16+ Websites on Assessments

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Blendsapce –if you create your lesson plans in BlendSpace, it includes opportunities to assess learning. Edulastic –formative assessments; work on any devices (app). Gimkit –gamified assessment, like Kahoot; freemium. Webtools assessments lists

7 Authentic Assessment Tools

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Assessments have become a critical piece to education reform. To prepare students well for college and career means they must deeply learn the material and its application to their lives and future learning.That means assessing student knowledge authentically and accountably. Good assessments should verify: that students have unpacked a lesson and applied it rigorously. A well-formed assessment achieves these six characteristics constructively.


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7 Tech Tools for Fast Formative Assessment


Formative assessment is good practice, as every teacher knows, says tech consultant Curtis Chandler, but finding time to measure individual student understanding is challenging. Articles Tech for Teachers blendspace formative assessment geddit google forms integrating technology kahoot nearpod padlet tech tools in the classroom the answer pad

Part 3: Over 35 Formative Assessment Tools To Enhance Formative Learning Opportunities

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Welcome to post number three in a series devoted to formative learning (assessment). Part 3: Over 35 Formative Assessment Tools To Enhance Formative Learning Opportunities. Blendspace – If you have five minutes and an internet connection this tool might be the resource for you and your students. Special Show-Explain-Ask interface allows for easy ability to add pictures, multimedia, teacher notes, and formative assessments into the plan.

Teacher Play – 6 Apps to Explore This Summer

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Devoting a few rainy afternoons to “teacher play” can pay off big in the fall: you can update your curricula or even develop new activities and assessments, and you can also test-drive apps to determine which ones would work well for your students to use. Blendspace (web). Like Zaption, Blendspace allows teachers to develop interactive lessons using multimedia resources. Summer is a great time to play–but not just for kids!

Best-in-Category Winners for 2017

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Assessment. Winner: TesTeach (Blendspace). Ask a Tech Teacher routinely shares favorite websites and apps that make a difference in the classroom. Over the last month, readers voted on which tools had the greatest impact on readers. To award this Best in Category badge, we asked them to look for the uncommon resources (meaning: not the ones everyone knows about), the ones that made them say Wow and rush to share with colleagues everywhere.

Part 4… Beyond the Technology Shine… Learning Targets plus 10 great Lesson Plan Resources

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Explore Gooru’s ability to provide lessons with formative assessment and feedback. Blendspace – While Blendspace is all about the ability to create lessons in under five minutes, I am pointing you to another amazing area in Blendspace. At the Blendspace Gallery you will be able to find valuable lessons already prepared and ready for you to use.

10 New Ideas for Creating Literacy Centers – From Beth Holland


Assessing Fluency. I have always loved Kristen Wideen’s Fluency Station for its simplicity of set up as well as the powerful way in which she has her students self-assess their reading. With her activity, shown below, students use AudioBoo (now AudioBoom ) to record and self-assess their reading. However, students may not have the literacy skills to find and assess content on their own. This post first appeared on Daily Genius.

Technology Integration, 1 to 1, and Student Centered Learning… Ten Free Resources and Tools

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Blendspace. About : Provide a lesson using slide shows on each student’s device with web visits, slides, assessments. Join me in future weeks as together we continue to explore several more posts devoted to the Flipped and Blended Learning, Project Based Learning, Assessing 21st century skills, PBL, STEM, technology integration, web resources, and digital literacy.

22 Digital Tools You Must Have in Your Classroom

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Popular flipped classroom tools include a video tool (like a YouTube channel, Periscope , Vialogues , or Touchcast ) and a lesson sharing tool like Blendspace , Frolyc , Knowmia , or LessonPaths. Online quizzes are no longer the purview of teachers requiring summative assessments. Many of these will grade the assessment, graph the results, and share data with stakeholders.

Part 2… STEM Resource Series… Over 70 Stemtastic Sites

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Blendspace – This amazing tool is one of the easiest ways to blend the classroom with digital content. It is also possible to assess students and measure student understanding with built-in quizzes. Welcome to this second of many posts that will bring you over 70 STEM links. Along with this series, be on the look out for another series I will be posting entitled the ABC’s of PBL and Deeper Learning.

STEM 118

Reach Capital’s Newest Education Technology Investment Fund Closes at $82 Million


Curriculet, which offered a digital library of reading materials and assessments, briefly closed shop before it was acquired by the nonprofit Waterford Institute. Blendspace was purchased by TES. Blendspace (TES Global). Raising money, Shauntel Garvey admits, is not her favorite activity. It’s usually more fun to be on the other side of the table, reviewing pitches—rather than pitching.

