Fri.Oct 08, 2021

What Do Teachers Know About Student Privacy? Not Enough, Researchers Say


What should teachers be expected to know about student data privacy and ethics? Considering so much of their jobs now revolve around student data, it’s a simple enough question—and one that researcher Ellen B. Mandinach and a colleague were tasked with answering.

How Can I Get Better Video Without Buying a New Webcam?


Get a better video without buying a new webcam by using these top tips

Video 95

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Why Our Trauma-Informed Teaching Must Be More Culturally Responsive


Years ago, before I became an educator, I took a contemporary Native American studies course as one of my first college classes.

Girl Scouts against the world

The Hechinger Report

MOBILE, Ala. MacKenzie Brackett, 14, held up a toothbrush ready for transformation. “We’re We’re going to finish up our robotics badge by making a toothbrush robot,” she announced to four fellow members of Mobile, Alabama’s Girl Scout Troop 8274 in June.

WW2 to COVID-19: How Remote Tools Help Reinforce Development Post-Program eLearning

Speaker: Pat D'Amico, Founder and CEO of About-Face Development

In a world where virtual learning is here to stay, answering the question of “What now?” requires us to thoughtfully evaluate how we got here and how we can leverage the knowledge gained during the pandemic to address one of trainings greatest historical challenges – how we reinforce learning to move from knowledge to behavior change. Join Pat D'Amico, Founder and CEO of About-Face Development, LLC, for this illuminating discussion on how to keep the gears turning

4 tips to boost classroom engagement and productivity

eSchool News

The past 18 months tested everyone, and few were more tested than teachers. Many educators adjusted to entirely new teaching requirements during the pandemic, while districts rushed to supply tools and technologies to address the need for remote and hybrid learning environments.

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Adobe Spark’s All-in-One Design Tool Adds Creativity to Every Class

EdTech Magazine

Some students mistakenly think creativity happens only in art class. That’s not true. With the right tools, students can bring creative design to nearly any class or project. As someone who has used Adobe’s many professional design tools for years, I was excited when it introduced Spark to the mix.

Adobe 110

Discovery Education Continues Supporting Educators During the COVID-19 Pandemic with Hundreds of No Cost Daily Activitie

eSchool News

SILVER SPRING, MD (Friday, October 8, 2021) —In an effort to continue its support of educators during the COVID-19 pandemic, Discovery Education —the worldwide?edtech?leader edtech?leader leader whose?state-of-the-art?digital state-of-the-art?digital

How to Teach Local Elections


When teaching about local elections, an experiential approach can be effective in giving students firsthand perspectives

How did this district’s leaders champion literacy during remote learning?

eSchool News

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, and that means educators across the globe are still finding inventive and innovative ways to support and teach students in classrooms, during hybrid instruction, and in virtual settings.

LMS Comparison: What Learning Solution is the Best Fit for Your Business?

Explore this detailed guide to see how traditional Learning Management Systems compare to an advanced online learning platform, and find out which type of solution is best suited to meet your learning program needs.

Teaching approach to handle cognitive challenges that students face

Linways Technologies

Numerous difficulties are often raised by learners in their learning process. Most often failing to recognize their weak areas and failing to work on them stops a person from succeeding in their studies.

Twitter for Teachers Professional Development: A Guide to Advanced Search Tips

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Twitter is one of the most popular microblogging platform among educators. More and more teachers are drawing on its communicative and social networking powers to connect, share, and more. Twitter guides

How did the founder of SecuLetter raise $12M to build an advanced security company?


Bookmark( 0 ) Please login to bookmark. Username or Email Address. Password. Remember Me. No account yet? Register Chasung Lim is the Founder and CEO of SecuLetter. SecuLetter Co.,

Can Satellite Internet Help Solve Students’ At-Home Connectivity Woes?

Marketplace K-12

Leaders of a rural school district in Texas that has struggled to provide students with at-home connectivity believe they may have found an innovative workaround: satellite technology.

White Paper: Enabling digital creativity with Augmented Reality in K12 education

We have conducted 2 research projects on teaching with AR. This research has been conducted with the UiO and the UiS. The resulting white paper is an in-depth look at the state of creative learning through the use of 3D modeling and exploration in AR.

Transform Paper Tests and Worksheets Into Interactive Quizzes Using This Handy Tool

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

A few days ago I compiled a list of EdTech tools that can help you create interactive and media rich lessons. Today's post features another equally helpful tool to be added to this list. more. Tools to create interactive lessons

Put that Oxygen Mask on First: 2 Strategies for Teachers Who Want a Positive Classroom Environment


Many educators striving for a positive classroom environment have been told the airplane oxygen mask metaphor: Put on your oxygen mask before putting on someone else’s. The intended message is to take care of yourself first, so you can then take care of others.

The Best Kids Sled For Snow Fun

Fractus Learning

This is our review of the best sled for kids in 2021. Sledding is the quintessential winter family activity. Cries of joy from the hillsides have been heard since Germanic tribes first navigated the alps by sled. But, like any activity, to make it safe for everyone you need appropriate gear.

New Law Requires Federal Government to Identify K-12 Cyber Risks, Solutions

Marketplace K-12

President Biden signed into law a measure that tasks the federal government with conducting a K-12 cyber threat assessment, and with providing suggestions for school districts on how to counter those risks.

2021 Trends in Online Student Demographics’s second annual report on online student demographics explores the characteristics of today’s online students and their insights on college decision-making and the online learning experience amid the challenges of COVID-19.

45 Creative Elf On The Shelf Ideas For 2021

Fractus Learning

It’s time for Scout Elf to arrive for the holiday season. Kids love the fun surprises they wake up to every day, and his presence will remind kids to behave.

Security remains top concern for virtual banking services in HK: Visa


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Sessions Announced for "Libraries as Community Anchors" Mini-Conference (Library 2.0)

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Just two weeks away, our third Library 2.021 mini-conference, " Libraries as Community Anchors ," will be held online (and for free) on Thursday, October 21st, 2021. There are over 2,600 people already registered for this event.

‘Just let me play sports’

The Hechinger Report

RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas — Adelyn Vigil sometimes dreams of volleyball. This story also appeared in Teen Vogue. The 13-year-old imagines the arm movements, the sound of the ball hitting her hand.

2021 Trends in College Career and Employment Planning

In this second annual report, part of the research series, 624 business leaders shared how their companies and organizations currently recruit and hire college students from both online and campus-based programs.