How one district solved its special education dropout problem

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He remembers thinking it looked like a book you’d find in an elementary school, with a picture of the numbers 1 through 9 written in the sand of a beach on the cover. The high dropout rate for students with disabilities is a pressing national problem.

Earlier Interventions Can Reduce Long-Term Effects for Dropouts

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Lansford went on to say that access to treatment for drug or mental health issues may result in a decrease in the negative outcomes for dropouts. The percentage of people in that group who were either working or looking for work had fallen from 46.1% (Photo: Pexels, Creative Commons).

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Canadian schools succeed in nudging one minority group to and through college

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And policymakers say some of the same approaches could succeed for other groups that go to college at lower levels than whites for surprisingly similar reasons — including, in the United States, Hispanics, blacks, and native Americans. “A

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Out of the fields: In a North Carolina county where few Latino parents have diplomas, their kids are aiming for college

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In Guatemala and El Salvador, around a quarter of students don’t even make it through elementary school, according to the World Bank, while in Honduras, about 17 percent of children don’t get past primary school.

The messy reality of personalized learning

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In tiny Foster, Rhode Island, teachers at Captain Isaac Paine Elementary School use high-tech methods to teach a largely rural, off-the-grid population. Down Route 6, not far from the Shady Acres Restaurant and Dairy, is Captain Isaac Paine Elementary School.

The big jobs of small-town principals

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Snyder is the principal of the elementary, middle and high schools in this tiny town in southeastern Colorado. The district is working to improve results at its elementary school, which has been underperforming. Matthew Snyder applied for the job of superintendent in Cheraw, Colorado.

After a hate crime, a town welcomes immigrants into its schools

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Wilda Rosario’s support groups for immigrant students at Patchogue-Medford High School usually start out with lots of laughter. Since 2016, Rosario has run half a dozen counseling groups of about eight to ten kids.

A school district wades through a deluge of social-emotional curricula to find one that works

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Meghan Groves, a teacher at Washington-Lee Elementary School, in Bristol, Virginia, leads her first graders in “closing circle,” where they talk about how their day went. Other groups, like the local United Way chapter, have also helped out.

Students can’t learn if they don’t show up at school

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Third-graders at Alamosa Elementary School in Albuquerque practice reading with first-graders in Carrie Ramirez’s classroom. This masked the fact that a single group of students tends to account for the vast majority of daily absences.

At this one-of-a-kind Boston public high school, students learn calculus in Spanish

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The idea behind the Muñiz Academy, named for the longtime principal of Boston’s first dual-language elementary school (the Rafael Hernandez K-8 school), was that many Hispanic students would do better in schools that support their cultural background and, with it, the Spanish language.

Special education’s hidden racial gap

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A Hechinger Report analysis of federal data exposes the stark racial gap between different groups of special education students. How one district solved its special education dropout problem. Related: How one district solved its special education dropout problem.

High schools fail to provide legally required education to students with disabilities

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Hatharasinghe-Gerschler had been diagnosed with a reading comprehension disability in elementary school. Back in Anchorage in the early 2000s, Michelle McLaughlin started doing research on her own to determine why her son, Michael, was falling further behind in elementary school.

Getting a GED while still enrolled in high school

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In New Orleans, the large number of dropouts who lack HiSET credentials drives the astronomically high count of so-called “opportunity youth.” The goal with the first two groups was to help them earn a traditional diploma, if possible.

Low academic expectations and poor support for special education students is ‘hurting their future’

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Janae Cantu, who has dyslexia, recalls that as a sixth-grade student in Oklahoma, she started to notice that she was consistently learning in a separate classroom with a small group of students, and her assignments were drastically different from her peers’.

The vast majority of students with disabilities don’t get a college degree

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Skills like knowing how to ask for help or organize a study group “are as important as anything else you’re going to learn,” said Tudisco. He’d create a study group to go over the terms with classmates or make flashcards. Adam Salomon at his high school graduation.

A new test that no student would dread — one that leads to citizenship

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He is a member of the Latino education advocacy group Nuestra Voz and a student at Cohen College Prep in New Orleans. Doe that public elementary and secondary schools couldn’t consider immigration status when a student seeks to enroll. A 2014 protest for immigrant rights in New York.

Tipping point: Can Summit put personalized learning over the top?

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So it was with parents at one of the first Basecamp schools, Marshall Pomeroy Elementary in Milpitas, a small city off the southern tip of San Francisco Bay. K-12 News achievement gap Graduation and dropouts teachers

Why we should all think about the gamification of education


There are many reasons behind high dropout rates , but many seem to stream from the same sources. For example, both individual work and group activities need to happen in a classroom. And dropout rates will become a thing of the past.

