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How does an intelligent learning platform help teachers create a truly personalized learning environment?


Modern edtech such as an intelligent learning platform (ILP) can help you achieve this by creating a personalized learning environment. . Personalized learning is currently emerging as one of the biggest trends in education. What is personalized learning? Students’ individual learning goals.

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Personalized Learning, Teachers Unleashed, and a Learning Analytics Partnership: The Story of Fresno Unified


At last February’s Board meeting, 10-year old Ryan inspired the adults in the room to see how tech can be leveraged for learning in a whole new light. Ryan had this chance to shine because of Fresno’s Personalized Learning Initiative (PLI), which has been fostering student voice, choice and collaboration over the last two years.


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How to Choose the Best Educational Software for Your Classroom

Kitaboo on EdTech

Technology has seeped its way into classrooms, streamlined academic standards, and transformed the pedagogical landscape to a large extent. Today, students are blessed with interactive platforms, personalized education, online learning, and educational software that have been designed to enhance the learning experience.

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Using Data to Support Personalized Learning Pathways

Eric Butash is responsible for providing leadership and innovation for enhancing teaching and learning through the identification, evaluation, adoption, and integration of effective educational innovations for the Foster-Glocester Regional School District. About the Moderator.

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Otus - LMS, Data Management and Assessment Management, all in one easy-to-use product

Educational Technology Guy

It is integrated classroom tools for students and teachers and powerful transparency for families and school leaders. It combines the best features of a learning management system, assessment management and data management into one. Has a great gradebook supporting traditional points-based classrooms and standards based grading.

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8 EdTech Trends to Watch Out for This 2020

Ask a Tech Teacher

From digital certificates to learning analytics, here are eight EdTech trends to look forward to in the coming months. Video-assisted Learning. Gone are the days when teachers had to drag TVs into classrooms to let students watch films. Now, nearly every classroom is at least equipped with a screen and projector.

EdTech 309
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Edtech Trends From 2020 And Beyond

Ask a Tech Teacher

However, due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus and the global lockdown, distance learning became vital in 2020. That led to a rise of different e-learning platforms and solutions such as learning management systems (LMSs) , learning experience platforms (LXPs) , learning analytics platforms (LAPs ), and so on.

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