?? Do you teach with a paper-based mindset? ??

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How to break out of "the box" in your classroom: Use tools that don’t feel like paper (Video, Prezi, Google Drawing) Transform your paper worksheets using tools like Blendspace, EdPuzzle, or Quizlet If you use Google Docs, remember that you can change the size and color of your document to fit the project. Assess for growth, not completion. ?? Paper was invented around 100 BC in China. Google Docs was developed in 2005 by Sam Schillace.

Do You Teach With a Paper-Based Mindset?


How to break out of "the box" in your classroom: Use tools that don’t feel like paper (Video, Prezi, Google Drawing) Transform your paper worksheets using tools like Blendspace, EdPuzzle, or Quizlet If you use Google Docs, remember that you can change the size and color of your document to fit the project. Assess for growth, not completion. ?? Paper was invented around 100 BC in China. Google Docs was developed in 2005 by Sam Schillace.

We Might Be at the End of the Free Ed Tech Era


Their success rate of companies is incredibly high as they helped start Class Dojo, Plickers, Remind, Padlet, Blendspace, Educreations, and a WHOLE host of others. Formative is an assessment platform that gives you a ton of question types and formats to see what your kids really know, and what they have done that was smart was hold back all of the data and analytics. Is the free ed tech era dying?

What a blended learning classroom really looks like: An urban teacher’s reboot

The Hechinger Report

I use programs such as i-ready , ST Math , Zearn Math , Blendspace by TES and EDpuzzle so that students are able to access content to build their conceptual, procedural and fluency understanding of various concepts. These programs have built in assessments that analyze students’ understanding and mastery. Brandon Johnson. Can we teach all students? In an increasingly diverse nation, I want you to consider the question. If you are not sure, it’s o.k.

Common Sense Education Resources from ISTE 2015

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Learn how to bring wacky fun to geometry lessons with The Land of Venn; how to personalize math practice and assessment with Front Row; and offer adaptive learning opportunities with Think Through Math. Blended Learning with Digital Formative Assessment Tools. Learn use cases for three tools: Blendspace; Socrative; and GoFormative. . What a trip! The Common Sense Education team just returned from a fabulous four days at the ISTE Conference in Philadelphia.

Favorite Tech Tools For Social Studies Classes


Socrative has long been a favorite in many classrooms for the easy formative assessment it offers. Langenhorst uses Blendspace to help teachers find and keep track of their resources. Blendspace allows them to save sites to one location and access them all. Educators are looking for ways to help students participate in a digital world, but the choices for digital engagement in the classroom can be overwhelming.

Study 61

Curation Situations: Let us count the ways


For supporting the inquiry and workflow needs of a specific learner group for an assessment/product : Informed by wide curricular knowledge, school librarians partner with classroom teachers to support the inquiry and workflow needs of specific learner groups for inquiry-based assessments or creative knowledge products. What’s curation? Curation is a funny word.

Spruce Up Your Centers with Technology

Learning in Hand

One handy way to collect weblinks onto one page is by making a Blendspace. You’ll probably want to assess it. Learning in Hand Show #31 is about giving your learning centers or stations a makeover. The collection of activities teachers provide their students at a center can be enhanced with technology, even if there’s only one computer or tablet available.

2015 Global Education Conference - Day Three!

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Wednesday, November 18th, is day three of the sixth annual Global Education Conference. We've had two great days of sessions and keynotes, and the recordings of any sessions that have taken place are accessible on the conference recordings page. Thomas Petra ‏ @ RealWorldMath 6h 6 hours ago Day 2 of the Global Educ Conference. Lots of good topics It's free, online, and you don't need to travel to attend. globaled15 # edchat The list of Wednesday's sessions, in US-Eastern Standard Time, is below.

The 2015 Global Education Conference Starts Today - All Online - Full Session Listing - Join Us!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Bienvenue! Welcome! Willkommen! Benvenuto! Seja bem-vindo(a)! Bienvenido! The sixth annual Global Education Conference , our free four-day online event bringing together educators and innovators from around the world, runs today Monday, November 16 through Thursday, November 19, 2015 (November 20th in some time zones). We invite all to attend! A full listing of sessions is below. You're going to be blown away.