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This Is Your Brain on Math: The Science Behind Culturally Responsive Instruction


In one of the lessons , students accessed the Agriculture Department’s Food Access Research Atlas to locate food deserts in their city. The location students identified had to be strategically located for equitable access, accounting for the needs of community members most limited by transportation and low economic support.

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The Impact of Creativity on College and Career Readiness


Tacy Trowbridge Lead for Global Education Thought Leadership & Advocacy Adobe What importance does creativity play when it comes to college and career pathways? She teaches students to be more inclusive by making their creations accessible to those who are differently abled. What creative skills are employers looking for?

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Computer science claims slight victory in high schools

eSchool News

The new statistics come from the 2021 State of Computer Science Education: Accelerating Action Through Advocacy , released by, the Computer Science Teachers Association, and the Expanding Computing Education Pathways Alliance.

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Colleges Are Missing Out on Students Who Start — But Don’t Finish — Their Applications


million students accessed the Common App, created a profile and began working on at least one application. He and Preston Magouirk, chief data officer at the nonprofit DC College Access Program, took that step back. This underscores the fact that people who access the Common App at all have a high baseline enrollment rate.

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Undocumented High School Students Are Now the ‘Post-DACA Generation’


This year marks the first time since 2012 that a majority of undocumented high schoolers who are graduating won’t be able to apply to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known simply as DACA, according to a new report from the immigrant advocacy group analysis of augmented 2021 American Community Survey data.

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PROOF POINTS: New research review questions the evidence for special education inclusion

The Hechinger Report

But a recent international analysis of all the available research on special education inclusion found inconsistent results. ” The Campbell Collaboration study is a meta-analysis, which means it is supposed to sweep up all the best research on a topic and use statistics to tell us where the preponderance of the evidence lies. “In

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Mapping Out-of-School-Time Opportunities: Why It Matters

Digital Promise

However, many informal learning programs compound the privilege of those with access to them while traditionally underserved students are often denied the safe spaces and additional learning opportunities that OST learning experiences can provide. The importance of mapping your out-of-school-time learning ecosystem.

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