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3 Tech Tools To Create A Classroom ‘Cloud’.


The ‘cloud’ is the term meaning a collection of online data which is stored online. Creating a classroom cloud is extremely useful because it allows for all the children’s work to be stored in one place and shared easily. This is the tool I use in my class to create a cloud.

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Some Brilliant Websites & Apps To Create Word Clouds.


I decided to ask the pupils to generate word clouds to find the words of most importance and then find the meanings. An example of a word cloud. Here are some great tech tools to use to generate the clouds: Websites: Wordle.

Cloud QR: A classroom friendly app to create QR codes


Cloud QR was born. Now two years has passed and Cloud QR has grown. Cloud QR also includes a classroom friendly QR reader. To learn more about Cloud QR, please visit [link]. Cloud QR is available for both Android and iOS.

How Cloud-Based Learning is Changing Education

Brilliant or Insane

Technology cannot replace teachers, but teachers who use technology and cloud-based learning will replace those who do not. The post How Cloud-Based Learning is Changing Education appeared first on Brilliant or Insane. Social Media Technology cloud-based learning edtech

Why Choose Cloud Based Web Filtering?


Why Choose Cloud Based Web Filtering? However, web filters – especially those that are Cloud based – are capable of much more , in both home and school environments. . Cloud based web filtering provides a balanced solution via “Bullying and Self-Harm Detection”.

8 benefits of cloud-printing solutions

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Next page: The benefits of cloud printing). cloud computing eSchool Media Featured on eSchool News IT Innovations IT Management IT Newsletter cloud printingIt has been nearly 600 years since the printing press was invented.

4 Unexpected Perks of a Cloud Migration

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By Joel Snyder Sure, the cloud can save districts money and speed application deployment, but there’s much more to gain from the cloud. Cloud Cloud apps Cloud Computing Cloud Migration


Cloud Security Infographic from NJIT - some great info here.

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As part of this, cloud security is a topic that should be discussed among technical staff and students and teachers with their personal security. Cloud Computing cloud storage internet safety online safety security This week is Computer Science Education Week.



A great time to laze on a hillside and look up at the clouds. Clouds are an interesting context for language development as well. One can list the different kind of clouds and what comes out of them (categories). I made an iPad cloud. Ah, summer.

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80 Percent of Ed Tech Leaders Use Cloud to Boost Efficiency

EdTech Magazine

By Meghan Bogardus Cortez K–12 cloud usage runs the gamut from storage to productivity suites. Cloud Cloud apps Cloud Storage Productivity Suites Software

Cloud Computing for K–12 Will See Steady Growth Through 2021

EdTech Magazine

By Meghan Bogardus Cortez Thanks to its cost, accessibility and innovation, school districts are embracing cloud to boost student outcomes. Cloud Cloud apps Cloud Computing Mobility Productivity Suites Software

Adobe Announces Updates to Creative Cloud

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Adobe Creative Cloud was launched last year as a cloud offering of many of it''s most popular applications. You can read more about it here: [link] For more information about Adobe Creative Cloud and the updates, visit: adobe creative cloud

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Cloud in the Classroom Is a Secure, Efficient Solution

EdTech Magazine

By Jacquelyn Bengfort K-12 IT leaders find ease of use paired with peace of mind in cloud application services. Cloud Cloud apps Data protection Platform as a Service Security Software as a Service

Student-Generated Real-Time Word Clouds

Catlin Tucker

Who doesn’t love a colorful word cloud? Mentimeter–a cloud-based interactive presentation software–is super easy to use and has a robust free version. It provides the user with several different ways to engage a class, but my absolute favorite type of question is the word cloud.

5 major cloud considerations for education

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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or “cloud computing” has helped districts and schools streamline their applications while at the same time introducing new challenges to the mix—such as online privacy and security concerns. Cloud­based systems are our ‘new normal.’”.

Make a Smooth Transition to Cloud-Based Services

EdTech Magazine

Cloud Cloud Migration ManagementBy Jacquelyn Bengfort A migration doesn’t have to be hard if best practices are followed.


Is the Answer to K–12 Cost Savings in the Cloud?

EdTech Magazine

Cloud Cloud Computing Cloud Migration Cloud SecurityBy Eric Patnoudes IT professionals looking to cut costs and level the playing field may need to look beyond onsite servers.


Get the Most Out of 1:1 Technology Implementations with a Cloud Backbone

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Bannan Three districts share tips on computing in the cloud with Chromebooks. Cloud Hardware NotebooksBy Karen J.

CoSN Releases Resource on Cloud Computing

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Today we look at cloud computing and how schools and districts can leverage this technology to better serve students and all stakeholders. Many school districts -- as well as other large and small organizations -- are migrating to cloud-based services. Although moving to the cloud may offer great benefits, it also requires new skills and analysis to determine what, when and how to move.

Word Cloud Tools: Raising the Bar

A Principal's Reflections

Word clouds, or tag clouds as they are sometimes called, bring words to life in a visual way. The more a word appears or is imputed, the larger it will be in the cloud. For years word clouds have been fan favorites of teachers and administrators alike. word clouds

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Adobe announces major updates to Creative Cloud, including 3D

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Adobe Creative Cloud is Adobe''s online suite of apps, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Related: Adobe Creative Cloud. adobe adobe creative cloud

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Google Cloud Print - great tool with great features

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Google Cloud Print is a very cool, useful service Google has. Google Cloud Print connects your printers to the web, allowing you to print from any device (smartphone, tablet, Chrome device , PC, or other web-connected devices) without any cables.

