence. Karen Cator is President & CEO of Digital Promise.

Counseling kids during the coronavirus: A tough job made even tougher

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The digital divide raised similar concerns: If no phone numbers work for a family, if emails remain unanswered, how can counselors gauge the welfare of a child? “It’s

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Khan Academy: Friend or Foe?

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To date, these statistics are: 140 million+ lessons delivered, 500 million+ exercises done, and 6+ million unique visits per month. While attending the NSBA Annual Conference this past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend Sal Kahn’s keynote on Sunday. Khan is the creator of Khan Academy.

What Achieving Digital Equity Using Online Courses Could Look Like


Two very different and promising lines of research might form the foundation of a new set of design principles for digital equity. Researchers at Stanford have identified achievement gaps between students from developed and developing countries in MOOCs, and early findings suggest that simple exercises to encourage a sense of belonging in an online community can substantially reduce those gaps. By John Hansen and Justin Reich.


Education Technology's Inequalities

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Don’t Believe “Don’t Be Evil” My own concerns about the direction of education technology cannot be separated from my concerns with digital technologies more broadly. Indeed, the World Bank issued a report in January arguing that digital technologies – not just robots in factories – stand to widen inequalities as well, “and even hasten the hollowing out of middle-class employment.” Education Technology and Digital Polarization.