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Recommendations for Supporting Safe Teacher Exploration of AI and New Technologies

Digital Promise

The post Recommendations for Supporting Safe Teacher Exploration of AI and New Technologies appeared first on Digital Promise.

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Engaging All Learners: Expanding High School Options for Success

Ask a Tech Teacher

High School collects a diverse group of students into a large learning community, but it also prepares teenagers for a future as variable as any we can imagine. How is it possible to accomplish that? The Ask a Tech Teacher team has some ideas on balancing varied learning styles with needs to provide students their best chance at success in college or career–whichever they choose: Engaging All Learners: Expanding High School Options for Success Think about Albert Einstein, who, despite his


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Fresh Food, Dance Class, and Nap Mats: What's Lost Without Federal Money for Child Care


It’s 5 a.m. and Tiffany Gale is up, as she is every morning, and the first thing she does is check to see if any of her child care staff have called out sick. “They each have kids of their own, and someone is always sick,” she explains. If indeed someone is out, Gale will be the one to step in and take over that classroom at the child care center she owns and runs.

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PROOF POINTS: When schools experimented with $10,000 pay hikes for teachers in hard-to-staff areas, the results were surprising

The Hechinger Report

School leaders nationwide often complain about how hard it is to hire teachers and how teaching job vacancies have mushroomed. Fixing the problem is not easy because those shortages aren’t universal. Wealthy suburbs can have a surplus of qualified applicants for elementary schools at the same time that a remote, rural school cannot find anyone to teach high school physics.

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Enhancing School Device Management for Improved Learning

Schools face increasing challenges as technology becomes integral to education. Efficient device management is essential for maximizing technology use and safeguarding investments. Our article discusses the importance of tracking devices, outlines current challenges, and suggests modern solutions that go beyond traditional methods like Excel. Learn how advanced tracking systems can streamline operations, improve maintenance, and offer real-time updates for better resource allocation.

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How a district’s focus on data is advancing student growth

eSchool News

Key points: Despite learning gaps, an Illinois school district consistently shows high growth Why experts say now is the time to assess your district’s edtech use 3 data management considerations for district leaders For more news on district leadership, visit eSN’s Educational Leadership hub How can district leaders and educators support student growth and effectively use data, in real time, to truly inform instruction and ensure high achievement?

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333: Integrating AI Literacy into Earth Day Celebrations

The Thinking Stick

Imagine students grappling with AI-crafted ethical dilemmas. They’re not just learning about sustainability – they’re learning how to question, research, and discern credible information. It’s about nurturing critical thinking and responsible info consumption – the core of information literacy ???? Want to dig into our free guide ‘Generative AI and Earth Day’?

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It’s not business, it’s personal: Building a culture of trust to protect personal data

eSchool News

This post on data protection originally appeared on CoSN’s blog and is reposted here with permission. Key points: More and more steps have become essential to protect critical data How to maintain secure access and data privacy 4 ways to improve your district’s data privacy For more news on data protection, visit eSN’s IT Leadership hub Protecting our privacy and security is challenging.

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GAMA Expo 2024 and KySTE 2024

Adam Watson Edtech Elixirs

As I previewed in a previous entry , I attended and presented at two conferences in March, but I've been busy since then and haven't had a chance to write a reflection! So in today's entry, I'll share some highlights. GAMA Expo The international GAMA Expo was at the recently renovated Kentucky International Convention Center, the first of its three scheduled years in Louisville.

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Teach the Writer First and the Writing Second


Recognizing the gap between formal curriculum standards and the emotional and organizational hurdles of writing, Matt Renwick shares some of his ideas for student-centered strategies that acknowledge these challenges and equip students with tools they need to overcome them. The post Teach the Writer First and the Writing Second first appeared on MiddleWeb.

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Microsoft Copilot: How To Use It To Teach


Microsoft Copilot is the AI teaching assistant of the future that's come to make lessons more personalized.

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Quickly Create Personalized Learning Experiences that Work

How can we actively engage learners 24/7, on their level and according to their interests, while respecting their learning styles? It’s not impossible. In this guide: Explore how to transform traditional, one-way videos into two-way interactive learning experiences Understand different types of artificial intelligence (AI), including - Generative vs.

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Discovery Education Offers New Financial Literacy Resources Supporting National Financial Capability Month Activities 

eSchool News

Charlotte, NC — Discovery Education —the worldwide edtech leader whose state-of-the-art digital resources nurture student curiosity and drive deeper engagement in instruction—presents educators a wide array of new, free digital resources to support National Financial Capability Month activities. Taking place annually in April, National Financial Capability Month was founded by the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) and is produced by the Jump$tart Coalition.

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UN Research Sheds Light On AI Bias


In certain AI bias tests, AI models generated discriminatory content more than 50 percent of the time.

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Safety First

eSchool News

While everyone’s favorite acronym—AI—seems to be the hottest topic as #CoSN2024 kicks off here in Miami, Ashley May, M.S., M.Ed., CETL, Director, Educational Technology Spring Branch ISD (TX), reminds us what is truly the most urgent and present concern for all edtech leaders. Security—whether online or in-person— is always issue number one. eSchool News was able to interview Ashley about various aspects of ensuring student safety online, where she emphasizes the importance of collaboration betw

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15 Fun Fourth of July Activities for kids in 2024


The Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day, is a time to celebrate the freedom and independence of the United States. It’s a day filled with fireworks, parades, and picnics, marking a pivotal moment in American history. Engaging in Fourth of July activities for kids is not just a way to have fun; it’s […] The post 15 Fun Fourth of July Activities for kids in 2024 first appeared on SplashLearn Blog.

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Can Brain Science Actually Help Make Your Training & Teaching Stick?

Speaker: Andrew Cohen, Founder & CEO of Brainscape

The instructor’s PPT slides are brilliant. You’ve splurged on the expensive interactive courseware. Student engagement is stellar. So… why are half of your students still forgetting everything they learned in just a matter of weeks? It's likely a matter of cognitive science! With so much material to "teach" these days, we often forget to incorporate key proven principles into our curricula — namely active recall, metacognition, spaced repetition, and interleaving practice.

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Dr. Steve Book Interview - Molly Riportella on "Book Safes" for Domestic Violence Survivors

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

We've just posted the lastest in a his interview series by Dr. Steve Albrecht in our " The Safe Library " section of Library 2.0 : Molly Riportella on "Book Safes" for Domestic Survivors. "Molly Riportella has received national media coverage for her desire to help domestic survivors, like her, by cutting old library books into book safes, to hide cell phones for victims to use.

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Some of the sights and sounds from Miami

eSchool News

Technology News & Innovation in K-12 Education