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Adobe launches Document Cloud

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Adobe recently announced Adobe Document Cloud, a new way to manage critical documents at home, in the office and across devices. Adobe Document Cloud will address the waste and inefficiency associated with document processes. Next page: New features that come with Document Cloud.

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Living in the Cloud

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Because they have lived a part of their lives largely within the cloud, it seems like they feel obligated to make a respectful exit. Connectedness Reflection Technology Alone Together cloud connections Sherry Turkle social media

3 Things That Concern K–12 Schools About Using the Cloud

EdTech Magazine

Cloud Cloud Computing Data Loss Prevention Management Security Threat Prevention TrainingBy Wendy McMahon Experts share how to avoid data breaches, insufficient due diligence and risks unintentionally created by users.

Two services to Backup your cloud files and data, in the cloud

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Many people want to go completely with cloud services, but many, like me, like having a backup of our cloud data somewhere besides that service. Backupify also encrypts data, gives you version history, cloud based restore, and two-factor authentication.

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Vertical Clouds Target Specific Industries

EdTech Magazine

Cloud Cloud Computing Hybrid Clouds Platform as a Service By Linda Rosencrance Tailored platforms can bring organizations useful analytics and economies of scale.

Fetchnotes - simple cloud based note taking

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Fetchnotes is a simple and easy to use, cloud based note taking app. It''s simplicity makes it very useful because you don''t have to worry about or learn a bunch of functions. It''s great for taking notes and staying organized. There are apps available for iOS, Android , Mac, Windows and Linux. Your notes are also available on the web. All notes are available on each device. You can capture and organize short notes and access them via the web, mobile device and computer.

Cloud-Based 3D Printing Platform Supports New Classroom iPad


MakerBot announces that its cloud-based 3D printing platform My Makerbot is compatible with Apple's new classroom iPad. “As

A Collection of Some of The Best Word Cloud Tools for Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

A word cloud is a visual representation of the frequencies of words in a text. Teachers can use word clouds for a variety of instructional purposes from creating class groups using students' names more. Repost

Adobe Creative Cloud launches today - CS6 apps, sync, storage system

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On Monday, April 23rd, Adobe announced Adobe Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition, and Creative Suite 6 Student and Teacher Edition for institutions, educators and students worldwide. Easy storage and sharing of content across desktop, mobile devices and the cloud.

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Can Cloud Deliver on the Promise of an Integrated Curriculum?

EdTech Magazine

By Julie Smith New research finds school embracing cloud as mainstay for delivering IT services. Cloud Cloud apps Cloud Computing Cloud Migration Software as a Service

Word Clouds Revisited! 35+ Activities, Web Tools & Apps

Teacher Reboot Camp

One of the most practical and favorite training sessions was introducing teachers and professors to teaching with word clouds. Many teachers around the world have yet to be introduced to the power of word clouds for vocabulary, reading, and writing instruction. Word clouds make integrating technology to learn cost-efficient and easy. I first wrote about word clouds in 2010 , but six years later I’m updating the topic with updated apps, tools, and ideas.

“I cannot imagine teaching without cloud applications.” – Tomasz Lukawski, Poland

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Lukawski is also a big fan of cloud applications like Office365 and of , an interactive site where kids (and teachers) at all experience levels can learn to code. Tomasz Lukawski. Head Teacher and Computer Science Teacher. Primary School No.3. Zabki/Warsaw, Poland.

Chromebooks + Google Apps for Education = Cloud-Friendly Classrooms

EdTech Magazine

Classroom Cloud Cloud apps Digital Content Software as a Service By Jacquelyn Bengfort Schools find a cost-effective approach to collaboration by implementing Google solutions.

Cloud Tech Optimizes Workflow for K–12 Schools

EdTech Magazine

Cloud Tech Optimizes Workflow for K–12 Schools. When the IT department rolls out a new technology in a K-12 school, having a cloud-based management tool is basically a requirement. With the cloud, slim IT staffs are able to help teachers and administrators leverage technology to create personalized learning experiences and manage student data. As more storage and server functions are moved to the cloud, IT staff can help schools save money and valuable time. Cloud.

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What K–12 IT Leaders Really Think About the Cloud

EdTech Magazine

Frank Smith A new survey from CDW reveals the advantages and challenges that cloud technology presents for K–12 districts. Cloud Cloud apps Cloud Computing Cloud Migration

Multiple Choice: How to Mix and Match Cloud Services

EdTech Magazine

Cloud Cloud Migration Private Clouds Public Clouds By Joel Snyder Learn how to join a variety of best-of-breed platforms with minimum headaches.

Cloud Computing: A Powerhouse in Classrooms and Behind the Scenes

EdTech Magazine

By EdTech Staff Moving to the cloud gives districts agile options for how they treat devices. . Cloud

Falling enrollments: A gray cloud with a silver lining

The Christensen Institute

The post Falling enrollments: A gray cloud with a silver lining appeared first on Christensen Institute. The National Student Clearinghouse’s enrollment data is out, and the big headline is that enrollments are down—yet again. But a closer look reveals a few more interesting trends about the sorts of players struggling and succeeding across the industry. Students are voting with their feet, and here’s what they’re saying: For-profits are on the decline—but do we understand why?