Chrome Education or Hapara?

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They are: Should we use Chrome Education or Hapara to manage our Chromebooks? We don’t need to manage our devices with Chrome Education as we are using Hapara already. Chrome Education and Hapara are not competing products, rather they complement each other. Chrome Education can be described as a device management tool, whereas Hapara can be described as a classroom management tool. Push apps and extensions that are going to enhance learning. What is Hapara?

Organize, Streamline, and Empower Learning with H?para

A Principal's Reflections

With increases in technology and adapting to both remote and hybrid learning , we have seen them become nimble while embracing innovative pathways to create a more equitable learning experience. differentiation edtech HaparaThe world has radically changed in unprecedented ways.

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85 Canadian Schools Lead an Edtech Charge by Moving from Devices to Deeper Learning


Six years ago, OCSB embarked on a journey to improve learning outcomes for all of their students by leveraging technology. Then, they layered on other applications, including the Hapara Suite of apps —Highlights, Dashboard and Workspace—to help students move from physical devices to the ultimate goal of enhanced and deeper learning. What educators really want to know, she adds, is whether that learning is actually happening. Information about Hapara Analytics.

Partnering Literacy and Technology to Improve One School

Digital Promise

We have made great strides to level the technology playing field in education, but unfortunately the digital divide still exists between those who have the tools to research, learn and collaborate online at home, and those who don’t. 1 Further, there’s a second level digital divide 2 that’s emerging in the classroom. Providing technology training for parents to increase engagement with schools, including understanding how to help their students use technology in learning.

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A New School Model Helps Rural Districts Boost Enrollment and Ensure Student Success


Families needed a flexible learning environment in which students could miss a few days of school due to inclement weather, a tournament, or harvest time—without falling behind. He needed to find a new model for teaching and learning that would provide learners in his community with the same high quality academic opportunities they would receive at a larger school, as well as a more student-centered approach that reflected the realities of the community.

Too much tech? These 7 digital tools can create a daily structure for ALL your lessons, from start to finish.

The Cornerstone for Teachers

Hapara. Since our switch from in-person to virtual and from copies to Chromebooks last year, these 7 digital tools have enabled me to facilitate accommodations , empower student engagement , and streamline assessment. How I use digital tools in my lesson procedures.