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Protecting Student Data Privacy as a Guiding EdTech Principle

Lightspeed Systems

Student welfare, of course, is comprised of many elements, including teaching and learning, student mental health, student safety, and, importantly, student data privacy. We will always treat that data with the utmost security and privacy.

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Communicating Student Data Privacy

Tom Murray

In recent years, student data privacy has emerged as a major education issue at federal, state and local levels. According to Future Ready partner Data Quality Campaign , there are currently over 100 privacy-related bills in 32 state legislatures. This post originally appeared on .


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When Does Posting Photos of Students Become a Data Privacy Problem?


Public schools are online just as much as their students, it seems, with profiles across social media. Their Facebook pages contain not just announcements but photos from events on campus—graduations, Christmas band concerts, chess team tournament victories, spirit week—where students take center stage.

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Why K–12 Students Need to Be Taught to Guard Their Data Online

EdTech Magazine

Why K–12 Students Need to Be Taught to Guard Their Data Online. A recent McAfee survey of 1,000 college students and recent graduates ages 18 to 25 revealed some startling statistics on how little this tech-savvy cohort knows about data security. Shockingly poor data hygiene. shailaja.neela…. The consequence?

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Micro-credentials and COVID-19: Supporting Professional Learning When Schools are Closed

Digital Promise

When Digital Promise first began building our micro-credential ecosystem more than six years ago, it was with a commitment to equity and access to professional learning opportunities for all educators. We recognize that while educators adapt to new realities, they remain dedicated to their students’ well-being and learning.

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How to Manage Student Devices for Remote Learning

Digital Promise

During this unprecedented time, districts need to have systems in place to manage these devices while students learn remotely for the foreseeable future. At Verizon Innovative Learning Schools , every student receives a device with a data plan to support learning in and out of the classroom. Finally, keep it simple.

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Critical Guidelines for Ensuring Data Privacy in Districts

Data privacy, a multi-stakeholder priority for school systems, touches every aspect of operations. Therefore, assessing privacy and compliance policies and practices related to the systemwide use of technology is a continual priority. Legal issues around data privacy can be overwhelming for the school community.