Blended learning proof points showcase district schools

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In this case that meant at the fringe of schools—in the advanced classes, foreign languages, and credit and dropout recovery options they couldn’t otherwise offer, for example. At the Christensen Institute, we partnered with the Evergreen Education Group to do just that: research and profile district schools with measurable positive student results from having adopted blended learning. And the Spring City Elementary Hybrid Learning School in Spring City, Penn.,

Why educators are moving away from the Station Rotation model

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The Station Rotation has consistently reigned as the most popular blended-learning model implemented by elementary schools. Of the 235 active elementary schools currently profiled in the BLU school directory , 136, or 58 percent, of them have a Station Rotation program.

Research Seeks Scale For Measuring Student Engagement

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Educators believe that student engagement in the classroom is crucial to learning and that it can increase achievement and enrollment in challenging courses while decreasing dropout rates. Wang found that engagement varied among different groups of students.

Celebrating Math Education With A Taste Of Math

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Champion of Education Award: Lisa Gonzales-Solomon, Principal, Madison Elementary. Hyundai Motor America’s partnership with MIND Research Institute and JiJi started in 2011 in Fountain Valley when Hyundai provided funding to two elementary schools to adopt MIND’s ST Math program.

Improving Social-Emotional and Reading Skills

SEL also decreases behavioral issues, dropout rates, drug use, and teen pregnancy, so the advantages of including it in elementary and secondary classes are clear.

OPINION: What health care can teach educators about the difference between ‘equal’ and ‘equitable’

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We are now working with a group of communities in our By All Means initiative where leaders have committed to piloting Success Plans. Getty Images.

Erasing the Look and Feel of Poverty

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A new elementary school, Presidential Park, hosts more than 1,000 students in a modern, state-of-the-art building. The initiative is in place at elementary and middle schools in Middletown. A daily 30-minute intervention period was added for all elementary students.

Erasing the Look and Feel of Poverty

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Most of what our staff does is show up committed and dedicated — they really take care of these kids and make sure that they’re safe, that they’re healthy, that they’re happy, they’re eating, they have clothes,” says Amy Creeden, an elementary school principal.

Online prekindergarten access and funds for school counselors among bills proposed in Mississippi this year

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Although Mississippi has not adopted online preschool programs to the same extent as other states, during the 2015-16 school year, a group of children in Mississippi participated in a pilot program of the UPSTART kindergarten-readiness program.

Let Evidence Guide the Solutions to Student Absenteeism

Research illuminates its impact: Elementary school students who miss 10% of school show weaker social skills development, lower reading ability, and higher grade-retention rates. Chronically absent middle schoolers have lower grades and test scores that increase dropout potential.

In Puerto Rico, the odds are against high school grads who want to go to college

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Of those who do enroll at universities on the island, fewer than half earn degrees, even after six years , the advocacy group Excelencia in Education reports, compared to more than 58 percent of college students nationwide.

How a Chinatown school is trying to bring more diversity to theater

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Asians were also the group least likely to be cast in roles that did not call for a specific race. She noted that she learned public speaking from a course during college, but that her elementary-school aged daughter is already able to speak confidently in front of groups.

With a teacher like me, ‘Would I have turned out better?’

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Fellows receive monthly stipends that start at $450 and rise each year, up to $700, in an attempt to combat steep post-secondary dropout rates — 33 percent of black college students drop out after one year of college, often because of financial shortfalls. “We’re

Adapting to the New Classroom


Our elementary and middle schools utilize i-Ready diagnostics to form enrichment and intervention groups,” says Dr. Julia Lamons, assessment supervisor at Greene County Schools. The data provided allows teachers to group students intentionally for maximized learning opportunities.

‘When’ Does Learning Happen Best? Dan Pink on the Science Behind Timing and Education


Was the education audience a group of readers you had in mind from the beginning? There’s a really interesting study of the Los Angeles Unified School District, which looked at grades and also performance on standardized tests in math for elementary school students. Again, elementary school students who took the test in the afternoon did worse than those who took the test in the morning. Big reductions in dropout rates. Take two groups of kids and they each play games.

How to help struggling young readers

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The repercussions of not learning to read are magnified for poor children: Research shows that low-income children who cannot read at grade level by third grade are six times more likely to become high school dropouts. “In

How To 113

Twenty-one and in high school

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This model demands more resources than those available to a traditional high school, but given that the typical high school dropout costs the state an estimated $300,000 over their lifetime , Cesene argues that the math is elementary.