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Measuring Student Engagement with Digital Tools

ViewSonic Education

Most teachers and experts would state that student engagement is mandatory for learners to fulfill their potential, but actually measuring student engagement has always been tricky. Read on to find out how, or choose to learn about myViewBoard Sens and other ViewSonic’s Education Solutions.

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The 3 Best Strategies For Teachers To Keep Students Engaged

Ask a Tech Teacher

The 3 Best Strategies For Teachers To Keep Students Engaged Engaging students in the classroom is a key factor in successful teaching and learning. However, keeping students interested and involved in their education can be a big challenge.


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7 Digital tools for student engagement across all grade levels


As we head into the spring, we may notice a decrease in student engagement. For some students, there have been midterm exams, extended school breaks, or we find ourselves in the middle of standardized testing season. Students should also be part of the process of deciding on different tools to try.

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New Research on Student Engagement Best Practices

The CoolCatTeacher

Engagement is such a challenge for schools—now more than ever. Lots of anecdotal evidence is floating around, but right now, we need answers for what produces strong student engagement. We can dig in and find that in some excellent research from the 2020 State of Engagement report. Administrative/District-Level.

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How To Boost Student Engagement: Modern Tools for Math Teachers

Ask a Tech Teacher

Modern educational tools make it possible to add a practical edge to math lessons, as students can observe math structures at play in the real world and see how people apply these formulas to solve common challenges. Department of Education reports show that technology can potentially transform education.

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4 ways edtech tools drive student engagement and build classroom culture

eSchool News

Key points: Increased student engagement yields better learning outcomes Edtech has a lot of potential to help boost student engagement See related article: With greater access to devices, teachers are folding more tech into instruction As a teacher, I constantly wondered how to get students more engaged in my lessons.

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Q&A: How Laser-Focused Learning Can Support Student Engagement

EdTech Magazine

The pandemic disrupted learning for millions of K–12 students and caused student engagement to plummet in many districts. At the same time, the crisis accelerated the adoption of technologies and tools that connect students and teachers across varied classroom environments.